Why can't hair follicles grow on scars

Hair transplant on scars

Remove scars after a hair transplant

In a FUT hair transplant, a small section of the hair-bearing skin is removed from the donor area, which is then broken down into individual hair grafts to be transplanted into the areas of thinning or balding. When FUT hair transplantation is performed by an experienced surgeon, most patients only leave fine, pale, linear FUT scars in the donor area caused by the technique. The FUT scars can usually be completely masked with about 2 - 3 cm long hair. If the FUT scars are larger and bothersome, it is advisable to remove scars after a hair transplant and carry out a hair transplant on the scars.

When is hair transplant on scars possible?

Whether a hair transplant on scars will be successful depends on several factors. Sometimes scars are very thick. This affects the hair's ability to grow in the scar. However, there are a number of techniques available to improve a thick scar and prepare it to accept new hair follicles. On the other hand, scars can be too thin to successfully transplant hair into this area. The medical term for such thinning is "atrophy." Some scars are too atrophic to reveal new hair follicles. In these cases, too, methods are available to improve the growth and absorption of transplanted hair in thin scars.

The blood supply to the scars

Last but not least, the blood supply to the scars plays an important role. Sometimes the scarring process in the scar can reduce the blood supply to that area, thereby reducing the chances of successful hair follicle absorption. Certain techniques, such as the preoperative and postoperative use of certain medications to improve blood flow to a scar area, can be beneficial and increase the chance of a successful hair transplant on scars.

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