What do models eat to lose weight

Model diet: With this crass method you can lose up to 7 kilos in a week

Our first thought when we heard that Melting up to 7 kilos in a week with the model diet: That can't be, and if it does, then not within a healthy framework. Nevertheless, we dealt with the weight loss method that models around the world allegedly swear by for their dream body and found out, how the principle works. We also know why the diet is not one that you should try and emulate and instead know diets with which you can approach the goal of a bikini figure in a healthy way.

Model diet: This is how the unhealthy principle of losing weight works

If we look at the menu that should be adhered to during the model diet, we immediately lose our appetite. While we at least still in the morning If you were allowed to eat a boiled egg, in order to satisfy the initial hunger to a minimum, there would only be two portions of 175 grams of low-fat quark for lunch and dinner waiting for us. On the one hand, this should be low in calories and fats and, on the other hand, fill us up. However, with the daily ration presented, this seems very unlikely to us. Other foods such as meat, fish, dairy or wheat products are of course not allowed during the diet. Important liquids that our body needs throughout the day, especially in summer, are only allowed in the form of green tea and ginger-lemon water (for example as a trendy drink "Switchel"). However, there is one more sensible rule that we can draw from this principle: Alcohol and sweets are taboo during the model diet.

That is why we lose weight in a flash with the model diet

Why we lose up to 7 kilos in a week with the radical weight loss regimen is obvious with this menu. Especially in low-fat quark there are nutrients such as calcium and protein, which our body has to use energy to convert. Since it is not supplied with any additional nutrients from which it can draw, it falls back on our fat deposits and pulls out of them. The result: the pounds begin to drop. However, fat is not necessarily burned, but primarily water is lost, which is why we notice a weight reduction in no time, which, as soon as we eat a balanced and healthy diet, immediately ceases and the kilos on our ribs return.

In this way you can achieve your dream figure in a healthy way

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and without the yo-yo effect, you prefer to do without radical crash methods, such as the alleged diet of the catwalk greats, and try much more Gentler variants that take a little more time to achieve your dream figure, but produce long-term success and put a stop to a one-sided diet. Weight-loss methods that come into question here and that we have already presented to you in detail are, for example, the Mediterranean diet, which works without sacrificing, the nutritarian variant, which mainly relies on fresh, nutrient-rich foods, and the Aldi diet, with which we can eat balanced and cheap at the same time. Those who combine this with sufficient sport and exercise will also get closer to their desired weight in no time. 💕

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