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Indiana Tribune, Volume 17, Number 184, Indianapolis, Marion County, March 23, 1894 - Page 3

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Accrued in the Wi-'de. If now int W.Udc is accrued, then inau hüislo ?. 2'if one is afflicted with hard-bodiedI; it, MaIei: lcldett, Tpcpsia, indigestible, conductive, weakness, above the house, help is at hand. You can get the eighth Carlsbadcr water and salt iji in every pharmacy Luisen. There are no direct remedies and this is recognized by all medical authorities. There is no need to go back to Carlödad. Carlöbad is coming to one now? in's'Ha'3. Beware?! Achahmnnzen. The eighth products from Carlsbad must have the signature of Eiöner & Mendclson Co. ". New Fork, on the neck of each bottle. Or.cZ-. F.Theel, c 1317 Arch Str., Vbilad.lphla. V. The true spnialist in America who can be called after even the most famous stories of all countries went. Tr. Tbeel is a doctor of the three medical schools (fc: Alte. Die sieue "no tit Auserwavlie) liiicim and in be. r Bkbandlug connects. He shares SyptMZ. Ulcers, i'itmt vtO Haliliden. weave and all ages of the land defilement and follow the $ lu schmeifens fcu berbeirotbeten or nver. got married. Outflows. Constrictions etc. die nocb so ver, weuelt fmd. Äernrnt cbtr writes. Office hours in the morning S to S o'clock. Abenrs biA gQhr. Wednesdays and Saturdays 6 thick lolllje evenings. Sundays at SbiSiZ. A totally nuanced one. I. William Hurneston. a citizen of Wilmington. I hereby swear that I am terribly wrong, mem Munv and $ al traun a mass of ulcers. Yes. i was in salsa wreck heich tr. F. Tbeel. 131 Arch St. bla. consult rte. which gave me back my wonderful rest and humility. I know a mK man who was incurably discharged from the army and his rank was a very bad one. KieDr. Tbeel arünk. lich kurrirte.Em otherJrcund of me got a very bad blistering and vkieren rankhe't from Tt. Tbeel hurried. After he was trained in this way and knew the senior physicians of Wilming'on g.nqen hl. Dr. Tbeel cured him. My friend is under his treatment. tn; t which reor to rieven in. t piuutc Dr. . . Tbeel is the arcchie of all physicians and level Be i., W. he b't mine and the 5! just vcnand.rcn fltmtet, weiajeTarunijcuoas ciuuy wuy'ww. wB ...-, .. - .. ,, - s i.M i IFft 'iüiam 4urficn. sworn and sworn in Wnmmz "'I AN IDEAL FAHlLY MfcDICIHt Tor lBllc; ctlon. liiilonsüf. I niHaatmiH ellcadarbe. Cnt! patlon. l.ad ICmplexlon. Uffcnflvo Itresth, I ftiid o sio iiuiO.; anj proof, I RIPANS TABULES et greutl.T yet prompt 1 l'trfen m fiitrpAt inn f tllnwH thik 'nsÄ Sold I vor fr arnple- (lslrf8. I LKll'AN? CIIKM1CAL. CO., VtwTtrfc. i C1IAS. 0. MÜELLElt, Deutsche A pothek e. Successor of WW Scott. Zlo. 667 VirginZn zevenue corner Crburn Str. Telephon 1747. aedtaiockc an der Seilenttjüre. Recipes day and eight carefully filled, ffrete Lbiieserung, J YrT JO ik VJ VI 'ir va k' --i LsJ i 1 No Silse. No mustache. No payment. No payment. Chorf cured. I make contracts with everyone. Ssps or whiskers; u produce that go to my agent in my office, provided that the scalp is properly shiny or their pores are closed. In this case there is no help. Call in and get no money I investigate. If Tie cannot come, please give us a written notice of the procurement time of the Sopföaut and your employment. Prof. G. Birkbolz. Room löll MosanicTemve.Ehicago. SSSSSSSSZSZSSSSSZSSSZ.'SSl 1 0NCE TRIED, ALWAYS DSE0. ß H CC0UHIN0. CLCANSINa ArlO POllSMlHej u wr lrrr ri DArC t-lAiurccct li UKHliU öUMUUOü AN 0 ALL H TIn, 2! Nc, Brass, Copper, fi Nicke! and all Kltcnen and K Plated Utensils. jjj Class, Wood, Marblo, Por- g- celaln, Etc. L1 CPORCE WM. HOFFMAN, ß f 019 lMf4CUf er c4 Prop.-letor. ß 235CTWHiHTCN; T., rJC) iM.rOLlS. N ß THE BEAR-KEEPERS 'FBIEND. ru in fStK KM 1f'M P V- '' t '"X?" For sale in pharmacists 25 cents per pound. Roof material. T. f, converter in! EikchMatertal. nd S plead, Rogftng. ksstr density tzheeting, fire-proof tphalt.Jilz. Raw cardboard, roof and metal.coloured lr.zc. Office: 1S West SNary lttdStxafze. Telephone 861 - D a ch d e rk e r e i. JMljitfe and responsible roofer. You tzAch, r, t.inidzd '., D Nsynire vhalt.DScher Ullx species tZospistrio., Sachr uit best Vka txrtgl. yfftxe: Ifo. 169, Sard: 180 W. Martzlandstr. Telephone 861. Indianapolis, Ind. Ittto 52 percent net power and ve, l, lt t, n Intzresienten le ve 'tat ikovoerattve R. Stock 2tjnicate-, om 15th V. 1K to 5th J? Br. d. I. 10 Hl 30 Proc. by Jzbr find, u do, the NiNo from Wall

