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World Teachers Day - the international UNESCO World Teachers Day on October 5th

The 5th October is all about the teachers of this world. At least when it comes to UNESCO, which made this date an international one in 1994 World Teachers Day or. World Teachers Day (World Teacher's Day) has declared. Reason enough to put this event on the calendar of the strange holidays from all over the world and tell his story with the following passages. So why do the teachers also get their own special day?

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Who started World Teacher's Day?

As is usual with the UNESCO days of action, there is also very specific information about its origins in the case of World Teacher's Day. The initiative for this World Teachers Day goes back to 1993 and the international education conference in Geneva.

Here the then UNESCO Director General Federico Mayer called for the commitment of the global teaching staff with this day of action from 1994 onwards and to take a look at the changed requirements in the school system for teachers (see also the list of further links below).

When is World Teachers Day?

Since 1994, the World Teachers Day or World Teachers Day, initiated by UNESCO, has always taken place on October 5th.

Why does International Teachers Day fall on October 5th?

There is also a specific reason for choosing the date - as is usual with UNESCO and its partner organizations. And this has nothing to do with the National Do Something Nice Day, also celebrated in the USA today, or the international World Bubble Day, but refers to a specific historical date.

So with the World Teachers Day to the Charter on the status of teachers adopted by UNESCO and the International Labor Organization (ILO) on October 5, 1966 in Paris to recognize the important role teachers play in quality education.

Against this background, however, this internationally oriented UNESCO day of action must not be confused with the numerous national teachers' days, which have very different frames of reference or references depending on the country and origin (see also the list of further links below).

Which countries celebrate World Teachers Day on October 5th?

According to information from UNESCO and the English language Wikipedia, 25 countries are currently actively celebrating World Teachers' Day on October 5th. This means that this date has been used here in favor of a separate national teachers' day. Corresponding changes or deviations are documented in the following list:

  • Armenia: Originally, the former Soviet republic always celebrated its national teachers' day on the first Sunday in October. However, by parliamentary resolution, this changed after 1994 to the fixed date of October 5th.
  • Azerbaijan: From 1965 to 1993, the national teachers' day fell here on the first Sunday in October. With the UNESCO initiative for World Teacher’s Day, the government of the former Soviet republic between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus also decided on October 5th.
  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria: Since 2006, World Teachers Day has been celebrated in the Eastern European country on October 5th.
  • Federal Republic of Germany. While the Federal Republic of Germany has been celebrating World Teachers' Day since 1994 on October 5, the former GDR celebrated June 12 as the national day of teachers. With the reunification, however, this date was deleted from the calendar. Germany, however, has another peculiarity. Because in the course of gender equality, the day has been officially called World Teachers 'Day for several years now, but rather World Teachers' Day (see also the list of links below).
  • Estonia
  • Great Britain
  • Canada
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Lithuania: Similar to Armenia and Azerbaijan, since 1965 the national day of honor for teachers has been the first Sunday in October. But also in the southernmost of the three European Baltic states, the decision was made to switch to October 5th in 1994.
  • Macedonia
  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Papua New Guinea: The island nation in the southwestern Pacific is celebrating October 5th as both national Teachers Day and international World Teacher’s Day. Both days of action are seen here as part of a common goal.
  • Pakistan
  • The Southeast Asian country in the western Pacific has a special role in the present collection insofar as it has been celebrating a whole month of teachers since 2011. This begins on September 5th and reaches its final climax with the International Teachers' Day on October 5th.
  • Romania
  • Russia: In the former Soviet Union, too, the change took place from the first Sunday in October to the fixed date of World Teachers' Day on October 5, 1994.
  • Serbia
  • United Arab Emirates

Goals and intention: What is the World Teacher's Day about?

UNESCO is organizing today's event together with its partner organizations, the International Labor Organization, UNDP, UNICEF and Education International (EI) as well as numerous national teachers' associations and trade unions.

With this day of action, one would like to assume the special responsibility of this profession for education and training and accordingly emphasize above all an appropriate training, securing continuous, professional training and the protection of teachers' rights.

Against this background, UNSECO and its partners have been pointing out for several years that the teaching profession is increasingly losing respect in many parts of the world. The World Teacher's Day is therefore intended to draw attention to the need to strengthen the status of this professional group and its social significance. After all, they are responsible for educating future generations.

In this sense: Thanks to all teachers. No matter where in the world. :)

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