What is the abomination of desolation



1 Torah section VAYERA (Genesis) 18: 1-22: 24 THE ABOMINATION OF DESTRUCTION SHIKUTZ MESHOMEM And his forces will stand there and they will desecrate the sanctuary, the mountain fortress and will abolish the regular sacrifice and set up the devastating abomination. Daniel 11:31 Shabbat shalom my dear brothers and sisters! No other topic can spark the imagination more than the study of the end times and especially everything related to the Antichrist. But what is the abomination of desolation? In Hebrew it is the word SHIKUTZ MESHOMEM Shikutz is the word for any idol or idolatry or for paganism. Since Daniel we have known that the shikutz is in the Holy Temple and that is what Yeshua tells us, so we know that shikutz or abomination means IDOLATORY IN THE TEMPLE of YAH S (God). Meshomem means that it causes a desert (from the word shmama) or that it causes havoc, devastation or destruction. In rabbinical literature we find that the word Shomem is given to Baal, who is also Jupiter, Zeus, Tammuz or the sun god. It is called baal shamem and is a perversion of baal shamayim, which means lord of heaven. Jupiter or Zeus was called the Lord of Heaven in order to diminish YHVH's power and not to mention His real name (names have power) it was twisted to baal shamem or Lord of Desolation or Lord of the Desert or Lord of Destruction. According to both Daniel's description and Jeshua’s description, the abomination of desolation is some kind of idol or idolatry in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and that is why Jerusalem should be destroyed. These special prophecies of the shikutz meshomem are mentioned in the book of Daniel in the 9th, 11th and 12th chapters and in the Apocrypha in the first Book of Maccabees, chapter 1 and in the synoptic gospels and especially in Matthew chapter 24 and in Mark chapter 13, and also Luke mentions the devastation in chapter 21.

2 WHAT DO JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS BELIEVE? The rabbis agree that the name refers to the desecration of the Second Temple because of the erection of a statue of Zeus in the holy precincts by Antiochus IV Epiphanes. However, some rabbis see it as an allusion to Manasseh, who is reported to have set up a carved image in the house of God. Kichenfathers Church Father John Chrysostom understood that this was referring to the armies that surrounded Jerusalem and the struggles of factions within the city that preceded the destruction of the city by the Romans in 70 AD. (from Wikipedia) Different scholars agree that there are different views of what the Shikutz Meshomem is. Some believe that Daniel's prophecy in the 2nd century B.C. was fulfilled when the Greeks desecrated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. They put up a shikutz in the form of an image of Jupiter. This in turn caused the Levitical family of the Maccabees to challenge the mighty Greek empire to get the temple back at great risk and sacrifice and to consecrate it again to YHVH by removing all idolatry and desecration from it. From this event comes the Hanukkah festival, which is usually celebrated in December, a festival that Yeshua also celebrated, as mentioned in the Gospel of John in chapter 10. But what about Yeshua's words? When you now see the abomination of desolation, of which Daniel the prophet spoke, standing in a holy place (the reader may understand) then let those in Judea flee to the mountains. Matthew 24; 15-16 Surely prophecy should be for a future time after Yeshua's death, burial, and resurrection! And in fact it was born in 70 AD. fulfilled when Jerusalem was surrounded by the Roman armies and the Jewish people were in exile for 2000 years. Jerusalem was then razed to the ground by the Emperor Hadrian and its name was changed to Helia Capitolina and the worship of Jupiter was established. The Romans also changed the name of Israel to PALESTINE to commemorate Israel's evil enemies, the Philistines. With the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, the name ISRAEL was restored, and biblical prophecies were fulfilled. (See Ezekiel 36:37, Jeremiah 30:31, 32, Amos 9, and many more!) ISLAM THE SHIKUTZ MESHOMEM However, I believe that this prophecy is now being fulfilled through Islam since 632 AD. From the 7th century until the death of Muhammad, the Muslims sought to spread and conquer. Although Jerusalem is not mentioned by name once in the Koran, they interpreted some verses,

3 who speak of a distant sanctuary, that the place where Muhammad began his journey to heaven was Jerusalem, or more precisely the ancient site of the Holy Hebrew Temple. According to their interpretation, the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven on a nocturnal journey and sat on a mythological winged horse named Al Buraq. He tied the horse to the Kotel, the Western Wall. On this journey he met the angel Gabriel, who entrusted him with the Koran, the foundation of Islam. Islam means submission and in particular submission to a demonic idol called Ala. Interestingly, the name ala in Hebrew means a resolute curse that causes devastation and destruction. The Temple Mount on which the Jewish Holy Temple stood until it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD is also Mount Moriah, where Abraham sacrificed Isaac (Genesis 22), the son of the promise. Isaac is a type and foreshadowed on the Son of God who paid for the sins of all of us through his sacrifice at the Roman Executionary Cross on Golgotha. According to Muslim tradition, it was not Isaac who was sacrificed on Mount Moriah, but Ishmael, the son of Abraham with Sarah's Egyptian maid Hagar. Islam completely rejects the fact that Israel is the chosen people with a promised land. They believe that they are the Chosen People and they have usurped the ownership of the land that Yah said is My Land and that calls Jerusalem My Abode. Praise be to YHVH from Zion who dwells in Jerusalem. Psalm 135: 21 How does Islam through the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount fit into the image of the atrocity that causes desolation or SHIKUTZ MESHOMEM? It's very simple: these Muslim shrines on Holy Mount Zion or on the Temple Mount are simply idolatry. They raise the name of the alien god called Ala, who is not the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Hence those sanctuaries on the most holy place in the world, the Temple Mount or Zion, are a SHIKUTZ or an idol. King Solomon built the First Temple here and Ezra built the Second Temple after his exile in Babylon. King Herod built and expanded the Second Temple, the only remnant of which is a retaining wall called the KOTEL or Western Wall (Wailing Wall), the most sacred place of worship for the Jewish people who long for the temple to be rebuilt. From the Temple Mount, too, Yeshua, the Messiah, will reign over the nations with an iron rod and He will sit on His Holy Throne, the Third Temple, which is yet to be built. He who is enthroned in heaven laughs, YHVH scoffs at them. Then He speaks to you in His anger, in His anger glow YHVH frightens you: I have consecrated my King on Zion, my holy mountain. Psalm 2: 4-6