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ThöMlS. Zlcman by Ernst Eckstein. (Continued.) Zto of uroimaii: f l) old luaiirciiD of the whole (5rzä!) Iung the accused not out of your eye tfdaiien. The conviction had matured that one had to deal with K, he, with a highly demeaned criminal who only hypocrites frankness and clumsiness. (55 there was a pause. The clerk wrote in Sieben. (Iiser. Because this message from Llcheit was an important novelty and demanded a clever answer ... Are you tertiary or appealed to the examining magistrate after five minutes .. Do you want to (have the courage to read your transcript to us. Read the trainee lawyer. Do you have anything to add to this reproduction? ”Asked the suspect. Wine.“ Would you like this gentleman, who is responsible for the unsuccessful attempt fined two hundred marks for a cuff, again. Lichert reflected. I hardly think so. - he said hesitantly., o: And why not? 'It was already too dark for that. "Hm! It couldn't have been that very dark A few days later we had a full moon. "I don't know. Of course, later, yes. When I got to Klingsberg, the moon was shining. Perhaps, however, it had not risen at this time." That is a mistake. Known lic The moon stands as long as it is entitled to. takes, even before sunset over the horizon. "So there was a cloud in front of it. Or the big trees made so dark z. 0)" "l" $ f C .X. Imm mii i'iti vn: s.. r. (.. f. u ief tr mii yuvr. wöilict), of course. Her narrative, however, must not contain any contradictions T ci. v. - -. ... ien. ncoenlen öic only: vsic qaveil stood face to face with the Lord .. .. "That's right. And you don't want to know what the man looked like ....?" j is. 0 unaelaur! what did he look like? (ir was shorter than me. "I like to think so." 9floM andertbalb Kovk smaller. And had a round face. Beard? "Maybe." You must know that! "I didn't pay attention to it. Cinei. Full beard yo long how You, Herr (sc ricktsrath, he hadn't. "You want to leave my person out of the picture entirely. Mr. von Grolmann nasled. Please, Herr Trainee lawyer, write: The accused knows nothing about the individuality of the gentleman who was surprised by him to give more information. "Stop," shouted Sichert, "now I've got it exactly!" He had a bit of a beard! And then: his voice sounded lureless! "Well, what about the girl? how many. a real peasant girl, so tall (he held out his palm) and ... ... and "Nice. Otherwise you have nothing to notice?". No. Sure, I have to be frank with you, I had You are surely more clever. Your fairy tale is in bad taste! Mr. Judge. Be silent until I tell you Above all, ask: why didn't you tell this samos story at the first interrogation? "I already had my reasons." I would like to hear them. " took it from the errn with ewtt. It is also true that I held the club tightly in my hand. Besides, I had promised that the ache wouldn’t be watching! I thought that the gentleman, if you are well known in the area, you know that at this time he was walking through the wood: If I say something now, it will come out; and he didn't want that, otherwise I wouldn't have given me the two hundred marks. Very generous, "remarked the inquirent. Unfortunately, your whole story falls into the water. For the sake of form, you will accompany me out to the place where the laying allegedly took place with this enigmatic donor of money. Is that your last word? " I am innocent! "Good. You can now resign, even though you have counted down the protocol that dtt erx mesexendar will read to you nocymals in context." - Lichert got up. A shiver went through the coarse figure. With awkward. Ilobigett Schristzüqen signed, he long sam'däS protocol. ? 2, Napitel. Laughs. returned to "fine cell. sat down in front of the table and pressed it. n nn wlder the other. 'Rigid, brooding over what he had experienced. His untrained mind did not understand how the gentleman investigation", t..t .. mn ... 1 3 rlazler -r uns sruyer oer ocrluuiq? änwalt sunbathed to know a thing so precisely that had not been lianet at all; even less, however, how

