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  1. In his remaining years at Telekom, Tim Höttges would like to merge with Orange or Telefónica and merge with Comcast in the USA. His successor is now Srini Gopalan.

  2. The coaxial network has so far not been very efficient in uploading. Harmonic now claims to have solved the TV cable network problem.

  3. Telekom now sees Sprint as being too highly rated. The US mobile operator is to get fewer shares after merging with T-Mobile US. Sprint is owned by the Japanese Softbank Group, whose boss Masayoshi Son refuses to renegotiate.

  4. For almost two years, the US government has been holding back the purchase of Sprint and T-Mobile US. Now came an important judgment.

  5. In addition to taking over Sprint, Deutsche Telekom has also considered that a merger with Comcast would be an option. The secret paper has now become public.

  1. Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Constance
  2. Bechtle GmbH, Hamburg
  3. SSI SCHAEFER IT Solutions GmbH, Giebelstadt near Würzburg
  4. Securiton GmbH alarm and security systems, Achern

  1. The Federal Network Agency sharply criticized Sky for an advertising campaign via call centers. The customers were literally harassed.

  2. A split US Congress could mean that laws to control Google or Facebook do not find a majority in the US. But that could even be a disadvantage for IT companies.

  3. Sky is now majority owned by the US cable operator Comcast. A group of bidders around Rupert Murdoch and Disney could not prevail.

  4. So far, there is no nationwide data protection law in the USA. Since June, employees of the Ministry of Economic Affairs have met with Google, Facebook and many other technology companies to change that. The motifs are varied.

  5. The merger of the US cable network operator Charter Communications with the mobile operator Sprint will probably not come of it. This increases the chance of Deutsche Telekom to merge the mobile phone subsidiary T-Mobile US with Sprint.

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  1. In the USA, more and more large network operators are offering Internet access with very high data rates for around 70 US dollars. Verizon's new offering is based on FTTH.

  2. The major US providers have reached a first milestone. The US Congress has reversed a regulation to protect user data. Further industry-friendly decisions are likely to follow.

  3. To build a 5G network, Verizon needs a strong landline network. The company boss would like the TV cable operator Comcast or Charter Communications.

  1. The TV cable network has so far been quick to download, but not as powerful when it comes to uploading. Bell Labs have proven that it doesn't have to stay that way: With XG-Cable and Docsis 3.1. 10 GBit / s transferred in upload and download.
    From Achim Sawall

  2. "The capabilities of Docsis 3.1 are incredibly exciting"said a Comcast manager. The new offer runs over the existing cable infrastructure. There is no throttling.

  3. 32C3 How high are the economic costs due to long loading times on the Internet? The Swiss internet entrepreneur Fredy Künzler from Init7 has his own for this "Milchbüechlirächnig" set up.

  1. One of the first TV cable network operators proved that Docsis 3.1 works in existing networks and enables a data rate of 1 GBit / s. The rollout in the mass market is planned for the end of 2016.

  2. The network equipment supplier Cisco has calculated the data volume in German networks. According to this, 29 percent of all data will be generated by television sets through streaming by 2019.

  3. A US class action lawsuit is directed against Comcast's Xfinity WiFi Hotspot and its national hotspots. Two users complain about a lack of bandwidth and high energy requirements.

  1. Some companies can barely go about their business at times - just because Netflix has signed a new contract. The dispute over streaming traffic between large peering providers and the suppliers of private households in the USA is escalating.

  2. Team Internet versus Team Kabel: In protest against the possible restriction of net neutrality, US tech sites are calling the day of the "Internet throttling" out.

  3. Millions of Americans went without Internet access Wednesday morning because routine maintenance failed. Many exasperated users have complained.

  1. The video streaming portal Netflix has bowed to the market power of the major US cable network operators. A contract has now been signed with Time Warner for better streaming quality.

  2. A feature in iOS 7 could soon connect 800,000 Apple mobile devices. It enables the construction of an alternative network that is independent of the Internet infrastructure.

  3. Only one large provider causes data congestion in the American broadband network. Prioritizing video traffic would be of little help, says MIT.

  4. Network equipment supplier Cisco expects worldwide Internet traffic of 1.6 zettabytes in four years. In order to guarantee the quality of video services, the providers would have to intervene more strongly in the data transport.

  5. The large telecommunications companies and Internet service providers in the USA prevent existing fiber optic networks from being used by citizens through contracts with the government.

