Which social networks allow the creation of group communities?

SMM - what is it? Decode concept. SMM Marketing from A to Z Secrets SMM

The development of social networks led to a new huge economic sector - SMM marketing. If we come into a social network with our product, we find our target group there and we offer them our goods in different ways.

It sounds easy. But in SMM (Social Media Marketing) there are a number of pitfalls. You, who often disturb the "traditional" sales guru, take advantage of new opportunities.

And let's look first at how this "new marketing" is different from old ways to promote.

3 differences between SMM and other marketing types

# 1 - communication and entertainment

SMM primarily means "social". This means that all marketing by the SMM is based on communication. Social networks are a very interesting environment. People only come with two goals in social networks:

If you give them any content that is not aimed at communication or entertainment, you will "wounds" and not notice. That is, all of your actions related to attracting the target audience must be involved in the communication or conversation in some way.

I can give a simple example. Venkontakte on the left show you another advertisement. It's called "Targeting Advertising". Do you know which target advertising works best? The one where there is a funny or curious picture in the picture. Which explanation would you like to click?

# 2 - Personality Role in SMM Marketing

Another feature of social networks is that for all your "tagged" is issued for all. So far, of course, they have also tried to create a business with a human face, which makes people prefer to buy it in people rather than in non-professional businesses.

For these purposes, they hired special people, best suited under the fact that he loves the target audience. These people had a special image and they were set by "puppets" at the top of the company. And the true owners and guides are never glowing anywhere.

But only social networks have the opportunity so quickly and so that you can develop a personal brand. We'll talk about this again below, but one of the main goals of SMM funding is that you begin to experience "in the face". That is trust. And where the trust is there and the turnover is.

And when you promote your face, do it so that it is at least visible. And even better - so that you can see that you are a real person, not a mannequin. Of the two personal branding ads, which one gives you more confidence?

# 3 - Virus - this is such a form of life

The main SMM engine is a virus. New people come to you in groups, and then don't sell pages after seeing your post reposted on your friend's wall. They come and also do some kind of repost or leave a comment.

And his friends will see it in their news feed and will come to you too. On ordinary sites, the free traffic has been delivered (and is coming) through search engines. This is what is known as SEO promotion. And here - the virus.

However, SEO "always works" and the virus has to start a new one all the time. That is, if you wrote a good article, and it went to the top search engines, most likely it will stay there for a very long time, and every day, to bring you the traffic.

And on social networks is more complicated. Once you've made a cool viral post, it will work for you 2-3 days maximum, and then all about it will be forgotten. Because during this time, another hundred thousand cool new posts will be displayed. This is the way, one of the main reasons I don't enjoy doing SMM. I love it when the result "collects". But of course I have my own intertactics group. Join now.

In the meantime, let's take a look at which stages are promoting funding through social networks and SMM.

4 levels of promotion via smm

# 1 - Choosing Social Networks

That seems - why are people so many different social networks? This is Vkontakte, Facebook and Instagram, as well as classmates, as well as Twitter and a lot more. Why not all be in one network. And the thing is that they are different. And people who are there are also different.

For example, that is what is believed in it audience Facebook. - Intellectually developed and serious as venkontakte (of course on Russian-speaking Facebook). And so it really is. People are preferred there to discuss complex issues of world politics and economics, and everything is so different. Incidentally, these people are more often from Google than search engine and not yandex.

Audience venkontakte. - lighter and happier. She prefers to cheer cattle and funny pictures with no deep social overtones. This does not mean that "in vkontakte only schoolchildren". Just approach them the same - easy and fun.

Audience Instagram. - This is mostly a girl who spreads her pictures and discusses other girls' pictures. And if your product is on Instagram for the female audience, you will find it with a surplus. Donkeys of courses and training on the subjects of women feel particularly free.

Audience classmates - This is what is often called the "average resident of Russia" - with an average salary, pension and life expectancy.

Residents of urban settlements and factory estates of large cities prefer to communicate there for some reason. And from this network she also blows a very simple folk humor in the spirit of Petrosia. There I would with "Novelties" (which has long been known on the Internet, except for the residents of classmates).

All of the other social networks aren't very common with us so they can be omitted from this review. Your job is to choose the social network where your target audience lives. Even if you prefer to communicate with other people yourself, nothing can be done. Magomed has to come to the mountain.

And after you've chosen the network, we need to create a "focal point" for our audience.

# 2 - Create a website for communication

VKONTAKTE For example, it is forbidden to conduct commercial activities through your personal page. But I know people who are not embarrassed about this ban. They move content to their account, and sales go there.

Another important point is not to spray between multiple social networks. All you have to do is choose a platform and pay all attention to it. So you have more chances and success.

# 3 - create virus content

In the first phase, you need to do a lot of interesting posts so that people will share and attract a new audience. I only ask 4 types of virus content that people share the most:

  • Content - provocation.
  • Content - instruction.
  • Content - medal.
  • Content - Rzhaka.

To learn more about all of these types of content and how they work, read the article.

