How to store vinegar

How long can vinegar be kept?

Many types of vinegar from the Solling oil mill have an unlimited shelf life and become more substantial and valuable as they age. In addition to sugar and salt, vinegar is also a food that has a very long shelf life and can be offered within the EU without a best-before date. Vinegar is even often used as a natural preservative and extends the shelf life of other foods such as cucumber or onions if you pickle them in it.

If stored correctly, vinegar can be enjoyed for around ten years. For a particularly long shelf life and a long-lasting good taste, we recommend that you always store our vinegars tightly closed, dark and cool.

Mother of vinegar as a sign of quality

With traditionally produced, unpasteurized vinegars, the so-called “mother of vinegar” can collect on the surface in the form of a cloudy, jelly-like mass. This does not mean that the vinegar is spoiled and there is nothing to worry about - on the contrary. Mother of vinegar is a good sign for a traditionally made and unpasteurized vinegar. It is caused by acetic acid bacteria, which convert alcohol into acetic acid with the help of oxygen. When a vinegar is opened and comes into contact with oxygen, these natural acetic acid bacteria may become active again and form a new vinegar mother. A cool storage can slow down the formation of mother vinegar, because acetic acid bacteria prefer to form when it is warm.

Why do some types of vinegar have a best-before date?

Of course, not all vinegars are created equal. Traditionally produced vinegar is a natural product. Depending on the variety, it can change its color after a certain period of time when it comes into contact with oxygen. This is the case, for example, with our naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar and elderflower balsamic vinegar. Both vinegars can turn a slightly darker color after a long time. Our herbal and lavender cider vinegar does not change color, but can become slightly cloudy after a while. These changes are barely noticeable within the best-before date. Similar to the creation of Mother of Vinegar, the following also applies here: the visual change has no influence on the quality of the vinegar, but only shows that it is an untreated and traditionally produced natural product from controlled organic production.

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