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Title: The Negative Batman

Illustrator: Sheldon Moldoff

Published: 1960 (Detective Comics # 284)

Batman had the strangest costumes in the 50s. After the colorful rainbow Batman, black and white was popular at the beginning of the 60s. First as a zebra. And then as a negative. It happened like this: In Gotham banks suddenly disappear and reappear out of nowhere - but with no money. Behind it is the gang of the former scientist Hal Durginwho built a special device: a camera that literally takes the functional principle of cameras. With it you can make things smaller and hold them in the housing.

Batman and Robin find the crooks quickly and the story could be over here if Durgin didn't catch Batman on camera. Our hero is not locked up in miniature, but transformed into a walking negative in black and white. But the new look isn't the problem: Batman doesn't feel weak either - and he's sensitive (like a real negative) to light. Batman is forced to become a hero of the night who has to act in the shadows.

What is normal for Batman today was unthinkable in the colorful Silver Age. A negative Batman is to be taken literally back then. Unfortunately, science has no advice. If it stays that way, Batman will die. It looks bleak for him. Then he lets himself be captured by the villain. But then it turns out: it's all just a trick. Batman put his robot in a black and white costume and was healed behind the scenes by using the camera.

In the end, Batman can have his picture taken normally again - even in a thunderstorm of flashlights. Hurray, the color is back!

Two years later (World’s Finest # 126) there was also a Negative Superman ...

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