How did Eru Iluvatar come about


Eru (Quenya: "the one" or "he who is only"), too Ilúvatar ("Allfather") called, is in the Legendarium the creator of the Ainur, Elves and humans. He also gives being to the universe.


Eru Ilúvatar is the eternal Creator God. He created the Ainur and the Timeless Halls as their abode. There he taught her to sing and guided her to the music of the Ainur. This resulted in the creation of Eas.

The elves and humans were his second creation; they are the children of Iluvatar.

He took the dwarfs, the creation of Aule, as his own and “adopted” them as his children - so he gave them life and free will.

The Valar were often called "gods" by people. Eru Ilúvatar alone is rightly entitled to this designation.

The hope of the people

In his text Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth, Tolkien tells a theological discussion between Finrod and the wise woman Andreth. In this, Andreth speaks of people's hope that Ilúvatar will one day enter his creation and heal people from the "blemish" of mortality, in the eyes of people a product of the pollution of creation by Morgoth, a hope that Finrod towards the end seems to confirm the conversation through a brief vision. This prophecy is also interpreted as a reference to Tolkien's Catholic faith and God's birth as Jesus Christ.


  • In Númenor, the sanctuary of Erus was on the summit of the Meneltarma, where ceremonies were held in Ilúvatar's honor.
  • The inextinguishable flame with which it is possible to bring living things into the world is with Ilúvatar.
  • An American rock band adopted the name "Ilúvatar".
  • The name Ilúvatar derives from the nickname "Allfather" of the Norse head of the gods Odin.


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