In fact, most likely, you will have to invest money if you want your community to develop faster. Almost all social networks have built-in advertising mechanisms. If you prefer "slow but right", you can't pay. The main thing is that the content is really viral.

# 4 - monetization

It is immediately important here to understand that the audience and the making of money on attracting this audience is completely different, things in no way interrelated. You can have a group of 100 thousand people and you will make a penny.

Conversely, a group of 2-3 thousand Active participants will give you a big profit. It all depends on what methods of the money method you are using. There are only three main options on the web at the content sites:

  • Advertising (the most common and unfavorable occupation)
  • Affiliate programs (here as luck)
  • Selling its goods and services (golden soil, however, will plow a lot).

In advance of how you will make money on your website, and then prescribe a strategy based on that. This helps a lot in getting free social network content plan templates.


  • SMM marketing is the promotion of goods and services through social networks.
  • SMM differs from other types of marketing in three things: emphasis on content is done to entertain and communicate, a personal role is played by a personal brand, promotion is built on the content of the content.
  • All social networks are different, and you need to find the one where your target audience lives.
  • In the chosen social network, you need to create a platform where your audience will come every day for a new content. It can be a group, a community, or your personal page.
  • To promote, try each of your posts on to do the viral virus. You can read more about this in the book "Contactless Sales".
  • If the funds allow - you pay for advertising in return to move faster.
  • Think ahead of time how you will make money with your audience. Otherwise, you risk the fate of those who spent two years sharing a large group, and then I couldn't earn any of it.

I hope. The article was useful to you. Don't forget to download my book. There I will show you the fastest way from a scratch to the first million on the Internet (from personal experience to squeeze for 10 years \ u003d)

See you soon!

Your Dmitry Novoselov.

And advertising on the Internet is one of the fastest growing and most effective forms of advertising today. This is particularly evident from such indicators as the target customer's value and the ability to hold an advertising campaign. This is a significant advantage over media advertisements such as media, television and radio.

The audience of social networks is constantly increasing, both quantitatively and qualitatively. They enjoy every day both young people and adults with different levels of wealth. In conditions of close competition, this will be successful in advertising, especially if it is focused on young people. That is why advertising on social networks is becoming increasingly popular.

What is SMM (SMM)?

So a new business branch appeared - SMM Marketing (SMM). In other words, promoting and advertising goods or services on social networks. Social networks in a sense have become a real gift for advertisers because they don't need high labor costs and tools to find their audience. Here the audience often finds what they need for themselves.

Now on the internet you practically do not meet the website that your group or pages do not have on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Instagram, etc.

Social media marketing (SMM) is a series of measures, the aim of which is to draw attention to the brand or product through social networks.

For clarity, you can think of a social network as a meeting of people in a specific place, for example on the beach. Someone swims, someone refurbishes, and someone just communicates with friends. The task of the SMM is to find among these people who are interested in a particular product or service. Do you need to promote barrier cream or umbrella? We are looking for people who will be burned in the sun. Do you have to tell about a new game in the open air? We're looking for boring companies. Etc.

And now you have to imagine that these people are not resting on the sea and sitting with computers or holding the phones that are connected to the same server (a social network). And in order to promote, we need these tools that this page provides us with. In SMM this is registered and activated on the social platform. And what are we talking about?

10 SMM tools (SMM)

    Creation and maintenance of pages, groups, communities;

    Creating and / or selecting content for publication on sites, groups and communities;

    Direct marketing directly on behalf of the company;

    Creation / participation in discussions in communities, the organization of thematic discussions;

    Work with comments and ratings;

    An increase in audience and participation on the site, in groups and communities;

    Participate in discussions on thematic forums / communities with hidden marketing techniques;

    Optimizing the company's website for social media (social media optimization, SMO).

    We will analyze more closely.

Creation and SMM page, groups, communities

You can create a personal page (account) in each social network. But with groups of things are slightly different. In most social networks, the ability to create a community is an additional function, with relevant tools (entry statistics for a group and interactions with posts, the ability to control from multiple accounts).

What should be declared (in other words, achieve the content plan) before starting publications:

    Number of posts per day (preferably no more than 3, otherwise you will quickly become a source of irritation for the subscriber);

    The overall style of the posts (e.g. same frame for all photos or corner with your logo);

    The main audience (in what style it is better to write text, and on what principle of choosing pictures).

Direct marketing directly on behalf of the company

How do you avoid selling content? One of the most important SMM tools is promotion, which is the guaranteed benefit of the subscriber through his participation in the society of society. The likelihood that subscribers can buy something a dozen of times when they see it's only for the subscribers.

As mentioned above, selling content from the company should look very attractive because of the quality of the image and text. However, don't overdo it or you will consider scamming. Use photo edits within reasonable limits, especially when promoting cosmetic and medical services.

Creation / participation in the discussions in the community, organization of thematic discussions

Often potential customers have further questions about products. Therefore, the brand side should employ such feedback methods as discussions and.

You can discuss with abstract topics; it will help your group's audience to the rally, but after that you have to have to go straight to the brand.