If the man proved so clearly to the Lincoln that an "alternative ting" that actually was, was entirely conceivable. The examining magistrate had called out to him: FS is about his head! Nonsense! How could he?

wear something, because he was oocy unicgnioig! ... r Nevertheless: even that about the punishment must have been correct; because the Rechlsanwall ötreiimur. his defense counsel had read him twice the paragraph according to which '. - W ft l the arson quite oe'vnoer -.mm ,. r ..... I ''. 'I will be chastised if it is about be' O "! ... T. WW l lived in a building; uno onnn nock a paragraph where it was about: With prison not -mm!. 3 I under ten years or in an elongated penitentiary the arsonist will be punished if the arand begged the death of a person by the fact that he was at the time? bat in the lighted room. " "" I That was almost the tfaii! . . . . . , v. t.i P ricQcrt Vetracyluna wanoie icn more and more to the past. Once more he recalled how it all came about. men was. He fought. how his trok and his 5ak oeaen nod. who had condemned ibn, roared. -mr word '-' I used to have mm. -. Jm-m. r regretted: he regretted doubted rebellion aeaen his fateful valley. '"' 'It had to be like that! How often had ibm his seliae courage said: Put aside your anger and your blind hatred if someone comes too close to you! You will bring yourself into misery!" . Now this word was aeaanaen in fulfillment! j -.- i i Good, dav the old woman was no longer alive! It would like that he, ttrstückt. ,, mj: c v ... V. m i: .k I igren single voilii, och ic v ntu katte. now to be seen as rubble and criminals, with a future full of misery. Shame and misery! By the way, it was always a blessing. that the young Be. m m. m m m mt m Äs. m - V closerm was able to save in the last omenr! Had she really been there, God knows, he would not have had a quiet second on earth, even if he had escaped prison! Lichert threw himself heavily across the table, pressed his coarse face against his forearm and sobbed to break his heart. He lay like that for a quarter of an hour. v t. 4 r irxi. zi m. ' m m I ann ijoo er oen ops, wi, lc, iu, with the hand over the eyes and sighed from the bottom of my chest. God be tank, "he said to himself ci hilf rrint.-fT? Iä hl. Ntlh.r. viw 4iwvv story is not true!" The gaze of tearful eyes breathed in amazement. The bald-headed gerr with Dernßlerner had indeed had a way during the interrogation ..! klik ,,) r jrt MDlt. n (ir Vlll.ltt! itii vii v luuitu uwfck iuyt.tt ne shoulders and iede? shrugged, as if every word n ​​Ci jv V '"was stupid, you could ick lose heart! The nimUm-i . ...; (. (. w :. I pores really! But Mr. Defender and the jury. who were not disbelieving in their professions. VI. They were already overturning rights; b. ... gi..,: e realized that Lichert was speaking the truth. Now the man was overcome by eme SYJ Vy m A aka l.il Mfc2 jS ai 4 a. Niiye, how he had iie, ni voqen nimi ge, maybe served that all for his best! The lawyer Doctor Kretschmar stepped into the cell. Lichert wqr jumped up violently.

