What game can you play for hours

9 games for which you only need a pen and paper

Actually, you are not really a board game fan, but slowly you have played through Netflix, read your books and play online games for hours at some point is eye-catching. So you're ready to give the good old board games a second chance. Somehow you have to keep yourself happy in self-isolation ...
The problem: You don't have a single game at home. And you don't want to buy any extra, because you're generally trying not to spend so much money (short-time work and such). The solution: games that don't need anything but a pen, a piece of paper and time! However, if City-Country-Flow is the only game you can think of on the fly, just scroll through this article. In the following, I'll introduce you to nine games that you can play great in your flat share, with your partner or with your family. Some of them even work via video telephony, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who lives alone and whose head is slowly falling on their heads. Ready? Well then: let's play!

There would be an urban-rural river, for example, which, by the way, is also great for video calls - then nobody can look at the other! If the classic is too boring for you, you can of course also come up with your own categories, such as band, song, color, food, fashion labels, ...

2. Uncle Fritz is sitting in the bathtub
This game is for everyone who lives in a shared apartment or with their family or partner. Unfortunately, it doesn't work so well online. If you've forgotten how it's done: Take a piece of paper and write the sentence "Uncle Fritz is sitting in the bathtub" at the top across the entire width of the note. After each word you leave some space. Finished? Then the piece of paper bends over once after every word. And then it starts: think of a title or a job or something similar that can take the place of "uncle". Write it down, fold it over and give it to the person sitting next to you. Then you think of a name and write it under "Fritz". And so on. In the end, a more or less funny sentence comes out. It might get a little funnier with a glass of wine. But of course that is up to you.

Post-its would be even better for this game than just a piece of paper, but in a pinch, a piece of paper and a piece of adhesive tape would also do. Just write the name of a person on it, stick it on the forehead of your counterpart and then they will guess who you are. You can also determine in advance whether you can only vote for celebrities, for example. Or politicians. Or animals. Do you want to play virtually? Then write down your idea on a piece of paper anyway and put it upside down on the table - otherwise you could cheat and come up with a new person for your teammates over and over again.

It is best to use checkered paper for sinking ships - or you can paint a checkered pattern yourself from 10 x 10 boxes. On the upper side you write the letters A to J across the columns, on the left side the numbers 1 to 10. Now you are placing your ships. They must not run diagonally or collide with one another. And certainly not to lie on top of each other, you pranksters! Each player has a battleship (5 boxes), two cruisers (4 boxes each), three destroyers (3 boxes each) and four submarines (2 boxes each). And then you just take turns guessing where each other's ships are.

One of you thinks up a word that is as long and heavy as possible and draws a line on a piece of paper for each letter. Umlauts are transcribed, i.e. you write ä as ae and ß as ss etc. Now your teammate can guess which letters are included. If he or she lands a hit, enter the letter in all positions in the word. If the letter is not included, a gallows is painted: First a hill (a line), then a vertical line for the first bar, then a horizontal line for the crossbar at the top. If you want, you can add more bars. Then comes the rope with a stick figure dangling from it. If the last line is made and the word has not yet been guessed, the game master wins.

When I think of rubbish heaps, I immediately have memories of the breakfast breaks in school! In addition to the nostalgia factor, the game also has another plus point: It can be used in occupational therapy because it trains fine motor skills! Not bad, right? And this is how it works: Write the numbers from 1 to 20 on a piece of paper - just distribute them all over the sheet. Now it's your turn in turns and you have to draw lines from 1 to 2, then from 2 to 3, then from 3 to 4 and so on. Every time you come to a new number, you draw a circle around it (the dung heap). But be careful: you are not allowed to cross existing lines, otherwise you will get a penalty point. The person with the fewest penalty points wins.

You should be at least four players at Mondaysmaler, because you work in teams. Each group now thinks up terms that the opposing group must draw and guess, and write them down on individual pieces of paper. There is then no guess at a predetermined time. The team that guesses more terms wins.

8th & 9th Tic Tac Toe and four wins

Fun fact: Google times “Tic tac toe”! Then you can play against Google. Hihi. Otherwise you can of course play the classic with pen and paper - via video telephony (someone writes) or IRL. If the 3x3 grid is too easy for you, you can too Four wins play.