Work with comments and ratings in SMM

One of the most important performance indicators of SMM advertising is the existence of collaborative feedback with its participants. Live interest in products subscribers usually show through comments.

It is also one of the factors that draws attention to the social network itself, which defines its leaders. If your posts don't respond in any way, the Facebook algorithm makes them less likely to appear in the user's rib band.

Comments generate such engagement. And its percentage is a sign, not only to demonstrate the success of the community, but also for the advertising price on this site. Thus, the presence of opinions among your posts is turned into real useful benefits.

Increase audience and engagement on the site, in groups, and communities

There are two different approaches to measuring audience participation:

1. Updated publication \ u003d (husky + repossites + comments) / number of people who saw the publication
2. According to community participants \ u003d (husky + repossites + comments) / number of participants or community subscribers

As we can see, comments aren't the only counter.

The actual audience participation still shows the first approach, since if the second is ignored, the fact that far from 100% of the group audience saw a particular contribution.

However, the participant approach also takes place as it is easier to compare ourselves to competitors. As a rule, it is not always possible to see what coverage has a competitor's post. We only see interaction with the post and number of subscribers from a competitor.

From this we arrive at a logical conclusion - the community needs as many living participants as possible. Alive because the so-called is heavily distributed. These are accounts for unreal people with real or made-up names and personal information.Usually they are created to simulate a large number of participants or subscribers, and once they join, they cease to be active. For the most part, we see communities with huge audiences and posts that garner 5-10 likes.

How do you attract real people to the group? There are white and gray and black ways to increase the audience. The first is the ideal option, as it does not contradict the internal rules of social networks and does not threaten to block the account, but requires a creative approach and often a financial cost.

I will tell about white paths from the next point.

Gray methods do not directly contradict the rules of social networks, but they can cause suspicion on the administration, which will be briefly said. This includes such approaches as mass distribution of applications for friends (Facebook, VKontakt), mass subscription (Instagram),.

It works like this.

    Then create a task on a subscription or a request to a friend to attendees or subscribers to a specific page (e.g. a competitor).

    After making new friends, send them invitations to join our community.

Not entirely sure of this method makes the fact that after the first complaints from people looking at your spam or unwanted advertising page it can get blocked.

To avoid this, use the actual person's account - a member of your team (with their permission, of course) willing to communicate with potential buyers can provide information about your products and explain the reason for the addition. Kind of a sales manager, but not too obsessed.

With black paths, the funding is pretty clear, the name speaks for itself. This includes stealing accounts and groups, then replacing the name and / or category, removing old content, and adding your own. Yes, so you can get very fast living subscribers, but will you get long time?

Imagine that the teacher's study community has changed the subject of study music. What do you think how many people are suspected? :) Half go easy, so far complained by the administrators of the social network. If the content is not supposed to change, the owners will complain and your account will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

Participate in discussions on thematic forums / communities using hidden SMM marketing techniques

So far, people have already come across the advertisement straight from the seller. They believe in further recommendations from the same users. Even if the products are really high quality and useful - if nobody but him approves the sales prospects are not rainbows.

Hence, hidden marketing becomes a very relevant tool. The consumer should not guess what has become a proportion of exposure to an advertising campaign. Most of all, it's like rumors. The effect of hidden marketing is achieved by simulating or typing the discussion of goods / services among users.

To create such discussions, a multiple challenge of correct information in various sources is carried out and its artificial or natural discussion begins. After a while, new interlocutors are connected, and this discussion attracts attention and is distributed by ordinary users.

It is not necessary to start a discussion from imitation, it is enough to find a community with your target audience and enter the dialogue in the comments.

Explicit and local advertising on blogger or thematic community sites

For advertising by bloggers, this is a rather old marketing model. It is enough to remember every perfume advertisement or expensive hour on TV or in a print edition - almost everyone removes the famous movie star who uses his popularity and loyalty from fans to promote the company's brand. This format has a completely official name - Marketing Influence.

In the example above, the purchase of advertising in bloggers becomes clear, because thanks to the Internet, they became modern idols, not only teenagers, but also a solvent audience.

Thematic groups can be explained by an example with the beach at the beginning of the article. Don't send it as a social network, send it as a community. It is unlikely that anyone would be interested in a hot tea tent or winter good deal on a hot beach. There will be reasonable sales of cold beverages and diving equipment.

I can quickly find the blogger, or in the community, or in the community where you help the exchanges. You can read about them. The search for the search and accommodation can be carried out and.

Once we have decided on a blogger or placement platform, you should choose the advertising method - explicit or native. A native way is advertising within the context of the location and individual interests. For example, a fitness community in the Post is inconspicuously interested in the subscriber diet and in parallel discussions about the benefits of cocktails for training.

Based on the title, it might seem that this is a common spam and black SMM promotion, but it isn't. Each of us, especially if you are an active user of social networks, has repeatedly encountered a similar phenomenon. These are all possible prices in communities.