". W1 .X .BlWm, m Iqngsc. ,, in the w.

vi.uiiwijm ii hmmh in I Ul ", the same man, however, who after" a condemnation in the Branoi-founding process affectionately addressed him and even shook hands with him in parting, now held back his own, thümlicy frosty, shy away from him Amazed and sadly shook his head. Vlcherl, backs up. he acted eus zend. these are sad about? surprises! Well, I'm not coming to preach morality to you. - but they have painfully lost me! "Dr. Kretschmar was really shaken by the t, rtn .rn n .... n m-rkrecken "s'ck n.if s, in, byckkrinnend human knowledge about S too good 'also he had proven several times that rpn Fckirfr W.nhnrfitr, n fe n ae ckulter. aeiitful Bsvaeoloa was. M ("r '!" "" T ""?' '' Seldom looked thrown. He had plaid with a warmth that had not remained without influence on the sentence. Although the Strassraae was no longer a debate. But now it was That different. A robbery-murder, a cowardly, pathetic robbery-murder! Doctor Kretschmar had miscalculated so thoroughly! Jq wo! terrible misunderstandings ... ....... I. gen. "wieoeryoike Davingeiajuioigtf; God be Pank You are coming! There is no sensible word to speak to the examining magistrate. T JJ. "V. p .-, ..-, -, .if you expect an advantage from my assistance, then it is absolutely necessary, there You to me, your defender ?, pure wetn. Whoever lies to the doctor or the Advo. Who loops the rope to himself; the stone, urattetz word, you know that I have both the right and the duty of what You entrust me, anyone ..., m l... Ir.il Mltzulyellen, 'j coen qi Tell me truthfully what you broke!' Ick want

Did he have his personal v no more cousin, but like that? to oem pi woroen. to oie -pi ?.

The possibility of a defendant so unmN many Bruaen sU ireu over and so Mj r.vuguilg too seriously interested. ' as for sure, the colorful cross the streets. marry. The sculptor has it with him.

mebr tö ve bakt und krntal a 5 ver, va em aenialer Baume s er n d e. coniurrlrenoen viriieucn uila, wi

k.-... t.i .- '. tsj.;. (D !!;: vAu, r, i.u: H ra.t.' ... vV nv, e: "!

i vuiiti 4jcycHf iiy ucui uv. V "9V'VJM wiKliUCVUUOf .. the

You blush, gaining a side of light somewhere. "Lord God," Lichert stunned, you speak almost in the same tone as the examining magistrate over there! "

