What is Safe Fuel

Definitely JET.

When dealing with fuels, health and safety have top priority at JET.

All of our customers should always be aware that they are refueling their vehicles with hazardous substances. In order to prevent accidents and errors, we ask you to observe the following information for your own safety:

Before refueling:

  • When entering the JET station, you should drive at walking pace so as not to endanger pedestrians, cyclists, the technical equipment and yourself.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at all JET stations!
  • Position your vehicle at a sufficient distance from the fuel dispenser to ensure a safe area of ​​movement and easy handling.
  • Before starting the refueling process, you should briefly touch the body or the fuel pump to ensure that you are statically discharged.
  • Make sure you choose the correct fuel for your vehicle to prevent possible damage to your engine.
  • Do not start the engine if you refuel! Ask the gas station staff for help.

During refueling:

  • We have disposable gloves ready for you at all JET stations, which protect your skin from possible fuel residues on the nozzle or hose.
  • Children or adolescents should stay in the vehicle during refueling in order to avoid any risk.
  • You should never leave the nozzle unattended and have both hands free so that you can intervene quickly in the event of possible complications.

After refueling:

  • When pulling out the nozzle, avoid dripping by holding the nozzle upwards immediately.
  • Attach the nozzle correctly to technically complete the refueling process.
  • Make sure you put your gas cap on tightly before proceeding to checkout.
  • Always lock your car before proceeding to checkout.
  • Please make a note of the number of your petrol pump.
  • Please drive from the petrol station immediately after the payment process. The next customer will thank you.
  • When leaving the JET station, please drive at walking pace and pay special attention to pedestrians, cyclists and the flowing traffic.

Refueling sport boats on vehicle trailers:

Pleasure craft may be refueled if ...

  • the tanks are removable,
  • the tanks are removed from the boat and placed on the ground,
  • the stability of the tanks is guaranteed,
  • the tanks are sufficiently conductive and statically discharged,
  • the tanks are closed again immediately after the filling process,
  • Boats with permanently installed tanks must not be refueled at the petrol station if they do not have an approved earthing device!

We wish you a good drive!