What is the history of the hotel industry

Hotel history

The history of the hotel is the history of mankind, because the accommodation with the service sleeping, eating and drinking is culture and at the same time the basis for survival par excellence.

History of the hotel industry

The history of the hotel in an outline of current events:

  • 'Zero hour': The history of accommodation begins sometime 200,000 years ago with the socialization of mankind
  • 17,000 to approx. 15,000 BC Chr .: The Lascaux cave is considered to be the first accommodation with an artistic aspect and the scientific evidence that people not belonging to the clan found accommodation
  • 69 AD: In Pompeii, the only remains of a brothel (lupanar) that are considered safe are still preserved today
  • 17th century: France is the cradle of the modern hotel industry. Townhouses were called Hôtel de ville in France in the 17th century. From then on, inns were also known as Hôtel de ville
  • 01/25/1774: the world's first grand hotel opens
  • January 16, 1853: Andre Michelin is born
  • - -.- -. 1907: The beginning of the history of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin
  • April 7th, 1921: The hotelier Lorenz Adlon dies after an accident
  • March 24th, 1969: John Lennon & Yoko Ono at the Hilton Amsterdam

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