Of course, I know exactly what the public prosecutor is accusing you of, "replied Kretschmar gloomily. I admit the possibility that your act is misinterpreted, that the most varied of reasons for a murder can be proven: but you want your crime yourself mm m... m - M 4 "7 - -, i i- w '" "w. . , nr opposite but not in agreement. ask? ". ..... mm. .... -.. I really deny it !. Madness is everything and nonsense! Trr lawyer now told him how extraordinary the In I had consolidated evidence of my deficiencies; how t at the moment complemented the other; how little he could ignore the conviction that Lichert had committed the fmt babe. -r I Doctor Kretschmar concluded with the harsh invitation: Now do the ridiculous v.. " T nomfioie em linde r Christian Lichert did not complain, Just like the investigation. Right! " he repeated rigidly. Almost the same words ".. all the same you have reason, my, Ntksckla, knlen. ............ w. - tit 00 -. N .... I don't have to be clear in my understanding.... mmm. I Mr. Hih the bangs rattled. You 'r "" I seriously believe ...? " Let dock this rhetoric. ,,,,, ia want to do nothing for you. But what can I do with the mask! "Ehristian Lichert wrung his hands in despair. A helpless roar rang out ominously from the twisted mouth. Nickis bab 'ick to saaen. nickis'-.? -' ii" in "7 "shouted Lichert. while the eyes roll forward. lr sank on the "" - ',,,,,, ...? , I tlinjl. Alles! oeioen anoen supr ti through the aar. The planes crunched hard against each other, and Doctor Kretschmar turned away.I have nothing to say, -nothing! "If you think I'm lying,... Sg tell the public prosecutor! I see it coming!?, I'll screw it up! You want to talk me about it with force and bring me to the fool's mouth, nock eb 'ick come to the .uchtbauZ! " Doctor Kretschmar threw him a lanaen. annoying look, u. "". For a second a doubt flashed to him. If the tw p 4 i,. -Tir.. Mensch oa Ssomooie splelie, lp splelle he was masterly! 'hl.l, s,.: but after that he remembered mebrer things from his Vraris - most ardent plea of ​​innocence with tears and heart pains. fervent prayers, lamb-like devotional work ... .......... I 0c on God called, the enlightenment x .. inst, riv l? iki ,, slp vu "M n Vk truth .... These impressions had also not remained without effect on him, and in the end nevertheless melted into nothing. Vi & ori fnnf r ,, 6. s ..,., f "ljv v ti MV 1 Reflect. You deceive mick nods! hrmbh - m screw it up .hn, n to conduct the y V f V" VIV thing with exactly the same zeal as if I of yours Guiltless would be convinced. What . V I believe and mean here, is not taken into account. I just repeat to you: be clever and sensible. '. do not dangle! I'm afraid. Your r r? f r-y. '. cqiqiai take an ooie 'venoungiHsermlt he left the cell, Lichert looked after him like one. tjetsuiit. To be continued.), ,,, Berlin pictures. A few minutes flunabwürts are the engineers at work, the terrain of the Kurfürstenbrücke in front of Läusia in all directions. measure up. At this point it has already been pissed off, because the end. The project, which has recently passed through, will widen the Schloßplatz according to the wishes of the Kaiser, but in truth it can be nicer if only those factors that are responsible for the new Mühendamm are not allowed to go back to work. One calls from time immemorial I ki aVI.I J..u 1 1. . f. tf W. ftuug vz, luvii, en Vguveuoroe, IT would be a shame if the mcnumental new rupture never came about after the previous one,. . -. Vie Tpree is from Müblendamm in the last twenty years, where almost all bridges (with those whose reconstruction is planned) were newly created and could have put something up there. nen. what the famous Seine, bridges of Paris. Contrary to that, I Ct 4C. r. . I mamaz now not the wx sobriety is the watchword. And where a need for splendor would also give up an original, since I .HtlMllh Oli..t ...! . K1.11'1 r. mjuiuui ucii like uzoiuat ooer lucairaiiisij decorated sobriety like e Kaer W 'he mvbrucke. those at point 11 ffc.i ;. ... J fi. '. . . Kl'j? Symbols from the Roman tent over, the find, their electrical lighting, uii W lnaoe mynoe.n f auge n and their siez plastering work happier. wise ni r oon oen lunjlvarbari chey Spreesischen und SpmschiffKN ge. will see thinning. Only here saulles malngen WeUeS lst genuinely iinK IaHa tw "The bridge leads past the beautiful, old-age train locomotive

? 1i,? Fkk t s. e. .., ...,.

