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Avicii: Was it suicide?

Since the musician ('Levels') was found dead in Oman on April 20, the world has been puzzling as to what could have caused him to die so young. Did Avicii († 28) actually commit suicide? Theories abound as the star had struggled with alcohol problems and mental health challenges throughout his career. On Thursday [26. April] his bereaved relatives have now published a statement that reads with concern. In it, the family of the star DJ, whose real name was Tim Bergling, writes:

"Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile, artistic soul who sought answers to existential questions. An over-ambitious perfectionist who traveled and worked hard at a pace that led to extreme stress. When he stopped touring, he wanted Finding balance in his life to be happy and to do what he loved most - music. He struggled with thoughts about meaning, life, happiness. He couldn't go on any longer. He wanted to find peace. "

The last two sentences in particular feed doubts: Did Avicii take his own life?

Neither the family nor the police who conducted the investigation gave a clear answer to this question. The only thing that is clear is that one does not assume a homicide and therefore does not look for an alleged perpetrator. The Swedish TV broadcaster 'STV' quoted a statement from the authorities: "We have all the information. We know what happened, but we do not pass it on to the media at the family's request."

Whether Avicii has committed suicide or not, it is clear: His death shocks the music world and throws a more than gloomy light on the DJ scene. In the current Netflix documentary 'Avicii - True Stories', the artist himself reported on the enormous pressure to succeed he was under. After several operations in 2014, he decided not to give any more concerts from 2016. His management hardly wanted to accept this step - they ultimately lost millions in income. "Everyone knew I had panic attacks and that I had really tried. I didn't expect that people would press me to play more shows. They saw how sick it made me feel, but I found out a lot of resistance when I told them I didn't want to play anymore, "admitted a tired Avicii in the documentary.