Guaranteed benefits usually attract large numbers of people who are quick to call a "virus" as a "virus" and explain the name.

Location optimization of social media (social media optimization, SMO)

SMO is a whole set of acts that not only attract traffic on the site, but also attract convenience for users of social networks. The main principles of SMO are:

1. The information presented on the website should be of interest to visitors from social networks.

3. In social media it is necessary to create a group that combines people with similar interests (allocation of target group for referral to the site);

4. Community content not only needs to be submitted from the website, but it needs to be watered down with shared posts that visitor to social networks is (preferably viral);

6. On the site you can add the form of comments from social networks to write it, it is enough to simply move in.

Who is an SMM specialist?

Now that we have dealt with the term SMM and its tools, let's define: Who is such an SMM specialist?

When determining the scope of duties, the SMM manager must take into account the reasons for the company: If the company is large, the SMM manager organizes work on other specialists (content manager, web programmer, graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, and so on further). When the company is small, the SMM manager needs to combine all of the above professionals. Accordingly, the necessity must be:



    web designer;

    PR specialist;

It turns out that the SMM manager is a universal specialist, the activities of which are professional management of processes within the framework of the brand's social platform, as well as other specialists.

Main SMM Skills SMM

Based on SMM tools, funding managers on social networks must have their own skills:

    online applications;

    marketing communication;

    communication with people via the Internet;

    literacy and large vocabulary;

    a sense of humor (serious demand by many employers).

In addition to the articles above, the SMM specialist should also be attentive to the majority of social networks. Popular.

We will analyze them in more detail.

Where do you start SMM funding in the VKONTAKTE social network

VKONTAKTE groups have become an integral part of the lives of many social network users. Every day, millions of people are learning their news tape, putting husky and doing repetitions.

Sometimes the information these entries carry affects us more than the people around us. It shapes our needs and opinions, our communication style and behavior in society and sometimes even affects our worldview.

Let's walk through the opportunities for SMM promotion on vk.com

The first thing to do is determine the type of community, which is more appropriate for your role in SMM: public side or group.

Main differences:

1. The group is open, closed and private (invitations are sent by administrators); The public side is always open to users.

1. In the public records only on behalf of this page, but at the same time users offer entries for the accommodation.
2. In the group of participants, the group can post records on their own page (if you specify access);
3. On the public page, the "Discussion", "Photos" and "Audio Recordings" blocks are on the right, in the group - in the middle.
4. Events from the group are created by the person on the public side - no.
5. There is no Fresh News block (menu) on the public page, but you can create wiki pages.
6. The group has a section for storing documents;
7. You can invite other users to the group using the "Invite friends" button (valid for all participants), restriction - up to 40 invitations per day.
8. One of the important advantages of the public page is the display of the logo in subscriber profiles, on the tab "interesting pages" it contributes to the natural growth of the audience.

When creating a platform to keep corporate news subscribers informed, choose a public page. The group is intended for active interaction between participants, discussions in "discussions" and the exchange of materials. You may be able to implement a group in public and vice versa, but it is possible not to do this more than once on the 30th day.

So we have created a community that deals with the needs of the target audience, with Suitable, we are advertising and we receive customers. What do you do next? We continue to do the same, but are already relying on our own statistics.

We pay attention to such parameters as:

1. Subscriber data (age, floor - fall on the target audience);

2. coverage of the audience (increasing or not);

3. Activity (which records are most involved).

To do this, use special services to analyze communities (not only of their own, but also of competitors): Popsters or Jagajam. Statistics faithfully show whether the funding strategy you developed, which also allow you to evaluate growth opportunities and adjust promotions for the next month.

Where do you start SMM promotion on the Facebook social network

Many SMM specialists ask this question. It is increasingly difficult to answer it unequivocally as groups and pages become more similar.

For example, the benefit of the sites was the opportunity to learn statistics. Now the groups also appeared a built-in analysis tool. And advanced SMM locks can be acquired from such a tool.

Let's look at the benefits of these two types of communities.

Page on Facebook:

1. Integrated statistics.
2. The Call on Action button (for example, "More" or "Book").
3. Promote the page and posts with Facebook ads
4. Likes and comments on behalf of the site.
5. The ability to add applications and services to customers, it is easier to order goods, find out the price and contact support.

Facebook group:

1. Integrated analysis
2. Make the group public, closed, or secret.
3. The ability to post documents, create surveys, and even buy and sell in a group.
4. Group chat function.

Group parameters in Facebook

    Choose a name for the group.

    Enter the names of the friends you need to add or email addresses of the people you want to invite (you need to add or invite at least one person).

    Choose the privacy settings (open, closed or secret).

For example, a public or closed group can be convenient to communicate with your customers, while the secret group is suitable for such exclusive groups as VIP clients or beta testers.

If your group is publicly available, it's worth noting that you won't even be able to see the group people and comments. If you want to protect the confidentiality of your members, it is worth creating a closed or secret community.

After you have determined the data protection parameters, click on "Create".

Instagram account.

Instagram's mobile application can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows Phone 8 and newer versions.

