What are the benefits of traffic signals

How does a traffic sign assistant work?

According to official accident statistics, 233 people died in traffic accidents on our roads in January of this year alone. Compared to the previous months, the number of casualties is falling - but many of these accidents still happen due to intentional or unintentional speeding.

The traffic sign assistant and its purpose

This is because the inhibition threshold of motorists to drive faster than allowed is not very high. The reasons for this:

  • time pressure, Driving fun with fast cars, Distractions and low possible penalties. Unfortunately, young drivers in particular often overestimate their abilities. The frenzy often has fatal consequences.
  • Second, there are traffic signs and speed limits overlooked or not perceived as this.

Together with the Campaign "best co-driver - smart cars are better received" of German Road Safety Council (DVR) and its partners, we would like to show you what the traffic sign assistant can do and what advantages it brings with it.

Traffic signs are overlooked

Especially those who are under stress can quickly overlook traffic signs with speed limits, which means in addition to fines, there are also serious accidents come about. Distractions while driving, such as talking on the phone, mean that the sign saying 70km / h is simply overlooked. You drive too fast, the safety distance to the vehicle in front is not kept - it brakes unexpectedly, the emergency brake assistant has no chance and the accident has already happened.

Driver assistance systems - traffic sign assistant in video

Traffic sign assistant

Traffic sign assistant as a passenger

Anyone who drives a car alone and cannot be made aware of this by the passenger quickly exceeds the permitted speed and does not even notice it. The speed camera always comes unexpectedly and with it that too fine or worse. You endanger yourself and all other road users.

A driver assistance system is now being installed in many new cars that gives the driver a signal as soon as the permitted speed is exceeded: The Traffic sign assistant, also called traffic sign warning.

How does the traffic sign warning system work?

He recognizes with the help of a camera, which is attached behind the interior mirror, shows traffic signs with speed limits and hides them in the display of the vehicle a. Place signs are also perceived by the traffic sign assistant and thus indicate that a maximum of 50 km / h may be driven here.

If the driver is made aware by the vehicle that he is driving too fast, that is Inhibition threshold greaterto increase the pace even further. The traffic sign assistant helps drivers who quickly tend to exceed the permitted speed Avoid fines and so to save your wallet.

Traffic sign warning system is based on driving school knowledge

Important: The traffic sign assistant works only as a support and does not replace the careful observation of the traffic signs by the driver. Note for learner drivers and parents: Knowing about which traffic signs mean what, is one of the most important prerequisites for every driver to be able to ride safely on the road. For this reason, learner drivers should only use the traffic sign assistant when it is certain that the The functions of the individual signs are understood and mastered.

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