-i.viX 'vKn are the rubble piles from which one day the new cathedral will rise. And again a few steps further north the new Friedrichsbrücke has been handed over to the Verkebr for a few weeks, and its plastic jewelry has been partially visible for a few days. The Berliners, who find their granite lser Wllhelmsbrücke beautiful, have "their 'o" acmaazl over the Friedrichsbrücke and at the end of the day, "oh all sorts of genuine Berlin couters, stayed with them, they the green. r. - r m M. M - fmm - ivuilull, u niiicn. le designation tion geyl from four Llchltrüger from A Aitlüh M IN. ? C. . . X1 l l- luc.r '005 with lunst. uiyci -pulllia ver, eyen, in order to give the appearance of venerable art according to modern custom. wake up. Once again they have let their 'joke play the wrong way'. These four figures, the electric lam evenly and yet again in different postures. . t-. - - --- pn gnaw, geuoren to the gelun. gniuni cyovsungen onentllcher und? muaeuoerunst. Talent and Ge, 4iml iH: t.u i. . iu, uu i "ocrcinigi uno they remind of the monumental rplunorunnen of Netnyolo Vegas, not only through the name of Karl Begas. unnnly large Vlldyauer. who is visually somewhat tired and obsessed because Schickial seilies Kaiser 1. i,,,.., rnluiu. uvioarlei .eier will AT m A m IJ Ul mM. m. '"again inexcusable four. . f. i. . "uoeryoyen osenartlgen ocketn. on which patlnlrte eagles will soon wear hanging lights. These massive eagle nests are probably a popular template of the city's highest building authority. The actual construction of my oer Friedrichsbrücke has proven few elsewhere, dak., -..". .. "unveroynncy his? lunstlerlsches esühl owns. He stood for the.... ..... titl rfn lS hriiif Xi.. .. u yv" wm vi? vuiii uuu geiazinuaien ugvwvlan after the Thiergarten leads only little funds and the little-noticed figural groups of the old Her. tulesbrücke to the supply. And W W- rn.Lk.rn. u i ... ane he is currently on an incredibly beautiful place in the Eanal in summer. stretched a gust across the water, which has long been the most charming in Berlin. A critical history of the Berlin building industry since the year 1870 will have a lot to do in order to demonstrate the artistic merits of the! ... stVM 1 VV lkliei oen anner uno oie. Oiler de? Finial architects from a modest Vkti W) r .h mipii.4iiiCrirtwM sujuiMyicu, the immediate vicinity of the new Friedrichsbrücke, which look splendid by name when fully lit Ki'ivtln m. .4i cv. All Kunstschäke, who asked Berlin by their? Diplomatic relations with Greece and Turkey auö Olvm '. I ... V. 7 pia and Pergamon together. Fchlevvt. Should be able to do so by j. -. VMn "nierge" architects That capital was brought to the capital, and those in the empire never tired of writing poetry and striving had truly adventurous, one muck '-it - -i - - - say, American designs Museum Island three '-I i' high palaces with art treasures to vault. Now these giant projects have become quieter, T n t Tl M. 5. .. m. "1 lu as in oem aulengang. Who stretches hard next to the Friedrichsbrücke around the Nationalgalerie..:. Cl.. .. vvn. And the Apollo or whoever else let it happen. Only in his anger If on the stairs the r cv,, ier .'taiionaigaierie is never a person to be seen, then that's the way it should be, because like in so many splendid Berlin buildings that try to pretend an altitude is a wrong one Stairs. But an Eolonnade that is never entered by people has surely missed your job, as is well known that beer that is not drunk. Fate, dead corners of the future in a creative way, and bathing Berlin artistic endeavors have often had The Eolonnade on the Friedrichs, however, which could compete with the neighboring Eampy Santa at a more solemn occasion, should serve as a warning in the very last decision about the Wilhelm monument, which is now immediately due to the grudging Achilles I .imU aI U .a0 II it 4aa L 3 jm. A mx rli-t) v, v .rgu icnn 'uwe, as almost always and as always with large tasks, well done, but maybe the delay is the vuu, e, c, c at grivi k untuyc in i. r..i: r:. r.xi t.i er "i vivullr, i verur, ui ai. its architecture defeated, and daö. wr oei oer n M uraon ye, r eriiner ugeikyrlen wx xx pch. But here. ' where to eat. would be the mm colonnade itm ern cu todter sinket ge. I a (r..iti: M ia X tw a M "'" "'" "stcÖ q 'people. A few days ago I went . Tl. ". '. A; ofet snow avalanche from. Hochkü on the shady side. Which tore the returning BergrnapM with it and buried it deep in the well-known Gainfeldee, again from vtc & iua tuitiivtii iiiuyv uv aivciir they mooted the PAZtvez, um, the on dw; 5üseittet6crat BefinbUdejen 'aknapven of the incident, u 4Ut Za1 V vt vt V y mt f (ttn stands Beramerster JMnnVircök: ntranbtc soaleick 25 he is with the ffiaS Sn: 1 et Z -ii nii trace of the T ! Ä mi "U 3.,?, 1 'Nice and pure I Should the house be sets! Die kesten? Uft, Ki f mnn hi U (RAm.vi ja v, nrrt, w v-.....


