Can we create applications on Android

Android Android: Create a folder - it's that easy


If you have a lot of apps installed on your smartphone, things can get confusing. This can be remedied by creating folders in which you can sort your data. We'll show you how you can easily create file folders on an Android smartphone.

Create folders on Android - that's how it works

Creating a folder in Android is very simple. To do this, you have to multiple apps on the home screen / start screen. To press Longer on an app. With some Android versions, you receive haptic feedback in the form of a vibration. Now drag the app onto another appto merge them into one folder. The folder will be created automatically.

To change the name of the folder you created, tap it. If you now click "Unnamed folder"you can press the Rename folder. You can also drag and drop the order of the apps within the folder.

Create folder on Android - for certain devices

On some devices there is a second way to create a folder on the home screen / start screen. To do this, you need a free space on the home screen look for it and press it for a while. Then tap "Add" and up "New folderNow you have created a new folder and all you have to do is drag and drop apps into it to fill it.