    Download the Instagram application for iOS from the App Store, for Android - from the Google Play Store, and for Windows Phone - from the Windows phone store. Or go to his website.

    Contact register with EL. Add address or phone number, enter emails. Address or phone number (you will need a verification code) and click "Next". You can also log in through Facebook to log in with the existing account.

    If you registered using an email address or phone number, find a username and password, then fill out the profile information and click Finish. Registering Facebook will require you to enter your account if you came out at that moment.

Pictures are already almost the main social media content, but you can't post anything on Instagram without stopping the photo. And your avatar or profile product picture is the first thing the prospect sees. A short text is also required - personal data, a company description or a product.

For many, the design and the first impression of the profile is a decisive factor. Look at the image, people choose - to subscribe or not. If you carelessly take a profile photo, you will disperse the target audience.

The description must be concise but informative. Include your location, type of activity, subject and a link on the main page if so. This is the only place on Instagram that you can post an active link.

Instagram can only be in. It looks like that.


More and more time modern person spends on social networks. In a free minute, people often get their smartphones to extract the ribbon and chat with familiar and unfamiliar people. Nowadays almost everyone has an account on the social network. And this opens up great advertising opportunities (in this case SMM promotion).

The company that has sustained itself over time using social networks and SMM is more open to its customers. Creates more trust. And what, how not to trust the customer, is the source of inspiration and real profit for the brand?

This article will expand over time as we see new features on social networks every month. Take care of us and keep up to date with new products. Good luck!

Hello my dear readers! With you rimma belyakina. On the blog Sigat pages we talk about remote working and the features it offers. For internet technologies, not even in the future, this is a great gift.

Devastating and enterprising offenses began to think about launching a business into the internet space and attracting consumers to their goods or services on social networks.

Do you think about it too? Looking for ways to sell your product? Then you definitely need to know what SMM is and how it works. We'll cover this in more detail in this article. Let's also talk about what tasks you can solve with the help of the SMM, about its benefits, and how you can learn about SMM advancement.

A few will be written about the role of social networks in our lives. And if you put them all together, it would probably be exposed as a simple cross, a kind of treatise on how 70-80% of all humanity spend their second, parallel real, virtual life.

And when we associate social networks with life, although virtually, we mean, if not all, many important aspects of life itself: hobbies and entertainment, schooling and work, shopping and sales. That said, everything we only had in real life before now gently moved into virtual.

SMM: Abbreviation Deciphering and Decisions

What does SMM mean? It is also called social marketing or online marketing.This concept in our English source ("Social Media Marketing" literally means "Marketing in Social Networks") and represents the process of attracting interest in any Internet resource through social platforms.

In other words, this is a mechanism to get traffic, then you mean that you are driving traffic (they are potential consumers) to a brand, service or product through social networks.

If it's even simpler: you are a businessman (real or conditional), you want to do a business on the internet, choose a social platform for it, go there with your product, identify your target audience and all possible ways to find out your product.

And if you want to be successful in online business, you need to be present on the social platform, to take part in communication with users of this social network, and to choose interesting, useful and constantly changing content on the topic of your goods, so That interest doesn't go away This is all the "salt", it's the essence, SMM promotion.

SMM management tasks

It is clear that SMM doesn't get done by itself, a person is behind this process. You name it another way: an example, an SMM manager, an SMM specialist, an online marketer. The essence does not change from it, and the tasks in each case are the same:

  1. Decide on the target audience and explore their interests.
  2. Niche analysis: which platform is better to promote a brand, in which way and tools.
  3. Offers an increase in the number of audiences through a series of events including advertisements, promotions, competitions, draws.
  4. Work on creating the company's image: running a PR campaign to track the feedback, remove the negative.
  5. Monitor the promotion process: analysis of statistics, speakers.

I have only listed the basic tasks of SMM management, but as you can understand, this is not the entire list as every company has its interests and sets its responsibilities.

Smm in action: stages of promotion

SMM Promotion is not easy to work in several stages:

  1. Selection of the site for its target group. Why can it be important? Since social networks are pretty much now, and each one has its own quota. Accordingly, they have different interests.
  2. Placing a communicative platform. Deciding with the social network, it is important to consider the place of gathering the audience for communication. What could it be? Specially created group or community or public or your account. The main thing is not there, but that this area was constantly working, the audience "bread and glasses", i. H. The content needs it. And that's the next stage.
  3. Content creation and placement. Not only should it be interesting and useful, it should also be viral, i.e. H. That's like lying and being shared. In order to relax your public quickly, you need to invest money and do advertising.
  4. Profit or monetization of the project. The most difficult and ambiguous stage as the main aim of smoking is to ensure that the main mass of subscribers come to the client's website and consumers for translation. Here who is lucky. Various shortcomings of monetization are known to be successful and just the opposite: it is possible to achieve a good result and in a group with a number of subscribers from 3 to 5 thousand, and you can get a "visual penny" from groups of "Stomatychnikov " receive. .