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Market report. Whvlesale.Pr-ise. GrocerieS. ZuZer: Hard $ 5.23. Goods yellow $ 3.78. Gcwöh l. yellow $ 3 22. Coffee: aerates Banner, Lion and Java 2 k. 75c, in 60 Pf b sacks) Capital 23c. Pilot 23c 2akota 22c Brazl 22c Drinks Apples 6c Peaches 12 Corinihen 5c Plums 7c Apricosin lSc Fruits and Vegetables. Aepsel per barrel $ 7.00 Citro: en per crate $ 3.50 Oranges per crate $ 2.50. Herbs sold $ 2.00 Onions per barrel $ 3.00 Beets per barrel $ l 50 Boh-e. per Bush'l $ 1 80 potatoes pc? Bushel 80c Sweet Potatoes per barrel $ 8. Flour. Winter wheat pat. $ 4.00 Spring.Wcitzcn Pat. $ 4.00 Winter etra $ 2.50 Ordinary $ 1.75 Roggenmedl $ 3 10 tzafergiütze $ 5.r5 Butter, eggs and poultry. Butter, fresh Countip 12c. Eggs, Irish, by the dozen Sc Leb. Gcftüatt: chickens 6jc per pound; Spring vhickcnS 6Jc; Taps 3c; Turkey hens 7c: ducks 6jc: geese 54.80 per dozen. The Union Trust Co. capital $ 600,000. Office: 68 Often Market Street ftobnS.fraflife, President. t ddtso Harris I. Vi, etzränd :. kerh eZttel. i. lee. President and Treasurer. Sa l. Luke Secretary. Directors: Harle H. Brownell. Thok.E.Day. X. DPauw. Zlddtton E. Harri. 'Sterling R. Holt. Henry S. Long. Edward L. McSee, IC Slston. John H. Holliday, George Soth ?, Bolnetj,. Mallott. Eaz. C. aulj. Legally authorized a ErecutyrS. Amistrators, guardians, AfßgveeS, Sktivers and trustes to sungueu. KauZen und verlaukn BvdS. Voraen money a, us B? YIe and other security deposits. CoUektvhn interests, dividends and income. Open up the least amount of security to money lenders. under Vlaaisausncyt and responsible for the yoppeuen etraa des Kavital. Zav.Ät? ISHr & t) o. Main quality for all sorts of. Domestic and imported beer, ale porter, mineral water, wine and champagne 80 tf 32 OS Iaryland Ott i Telephon Ro.407. Orders tarred ach le Tieile dn tau rtM MfitiuTm. nmm do b wmä H ifCW Ha oaV ik r, times r 14. ÄJ im iaar pioly mmi homonMr. by tkM w loaüÜM, wl- liuj U. Amj W furmlh Ttrj & lnf. W. cun yoa. N rkk. T cu WtwI. tmM 00 IM it. MW M INH. jroar.pu mmu, or au row ubm) IM wwfc. TM u aa Miumj mmwM. . . w uwjii Mraw. ., w w. BcfuMi v tnm t 9hm yrw .. ad airnnt, aal bow O Htm iTwitmm. W. tu feiaUa ym ta m Iqnaw aad Tr Tl. Aa, w "B

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PAUL CONRAD, Puerto Cortez. Honduras. Care Central American Express. PORT TAMPA CITY. Florida. UNITED STATES.