4 Islam is a murderous religion. It is a conquest religion that will stop at nothing until the whole world is Muslim or until YHVH destroys it utterly. The demon Ala who rules Islam knows very well that they will rule as long as they have the Temple Mount. It is a proven fact that any ethnic group who owns the Temple Mount will become the empire of its time. That happened to Israel after King Solomon built the temple, then Babylon when it destroyed and took possession of it, then the Greeks and the Romans and now Islam. Have you ever asked yourself why the power of the Muslim population is growing so fast? Because Israel gave autonomy to the Waqf, the Muslim authorities, under Jordanian control after the miracle of the Six Day War of 1967. This terrible tactical mistake by the Israeli government has brought us untold suffering as the CENTER of the conflict is the Temple Mount and the Holy City of Jerusalem. And it will happen on that day, when I make Jerusalem a stone for all peoples: all who want to lift it up will be sore. Zechariah 12: 3 THE STATUS QUO ABOVE THE TEMPLE MOUNTAIN And he (Manasseh) built pagan altars in the house of the Lord, of which YHVH said, I will lay My Name in Jerusalem. 2 Kings 21: 4 The famous status quo above the Temple Mount is that only molems are allowed to pray there, but no Jew or Christian is allowed to pray or even carry a Bible with them when visiting the Temple Mount. As long as this status quo is maintained there, there will be bloodshed because it gives the spiritual power to rule Islam and SHIKUTZ or the idol of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. They rule through PRAYER to the demon Ala by raising his name over loudspeakers 5 times a day. In addition, their imams or spiritual leaders incite the Muslim masses every Friday to defend Al Aqsa from the Zionists and murder the Jews. This status quo of prayers to demon idols and incitement has been allowed by the Israeli government since 1967 because they thought it would appease the Arabs. But instead of appeasing them, it has strengthened and encouraged them. It has caused havoc and destruction. Indeed, the abomination that is causing the devastation in the present time is Islam as manifested by the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Islam is wreaking havoc and even green land becomes a desert wherever it goes. Just notice what is happening in all the Muslim countries and now with ISIS. It is Islam at its best or at its worst! Destruction, murder, rape, cruelty and destruction happen wherever Islam goes. Note the fact that 99% of all terrorist attacks worldwide are by Muslims! I praise China and Angola, all of which recently banned Islam in their countries! That is wisdom from above!

5 Immediately after PM Netanyahu promised the UN and Germany that Israel would commit to maintaining the status quo, a terrible storm struck Israel. My daughter called me from the Tel Aviv area and said it was the most terrible storm she has ever seen. As I write these lines, the telephone network also collapsed. The storm has now reached Eilat and driving is risky. The sky is BLACK. Is this a coincidence or is it judgment of YHVH because we want to keep a status quo that He doesn't want us to keep? And could it be that maintaining the status quo will lead to the UN taking over and finally the Anti Messiah (Antichrist) to sit on the Temple Mount as the extreme abomination of desolation? One thing I can tell you, YHVH is NOT HAPPY with the status quo. He is not happy that Israel is appeasing Islam and all the nations of the world by allowing a demon idol named Curse (Ala) to be raised above all other names in Israel. We must cry out for the spirit of grace and supplication to fall on Israel! Real awakening is URGENT in Israel! Please pray for it with everything you have! Yes, I have recognized that YHVH is great our Lord is greater than all gods. Whatever pleases YHVH He does in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and in the depths. The wafts of mist rise from the end of the earth. That turns lightning into rain, that carries the wind out of its storerooms. Psalm 135: 5-7 Most likely, the abomination of the devastation caused by the Muslim shrines on the Temple Mount will be dismissed as insignificant by the politicians of the nations by promising more status quo until the next time the Arabs decide to accept that status quo break and bring more devastation and destruction upon Israel. As long as Israel maintains the shameful status quo, it will go on and on. This will continue until a generation like Joshua and Caleb, full of faith in YHVH, rise up and with His power overthrow the Shikutz Meshomem of Islam from the Temple Mount. For sure, when Yeshua returns, he will not rule and rule from the mosque! So direct your eyes and your PRAYERS to the Temple Mount and agree with the God of Israel that this is His abode forever and that the Antichrist Islam who sits there on the throne must be overthrown from His throne! Please keep praying for the liberation of Israel from Islam and terror and of course also from unbelief and sin! And you will realize that I, YHVH, am your God who dwells on Zion, my holy mountain. And Jerusalem will be holy forever. Joel 4:17 Your mentors and friends in Israel Bishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman For Zion's sake, I will not be silent. Isaiah 62: 1