You can spy on iPhone with iCloud

Monitoring people with iPhone and iCloud - a test

Where is the son or daughter with the iPhone at the moment? With the help of iCloud and an appropriately configured iPhone, this can be determined in a matter of seconds. The iPhone can be accessed via the cloud service and can even be deleted or locked. The test clarifies how useful this service really is.

Similar to other smartphone manufacturers, Apple originally implemented this function in its system for purely practical reasons. The "Find my iPhone" function is basically a service that can be used to find a stolen iPhone. However, communication with the stored iPhone is also possible.

Start Big Brother: set up iCloud and iPhone

The iCloud home page
Screenshot: In order to be able to use the monitoring function, an Apple account is required. This can be set up directly on the iPhone under "Settings - iCloud". Alternatively, this can also be done at You can register with your existing email address. However, it is imperative that iOS 5 is installed on the phone. If the update to the latest system has not yet taken place, you can do this under "Settings - General - Software update".

iCloud settings on iOS 5
Screenshot: Then the configuration of the iPhone begins, which Apple describes itself on the Set up iCloud page. Under "Settings - iCloud" you can decide whether you want to synchronize mails, contacts, the calendar, bookmarks, notes, photos or other documents with the cloud service. However, the "Find iPhone" function is essential for locating the device. A basic requirement is, of course, that the location services are activated under "Settings". Under "Settings - Store" you should also activate the "Use mobile data" function.

Find iPhone: Enter the iCloud user data
Screenshot: Then log in at In the test, we encountered an interesting detail here: When we tried to track down the iPhone from a Samsung Galaxy Note, the iCloud page refused to work with the Android browser. So Apple is apparently not interested in supporting the mobile browser of its competitor Google.

Finding an iPhone made easy - if the phone is switched on

iPhone location via iCloud
Screenshot: After logging in The Find My iPhone icon, which looks like a radar screen, appears. If you click on it, the location begins. On the next screen, a map from Google Maps, on which the current location of the iPhone is shown with a green dot, if it is switched on at the time. In our opinion, this location is very accurate with a tolerance of only a few meters.

A permanent update of the view, as is known from a navigation device in the car, for example, does not take place in the iCloud. In order to determine the current location again and again, you have to click on the semicircular arrow next to "My devices". The iCloud does not save a complete movement profile of the phone, but always only determines the current location. For example, if you have logged out of the iCloud and retrieve the current location of the phone some time later, the green marker will fly from the old to the new location. However, it does not do this on the route that the phone has covered in the meantime, but on the direct route - via "as the crow flies", so to speak.

On the second page we will tell you how you can send messages to the detected iPhone and make it permanently unusable using various methods.