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CINCINNATI Indianapolis go, ton et) 0k "- Ch P TO DETROIT You Pulimnn Snr A, tnis between Indianapolis Eincinnati. Continuous CarS between Clnoinnati & Chicago, 3rd. Louis & Cincinnati. Best line to Cincinnati, Dayton, Lima Toledo, and Detroit Canada. Continuous Waaen between Decatur. Sprtngfteld, Oumcy, Eoruk and Eincinnan Pullman sleeping car of the RachtS, palace car during the day. Direct connection to Cincinnati for all places in Kenwcky, Tenneffee, Alabama, Flo rlda and the practice. Washington, Philadelphia, New Vorl . J. D, Baldwin, DPACH Adam, City Agent. Illinois St. and Kentmcky Ave. v. C. dvaräs. GPA Wm. Greene, Gen'l Manager Telephon 737. lWMWK '"' ücwyvtu.irwÄawTCMici.9 ttlia-. - Vestibule Pullman wagon. osayn from Indianapol: No. 30 Ch'caao Limited. Vestibule Pullman, food and parloiwaacn daily ..... 12 01Nm Arrival Chicago 5.59Nm Ao. 36 Chicago night rpreß, vesti oule and tscplaswazm daily. . . l.iOVw arrival Chicago 7.55Vm No. 10 wonon acc. 3.S0Nm daily arrival in Indianapolis: No. 33, vestibule daily 2 55Nm No. 35. Vestibule daily 3 25Vm No. 9, Mono Acc. Daily 10 30Vm Pnllman Veftibul sleeping cars for Chicago are at the western end of the Union train station and can be reached daily at 8.30Nm. be climbed. Ticket.OsSeeZ: S South Jlltnoi, Etr Unton Station d Maffachusett Ave. Kmr sowing. SaTtea. Rescue tables ie. tnetthc to I. D. Baldwin D.P.A. Illinois St. and Kentucry Ave. strank J. Reed. G. P. A., Chicago. Telephone No. 727. The shortest and most direct vcoute Sst. OSest, föwfts north. South! Vestilmi trains with their own Parlor, Lehnftüble and dining car, heated with steam and lit with clettrizuat. Dre see Cira. babmuae in the world. The excellent condition of the set-ice and the machinery allow the loudest Wtf - - ni.'jt -! L sconeuigieu wx great icyeroeir. The serious line that brings its passengers to Grand Central Station in New York and saves them two hours. The Chicago driveway gives you an overview of Micbigan Avenue Boulevard and the city's finest fines. The trains run into the Central station. r- r. i t.t. ä ... .i. . by viincinnaii, cic urnon'ccoi oon Cleveland, Buffalo and Älbanh, also vt. out, Peoria. The Dkftce in Jndta.naoli is at: No. 1 Oft Washmgton Street, No. 138 South Illinois Street, and the Union Railway Station, where tickets to all parts of the Ver. States, Canada and Mexito to the lower siaten, and all requested information is given. Oscar G. Mnrray, Traffic Director v. B. Martin, Gen. Paff. Agt H. M. LroQ, Hilss Gen. Yass Agt.


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ndiana ?? rwune is the only Vlatt in JndZana, ivtl cheö the 'CV4-T' So lYl-ls o OUiCiCHCU UC llUCi? represents against the power of the plutocracy. VlS. Organ of the people i and not a party. interests she fights unswervingly for freedom. Justice in all areas of life. The work of the people? is the creator of all prosperity and that is why we work for such social reforms, which work to bring joy instead of depressing it. end burden. Cedar progressive-minded, should: S perceive it as a moral duty to be in the Amandiana grandstand The extensive Sunday newspaper offers a wealth of entertaining LesBosse The subscription price of the daily grandstand is 12c, the Sunday newspaper gc, both together IS 5tS., Per week or 6S ( 5tS. Per month. Sent by the Poft ', the di5 Tageblatt yg, the SonntagSblatt HI per year, both together cost $ 0 in advance. All kinds of children are sold quickly and cheaply, tickets, receipts. Constitution :, .Nechnnngen Gescdäftökarteu, Oriesköpse. Circular, Vrogrnmrse nf 'n ?. for business people and clubs advertise tastefully executed. WV iäi.tiB Z-ilsx: lU. Zlü.

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