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250 girl names for your baby

A baby responds to his name very early on. It quickly becomes part of your own identity. Therefore, finding a name for parents is a difficult matter. There are innumerable names for girls.

So it's no wonder if your head is spinning when choosing a name. Lean back and let our suggestions inspire you. You might find the perfect name for your little girl right here and now.

Popular girl names from 2019

It is published once a year: the list of the most popular first names. Even parents who are already sure which name the newcomer should get can hardly resist this list. Find the most popular girl names from 2019 here:

  1. Alina

  2. Antonia

  3. Carla / Karla

  4. Charlotte

  5. Clara

  6. Elisa

  7. Elisabeth

  8. Emilia

  9. Fiona

  10. Frieda / Frida

  11. Hanna / Hannah

  12. Johanna

  13. Juna / Yuna

  14. Lara

  15. Leonie

  16. Lina

  17. Louisa / Luisa

  18. Maja / Maya

  19. Marie

  20. Marleen

  21. Martha / Marta

  22. Mathilda

  23. Mila

  24. Romy

  25. Valentina

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Rare girl names

If you study the lists of names carefully, you will find rare ones in the lowest ranks. Some names have only been given a few hundred times in Germany so far. If parents choose one of these names, there is currently no risk of confusion on the playground:

  1. Adea

  2. Alba

  3. Alea

  4. Dina

  5. Eliza

  6. Inga

  7. Janna / Jannah

  8. Jola

  9. Jolien

  10. Kayla

  11. Leandra

  12. Linnea

  13. Maila

  14. Meva

  15. Minel

  16. Naemi

  17. Naima

  18. nova

  19. Ria

  20. Siena

  21. Sila

  22. Sinja

  23. Suna

  24. Tala

  25. tiara

If you are still looking for a rather exotic name, we recommend our article "Rare Girl Names".

Exceptional girl names

While in America there are almost no limits to the inventiveness of the parents when it comes to choosing a name, not every name is permitted in Germany. For example, it must be recognizable as a first name and clearly assigned to a gender. With the following extraordinary girl names you are on the safe side:

  1. Aurelia

  2. Cassandra / Kassandra

  3. Cosima

  4. Elenor

  5. Eliana

  6. Felia

  7. Fenja

  8. flora

  9. Gloria

  10. Irma

  11. Jenna

  12. Kalea

  13. Leonora

  14. Liva

  15. Liyana

  16. Luzie

  17. Melinda

  18. Minna

  19. Neyla

  20. Rachel

  21. Romina

  22. Talea

  23. Valeska

  24. Xenia

  25. Yuna

Short girl names

"Magdalena" becomes "Magda" or "Stephanie" becomes "Steffi". If you want to identify these short forms, it is best to choose a short first name right away. You will always hear the name that you originally gave your child. One- or two-syllable girl names are currently in vogue:

  1. Anna

  2. Ava

  3. Bea

  4. Cleo

  5. Edda

  6. Ella

  7. Eve

  8. Ida

  9. Ina

  10. Isa

  11. Iva

  12. Lea

  13. Lia / Liah / Lya

  14. Liz

  15. Lotta

  16. Lou

  17. Mara

  18. Mia

  19. Nea

  20. Nora

  21. Pia

  22. Sia

  23. Thea

  24. Tony

  25. Zoe

Girl names from all over the world

The world is constantly growing together: We travel to distant countries, couples from different continents have children together and, last but not least, the Internet opens up the world to us. So why should you limit yourself to your own homeland when choosing a name. There are also many beautiful girl names elsewhere:

  1. Alessia

  2. Alicia

  3. Amaya

  4. Ayana

  5. Chiara

  6. Dana

  7. Elin

  8. Fine

  9. Finja

  10. Gabriela

  11. Helena

  12. Josefa

  13. Kaya

  14. Linn

  15. Lucia

  16. Madita

  17. Malea

  18. Mei

  19. Milou

  20. Mira

  21. Nika

  22. Noelle

  23. Ronja

  24. Sofia / Sophia

  25. Ylva

American girl names

The United States is still seen as a trendsetter. This also applies to one or the other first name. That is why American girl names appear in the German hit lists and are always good for a surprise:

  1. Alexis

  2. Allison

  3. Ashley

  4. Audrey

  5. Avery

  6. Chloe

  7. Claire

  8. Emily

  9. Evelyn

  10. Grace

  11. Harper

  12. Joy

  13. Kylie

  14. Layla

  15. Lillian

  16. Lily

  17. Madison

  18. Naomi

  19. Natalie

  20. Olivia

  21. Riley

  22. Samantha

  23. Stella

  24. Victoria

  25. Violet

Arabic girls names

With all its different spellings, Mohammed is the most frequently used name in the world. It is believed that around 150 million boys and men bear this name. Reason enough to take a closer look at the list of Arabic girl names. These are also melodious:

  1. Adila

  2. Aisha

  3. Alia / Alya

  4. Amira

  5. Azra

  6. Dania

  7. Farida

  8. Fatma

  9. Hania

  10. Jamila

  11. Isra

  12. Karima

  13. Lulu

  14. Malika

  15. Mariam / Maryam

  16. Mona

  17. Nadira

  18. Nura

  19. Raja

  20. Ranya / Raniya

  21. Saida

  22. Samira

  23. Shakira

  24. Tahira

  25. Yasmin

English maiden names

English names are often suspected of being kevinism. But wrongly, because one or the other beautiful first name can also be found on the hit lists of the island:

  1. Abbie

  2. Ada

  3. Alice

  4. Amber

  5. Ayla

  6. Bessi

  7. Branda

  8. Danielle

  9. Darcey / Darcy

  10. Delilah

  11. Evie

  12. Felicity

  13. Freda

  14. Freya

  15. Imogen

  16. Isla

  17. Julia

  18. June

  19. Kim

  20. Margot

  21. Megan

  22. Phoebe

  23. Poppy

  24. rose

  25. Ruby

Turkish girls names

There is usually a wonderful meaning hidden behind Turkish names. For example, Feray means “shiny as the moon,” while Dilara is the girl “who makes my heart shine” or “the one who wins my heart.” So if you want to give your maiden name a special meaning, be sure to get one Take a look at this list. Or do you have Turkish neighbors? Then just ask them for advice.

  1. Adile

  2. Bayza

  3. Ceren

  4. Deniz

  5. Dilan

  6. Dilara

  7. Elif

  8. Enise

  9. Esra

  10. Fatima

  11. Feray

  12. Filiz

  13. Hafsa

  14. Halide

  15. Halime

  16. Kiraz

  17. Melisa

  18. Miray

  19. Nesim

  20. Nesrin

  21. Selma

  22. Soraya / Süreyya

  23. Su

  24. Yaren

  25. Zara

  26. Zümra

German girl names

Traditional German first names are very much in vogue. While Günther, Monika or Barbara are still occupied by the parents 'generation and seem less attractive, girls' names such as Adele are interesting again for many parents. They belong to our grandparents or even great-grandparents generation and have therefore not been awarded for a long time. So these names continue a tradition and at the same time exude a certain touch of individuality.

  1. Adele

  2. Alisa

  3. Alwina

  4. Annelie

  5. Bernadette

  6. Christiane

  7. Elise

  8. Franka

  9. Friederike

  10. Greta

  11. Hedda

  12. Henriette

  13. Hilda

  14. Ilsa

  15. Josephine

  16. Laura

  17. Lieselotte

  18. Lotte

  19. Maria

  20. Paula

  21. Rosalie

  22. Senta

  23. Theresa

  24. Wilhelmine

  25. Wilma

Have you got a taste for it? In our top 10 list you will find even more girl names from German-speaking countries.

Girl names: tips and suggestions

  • Pet form. Make a pet form with your favorite name, because it is likely that friends or family will address your child with a short form in the future.

  • Be loud. Say the name out loud over and over to get used to the sound.

  • Notation. Names can be spelled differently. So here too you have a choice.

  • Sibling names. It is important to some parents that the name of the newcomer matches the sibling name.

You can also find more tips and suggestions in our articles on the most popular boy names and rare boy names.

Did you find a suitable name for your little girl in our list? Let yourself be inspired by our name finder.

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