When is potato growing time

"Exchange of land common among farms"

The Kempen clay plate with its slightly sandy share offers good conditions for the potatoes to grow, as Thomas Birmes told the Westdeutsche Zeitung. The 27-year-old took over the farm on Vorster Strasse from his father Johannes four years ago.

On the approximately 50 hectares, peas and beans for canned goods, blue carrots for the dye and food industry, wheat, depending on the quality for animal feed or flour, and sugar beet are grown. Because the crop rotation must also be observed for potatoes. This means that you cannot grow the same vegetables or grains on the same soil every year. Variety is needed so that the ground can recover. In other words, if potatoes were grown in a field, they should only grow there again in four to five years.

Otherwise, the plants are susceptible to disease and do not thrive. "In addition, it is common for farms to swap land," says Birmes.

Source: Westdeutsche Zeitung

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