Perhaps it is worthwhile to be able to remember developing the right strategy and tactics for the successful implementation of the project. And also that in any case out of plan, we need their mechanisms and tools.

Tools SMM.

This article will be recent because I've written about internet marketing tools before and I don't want to repeat. You can read about this in my previous article. By the way, there you can watch a video with a detailed analysis of all the SMM tools and find out how it all works.

I also recommend that you contact another early article "where you can learn a lot of useful information and even rescue hakov on this subject. Don't be lazy to do it. After all, how effective you own your own SMM instruments depends on yours." Success.

Advantages and disadvantages smm

There are pros and cons in every industry, and before you begin any proposition you must weigh all of the "fors" and "againsts". Let us now consider what priorities are social marketing and whether it is worth doing, in general.

So, these are the social marketing guru perks for the first few positions:

  1. Residual capacity. The demand for SMM specialists is growing steadily.
  2. Work in Freelanse. Having understood it in IT technologies and having mastered the SMM mechanisms, you cannot "steam" "steam" in the office in the office. Many prefer to work at home.
  3. Creative way. The ability to show all of your hidden talents.
  4. A large audience of potential customers: Because the social network has millions of users.
  5. At least the cost of the start and the high amortization after the promotion.
  6. Solid reward for quality promotion services. The minimum cost of an SMM project - from 30 000 r.

What about the flaws? I would prefer to tell them about issues that need to be addressed while working. And first it is:

  1. Selecting the content that conveniently illustrates an eligible product. Requires a bit of intrinsic imagination and considerable time to find and arrange the material you want.
  2. Work with advertising. Without doing investment, you most likely won't. In advertising, the product has to spend money that still has to learn.
  3. Competition. Business is a tough step on the internet. There is competition too.

How do I become an SMM specialist?

Since that, taking into account the particular specialty, would be more correct to characterize not so tightly controlled, but as widely, the knowledge and skills that the Smashman must have, it takes a lot.

What knowledge and skills does a smoker need to have?

It is clear that he should know the marketing basics in the first place, but also:

  • understand information technologies
  • do you know media automation tools and how to use them?
  • you know the functions of community management,
  • have analytical skills
  • understand and be able to use targeted and other types of advertising,
  • have communication skills
  • be able to establish contacts and interest,
  • be creative: be able to create fascinating virus content,
  • in order to be able to develop and apply a strategy in practice to attract the audience from the social network to the customer's website.

Self-organization and self-discipline are an important quality. If a specialist needs a kick from the boss, this is a bad specialist. However, excessive initiative is also unnecessary. As you know, it can be "punishable". It is important to "find the golden mean" in order not to "burn out".

Where can i learn?

Social marketing can be learned in specialized online schools or in courses that are abused on the internet. In a separate article, we have compiled a selection and an overview of the best courses in SMM for you.

Of these, we can assign the top 3 best:

  • Course from the Convertmonster project.
  • Three-month course "SMM Manager" from Online University Netology.
  • The course "SMM Manager" from the company Portal Geekbrains and Mail.ru.

Options, as can be seen, are many of them as progress does not stand still. Those who want to explore science are left only to roll up their sleeves "and take the case. Well, if you" stretch your teeth over this granite, you will find yourself in the same way and find yourself in the same way and find yourself easily a lesson in your own space as this is a modern, relevant, relevant, profitable one.

Let's sum it up

So we looked at what smm is. I tried to make the material as simple as possible. Hopefully it was clear.

Summing up all of the above, we can make a simple conclusion: SMM trending today. This is a difficult but effective way to manage trade and relationships on the network. This is a diverse and promising work, suitable for energetic, pragmatic, excited with time of nature.

In the next article we will analyze the SMM manager profession in more detail. Keep for updates.

I want to believe and know that the article was useful and helped in something. Anyway, wait for your feedback, comments, offers. We are discussing. For now - while. And to new meetings.

Still do all the social work. Net hands? Then this selection for you! Today I am going to introduce you to powerful SMM services that will help automate routine actions (posting, community analysis, tracking comments and trends, audience selection, etc.) and increase the ROI of promotion on social networks . So meet 16 powerful services for SMM.

Powerful SMM Services: Top 16


Service that allows you to automate the promotion in Instagram. INSTAPROMO combines features such as masolying and massacing, post photos, mailing messages, autocommoning, etc.

In addition, if you are starting promoting from scratch and you don't have a hitchhiker, the service is essential. You can buy the right number of subscribers and likes in the InstaMromo shop so that the target audience is more willing to subscribe to your account.

Rates. The service has 4 standard packages: Promotion, Direct, Comment Tracker and Posting. The cost of 790 rubles / month. This way you can choose the functionality you want and only pay for the features you use. Test instapromo \ u003e \ u003e \ u003e.

To determine the popularity of groups, public, social network profiles, this service is used. Specializes in data analysis. Popsters helps evaluate the popularity of various posts (coverage, activity, participation, he) and identify the most effective ones. One of the advantages is the ability to unload reports in various PDF-PPTX, XLSX formats.