  6. The decision of the US regulatory authority FCC to revise the rules for handling data on the Internet is also due to successful lobbying by the opponents of net neutrality: They were more active and spent more money.

  7. The FCC is proposing to abolish net neutrality - but that is not the last word. What the US regulator is really up to and why American users might even find the idea a good one.
    From Johannes Kuhn

  8. The US regulator FCC has approved a proposal to revise network neutrality. It should enable paid prioritization of traffic without leading to a fast lane in the network.

  9. In the USA, the battle for net neutrality is entering the decisive phase. Both well-known musicians and cable network operators are putting public pressure on the regulator.

  10. The protests against a two-tier Internet in the USA are having an effect. The regulatory authority FCC apparently wants to defuse its controversial plans for net neutrality, but not yet give up.

  11. Because a leading European ISP and five from the USA deliberately do not adapt their peering, the customers' data packets are lost and the data transfer rate is limited. This is what the Tier 1 carrier Level 3 claims and wants evidence.

  12. The US regulator FCC wants to go far to meet the providers and content providers. The planned regulations create the basis for a two-tier Internet. The federal government wants to prevent this at EU level.

  13. Netflix boss Hastings has received a rebuff from the regulator FCC. Clear words for Hastings' demands "strong net neutrality" also found Comcast.

  14. Netflix boss Hastings calls for one "strong net neutrality"so that streaming data reaches its customers in high quality. Only providers should pay for better interconnection.

  15. For many network activists, the agreement between the video service Netflix and the cable operator Comcast means an attack on network neutrality. So far, the deal is just a new step in the dispute over traffic costs.

  16. The video streaming portal Netflix has had problems with bandwidth for months. Now there is a deal with the cable operator Comcast - allegedly not for nothing.

  17. Time Warner Cable is ready to sell for $ 45 billion. Three offers from John Malone's charter were previously rejected.

  18. The IT blog All Things D no longer exists. The entire editorial team is starting up Re / code independently from the previous owners News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal.

  19. The US provider Comcast has announced what threatens its file-sharing users who ignore warnings of copyright infringement. The Six Strikes anti-piracy system has been active in the USA since this week, which gives the participating providers a certain amount of freedom.

  20. At a trade fair in the USA, the country's largest provider of Internet via television cable, Comcast, set a new US record. By bundling 32 channels, a data rate of 1 gigabit per second could be achieved.

  21. The largest US cable network operator Comcast asks one of the largest backbone providers worldwide to pay for Level 3 so that they can forward data to Comcast customers, for example websites and videos that Comcast customers want to access. Comcast contradicts that it is an attack on net neutrality and accuses Level 3 of demanding special treatment for its content delivery network (CDN).

  22. In the USA, an appeals court has declared an FCC order against the provider Comcast to be invalid. The procedure is considered a precedent for the question of who monitors net neutrality in the USA and which services and content providers must make available to their customers.

  23. Comcast and General Electric (GE) are jointly forming a new entertainment company, into which GE will contribute its subsidiary NBC Universal, valued at around $ 30 billion. The French co-owner Vivendi is to step out of NBC Universal.

  24. Comcast, one of the largest Internet providers in the USA, wants to take active action against botnets in its own network and notify customers whose computers are being misused with a pop-up message.

  25. The cable operator Time Warner Cable is starting a pilot project for Internet television in the USA. Several major US television networks will participate and make programs available on the web.

  26. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the USA published its decision on the Comcast case yesterday. The blocking of legal content from Comcast's side was therefore inadmissible. The FCC urges Internet providers in their decision at the same time, in the future "block illegal content".

  27. Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet and "Chief Internet Evangelist" at Google, explained in a Google blog why network management is necessary and how he imagines fair network management.

  28. The US Internet provider Comcast should end the disruption of data transmission via file sharing protocols by the end of the year, the regulatory authority FCC has decided. At the same time, the company must submit new network management plans to the FCC.

  1. BQ Aquaris X2 Pro in hands on
    A successful overall package with high-end functions

    According to BQ, Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro have sold very well in this country. Now the manufacturer is trying to repeat the box office success with the Aquaris X2 Pro. That could well work, because the new smartphone proves to be a successful overall package with special functions when you first try it out.
    (Bq Aquaris X2)

  2. Only a few vectoring connections deliver 100 Mbit / s

    Now there is an overview of what the existing vectoring access really delivers. The Federal Network Agency will provide more information on request. At Telekom, you don't even know officially how many accounts the group has.
    (Super vectoring upload)

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