What was your favorite dream




You are so beautiful!

A favorite dream from golden nights
Stepping forward, slim, in solemn calm,
The magic veil in the right hand -
You are so beautiful!

My gaze is astonished and must lower itself
My heart closes all gates
To ponder the miracle secretly-
You are so beautiful!


This is how stars move -

This is how stars draw their course
Immutable and misunderstood!
We're writhing in a hundred ties
You rise from shine to shine.

Your life is one light!
I have to get out of my darkness
Longing arms open to you
You smile and don't understand me.


But you

The master was silent and took the violin out of his hand.
Our hearts beat! But you had to
Shake hands with him. Did you know
That you are lucky children from one fatherland?


I asked you

I asked you why your eye liked it
Rests in my eye
Just like a pure heavenly star
In a dark flood.

You looked at me for a long time
How to measure a child with eyes
And then you said in a friendly manner:
I am good to you because you are so sad.


If only my life

If only my life goes on
And sometimes from rich tendrils
A ripe song blows down on me
I have to thank you too.

You don't know because I buried
Your picture in my nights silence.
And what my song came to light
Was yours before


Hermann Hesse

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