To the professionals You can also include a trial period for 7 days and analysis of 10 social networks.

Minus: An account is a social one. Network. At the cost of access to the service for a month from 399 rubles, it turns out that the analysis of the main social is analyzed. Networks required to pay more than 1000p.

SMM planner.

With this service you can automate the posting publication. The publishing time can be installed independently and instantly publish the same post on multiple social networks. The main benefit is the ability to post posts including photos and videos (video posting package) on Instagram. With the help of SMM planner, you can create a relocated bay on 8 social networks using Viber, Telegram and even Pinterest.

Rates. There is a 7-day trial period, and you can also get 100 free contributions per month. Next, the minimum cost is 450 rubles (post no more than 5 different pages or accounts). For an additional fee, you can purchase a proxy, set up a video, and make a mastermark on the images.

Minus. Lots of tariffs and paid services creating confusion.

Program to automate work with Instagram. Allows the audience to pass not only in Insta but also in VC. In order to adjust the delayed booking, you will automatically enter the selected parameters (e.g. from Geometrs), collect popular HashTegi and register new Instagram accounts in automatic mode.

Rates. Test time of 7 days. Price 33 rubles per day.

Professionals. Replaces many other services (auto access, such as + subscription, Parceng, auto comming).

Minus. You need to download and install on your computer. A permanently supplied computer or a rented server is required for continuous operation.


Perfect service for creating graphics for social. Networks: In addition to all known formats, supports various networks that create images of any size. You can create infographics and presentations.

Minus. You cannot create images with a transparent background (.png).

The system allows monitoring the appearance of new comments on posts or video (for YouTube). The automatic service sends notifications (by e-mail or in telegram) when there are new comments. Allows you not only to keep track of comments but also to mention the brand or any keyword.

Rates. Test time of 7 days. The minimum rate is 190 rubles / month and tracking comments only in a community on a social network available in the service (VC, FB, Insta, ODNOKLASNIKI, Twitter, YouTube).

Professionals.You don't have to enter your passwords so you don't have to worry about security. And it's also powerful for tracking comments in the competitor's communities and writing or sending out invitations / suggestions to their subscribers.

Minus. The main disadvantage is the impossibility of answering the comment through this service. As developers make changes and improve the service, users will be a lot more.


With the help of Supa you can quickly create short videos for social networks, in a very simple constructor, recorded elements or download your own. Video is just one of the trends in SMM now, so the service is growing and evolving very quickly.

Rates. There is an unlimited free version in which the Supa logo and the length of the reel are placed on your video, limited to 40 seconds. The package without restrictions costs 990 rubles per month.

Professionals. Convenient designer to make a video.

Minus. Few ready-made templates.

The system works exclusively with Instagram. It's perfect for those who have. The service collects information about the interests and preferences of your subscribers, about their publications, entry into different communities and activities in groups. Allows you to follow Hashthegam's activity, audience growth, and story-making. A finished report is exported to a PDF document.

Rates. There is a free 14-day version. Next, the minimum rate is $ 20 for the analysis of accounts that have no more than 20 thousand subscribers, the more subscribers, the higher the cost of the packages.

Professionals. Detail a subscription audience.

Minus. Available in English only. Analyzes only Instagram. Expensive.

The program is ideal for professional targetologists and anyone who is committed. The system gathers users and forms a single database for community administrators, active participants in competitors and other groups. The platform has a fairly complex mechanism, but the result is effective.

Rates. 20 functions of the creator service give SMM community completely free. The standard tariff includes 90 functions for collecting CA and the cost of 799 rubles for 30 days.

Professionals. Qualitative collection of audiences for targeting or. We looked at everything in a separate publication.

Minus. Weak the. Support. Requires approval from vk.


The multifunctional platform, its capabilities, its auto-access, the creation of the content plan and the analysis of social forms. Networks. In addition, the service enables you to combine different accounts in groups or projects, adapt the content for different networks and automatically specify likes for new publications from friends. It is an official partner of 10 Social. Networks. Reports are unloaded in PDF format.

Rates. There is a free 14-day trial period. Next, the minimum tariff is P 399 (no more than 5 accounts and no more than 500 contributions).

Professionals. Replaces several other services.

Minus. Not recognized

Analytics Express brand.

The platform is created to have the brand mentioned on both social networks and media. So you won't miss a single angry comment or a laudatory review. Reports are made in online mode, then information is processed and the content is transmitted in a convenient format.

Rates. Demo mode 7 days on request. Further from 700 rubles per 100 references or from 22 000 rubles / month.

Professionals. Monitoring of references in real time.

Minus. Tight functionality. Very expensive.

With this platform you can automatically create beautiful reports for customers, based on data, advertising accounts VKontakte and Facebook. It is convenient as it exports data to one of the selected formats (PDF, DOC, HTML) on the finished sample and sends it to the email. It will be useful not only for goals but also for the context and SEO specialists.

Rates.14 days free of charge. The minimum tariff "Freelancer" - 800 rubles, but only 5 projects and there are no report templates.

