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Samsung Galaxy S21: The Best Tips and Tricks

Dennis Steimels

The new Galaxy S21 series with the S21 Ultra at the top offers some cool features - not all of them are immediately available, many are hidden. We'll show you the most important tips and tricks for the S21 models.

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Do you have a Galaxy S21 (Ultra)? We'll show you the best tips and tricks and how you can get the most out of your mobile phone. For example, how to best set up your screen, which professional functions are hidden in the camera and how to save your Bitcoins on the S21.

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The new Galaxy S21 series, consisting of the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra (all information), offers some practical features that can make your everyday life easier. So that you really get the most out of the devices, you will find the best tips & tricks for Samsung's flagship series here.

Tip 1: set 120 Hertz

All Galaxy S21 models support a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz. Due to the high frequency, content on the AMOLED display is much smoother and more fluid, as it eliminates small delays and jerks. By default, the Galaxy S21 only displays 60 Hertz, so we recommend increasing the frequency. To do this, navigate to Settings - Display - Refresh rate and choose Adaptive out.

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the refresh rate is adaptive ex works, we recommend that you also set the screen resolution to WQHD +, which is set to an FHD + ex works. So you have the maximum display experience. But keep in mind that this also means a higher energy requirement.

In general, "adaptive" means that the software decides which frame rate to use depending on the display content. The full 120 Hertz is available for games, while the frequency is turned down for films and reading e-books in order to save energy.

Tip 2: Find appointments, functions, etc. quickly

If you are looking for a specific setting, an app, an appointment or a contact, Samsung makes it easier for you to search. Swipe down twice on the display (or from the top of the screen) to view the quick settings in full. Now tap on the "magnifying glass" and enter your search term.

Tip 3: make the always-on display more personal

Like most Samsung phones, the Galaxy S21 series also has an OLED screen that enables the always-on function. You can also see information such as the time or notifications on the deactivated screen. Under Settings - Lock Screen - Always On Display you can activate the functions and make individual settings.

You can choose when the Always-On-Screen should be displayed - for example only during the day, but not at night. You can customize the clock style and also work with color. In addition to the digital and analog designs, you can also choose GIFS to add more action to the always-on display.

Tip 4: Link to Windows

A very practical function, especially in the times of the home office, is "Link to Windows". This feature allows you to wirelessly connect your Galaxy S21 device to your Windows PC. That means: You can, for example, make calls via the PC and receive and answer SMS messages on the PC. But even more interesting is the possibility that you can view and download the mobile phone photos in the Windows app "Your smartphone" directly on your PC. You can also run the apps installed on the mobile phone and operate them with the mouse and keyboard.

You can find the feature on your mobile phone at Settings - Advanced Features - Link to Windows . The app on the PC is called "Your Smartphone". You must be signed in to your Microsoft account on both devices.

Tip 5: set navigation gestures

Under Settings - Display - Navigation Bar you can set the navigation type on your Galaxy S21 model. The commands "Recent apps, Home and Back" can either be carried out using the classic navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen or using gestures in full screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the homescreen. Swipe up and stop, then open recently used apps. Swipe from the edge of the screen to the center, then take a step back. By the way: swipe up from the bottom left or right of the screen and start the Google Assistant.

Tip 6: one-handed mode

While you can still operate the Galaxy S21 quite well with one hand, it becomes almost impossible with a Galaxy S21 + and especially with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But there is a little trick to still be able to operate the Ultra with one hand. In the Settings under Advanced Features - One-handed mode activate the option One-handed mode use. You can call it up with both the "swipe gestures" and the normal navigation bar "Buttons".

If the "gestures" are set, then simply swipe down in the middle of the lower edge of the screen to reduce the entire surface of the phone. Tap the little arrow, move the area from right to left and vice versa. If you tap on the black area, you will return to the standard view. You checked the "Buttons", then double-tap the Home button.

By the way: You can operate the notification panel with one hand by simply swiping down with your finger in the middle of the display. If you swipe twice, you can fully extend it and access the quick settings.

Tip 7: Adapt and reassign the function key (right side)