Professionals. Report automation.

Minus. Not recognized

The program is understandable and easy to use, Parssit users vk connected to different groups. It cuts off the dead and commercial accounts and also finds users with the greatest activity. The service delights users in the presence of a convenient button that allows you to find the community for just one keyword. Works for Vkontakte and classmates.

Rates. Only 490 rubles per month + trial period.

Professionals. Works with classmates.

The main function is a postponed booking contribution. The functionality of the service allows you to create a calendar of publications, edit community covers, avatars, and images for posts. Functions Service on semi-automatic, as the data must be entered independently of each other. Covers for publications standard and do not distinguish originality.

Rates. With major restrictions (no more than 2 posts per week), the service can be used completely free of charge). The minimum tariff is $ 9.

Professionals. You can register quickly through the FB. Lots of courses in different directions.

Minus. The limitations of the visual editor and the incomprehensible algorithm for generating ideas for posts.

Cerbro Target.

Allows not only not to analyze, but also to analyze the audience of VC for such an important indicator as purchasing power. Make advertising contributions. In addition, you will find mutual friends of these subscribers who have gone into a specific community. Very necessary tool for professionals.

Rates. Depending on the functionality, the cost of the packages is from 490 to 1500 rubles.

Professionals. A large and active group in UK posting cases, service users and a lot of other useful content.

Minus. No attempt

Online service to automate Instagram promotion. Subscriptions, cancellations, auto huskies, an audience filter, auto comments, and recently auto access.

Rates. At the moment the registration of new users is suspended.

Professionals. Intuitively understandable and optically decorated service. Operationally such. Support.

Minus. Just a social one. Network.

Rates. Package with minimal features was $ 399 per month. Demo available on request only.

Professionals. Support professional analysts.

Minus. Very expensive.

And what services do you use for SMM? Share in the comments 🙂

Email marketing and SMM are the two most popular internet marketing tools right now. Specialists, both from one and from other fields, in vain, praise that another another channel, fairs and the rate of collection. But why choose whether you can combine both tools?
On the company's page on social networks, you can communicate directly with the audience. If you respect your subscribers and don't throw advertising opportunities, and entertain and teach, the users will be happy to help you distribute the content with like and. The more your content is on social networks, the greater the recognition of your brand.
Sending email mailings will allow you to maximize supply for each user increasing the likelihood of purchase.
That said, both tools can allow you to communicate with users, increase brand awareness, distribute information, etc.
The main reasons for both tools:

  • significant audience expansion;
  • a deeper study and understanding of interests and also the preferences of the target audience (for more constructive suggestions);
  • new tools for communication with customers (campaigns and competitions in social networks, triggers and automatic mailings with email marketing)

Thanks to this symbiosis, a new audience is covered, and more opportunities appear to expand the client base without applying while making special efforts. An important advantage of using two tools is the presence of a "backup airfield" in case the customer disappears from one of the channels.

Social networks allow the placement of announcements, links from which lead to the place where information is published. Users like to read such announcements and share them on their walls. So through your news / services / products / companies recognize a large number of network users.

Communication by email, you can send a lot more information to subscribers than it can post on social networks. With specialized services for postal codes, you can list subscribers so that each of them receives letters only on topics that interest them.

We translate subscribers to post to social networks

To translate a subscriber from sending to a social network, you can do the following:

When forming the database, it is necessary to remember that the distribution is carried out only with the consent of the subscriber, and the collection of addresses on social networks is illegal.

Transfer friends from social networks in the mailing followers

  • advise the user to subscribe to the regular newsletter of a specific company (goods or services);
  • use customer reviews who have already used the company's services or purchased the goods with a call to receive regular information via a mailing list;
  • propose the customer to take the quiz in which the result with the company's HESTEG on the account will be used.
  • suggest to users to fill out the questionnaire that contains information about the company (thanks to which ones, you can get more detailed data on the customer and his interests).

Using both channels definitely implies communication. It's worth considering a thin line between persistence and obsession. It must be remembered that the efficiency of work depends not only on the combination of channels, but also on your level of measure and tact.

We optimize the work with social networks

Optimizing the work implies a series of measures that will increase the performance of the work without increasing the number of resources (time, performers, budget, etc.).
The easiest way to optimize work with social networks is to use special services and applications.

For example car accessories.

If you are on several social networks at the same time with the promotion of a company, it will help you to save a lot of time and effort to get the service of automatic access. Such services at the moment, a lot and you can choose one of them that works with the social networks you need. For example, FEEDMAN.RU works with such networks as Vkontakte, Classmates, Facebook and Twitter. Here you can ask the time not only to remove the accommodation but also to remove the post. It is possible to download multiple images at the same time. In addition to the auto-access function, you can configure the RSS channel to automatically publish all news from the website on your pages in the social networks.
Create a content plan that is convenient to use with online documents. Such an opportunity has Google search services and Yandex.

If you work with the online calendar, you can give all members of your team and the customer access to the content plan. This makes it easier to delegate duties and the approval process.