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The best quotes from the group stage

48 of the 64 games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil have now been played. Before continuing on Saturday, you can go to FIFA.com Take a deep breath and enjoy the best quotes from the group stage at a glance.

Group A
"I don't think the World Cup has even started for Neymar"
*Willian (midfielder, Brazil) after the game Brazil against Cameroon (4-1) *

"At that moment, both of them became frustrated with the course of the game. The boys are not bad guys. On the contrary, they are even friends who are constantly together and have fun together."
*Stephane Mbia (defender, Cameroon) on the dispute between Benjamin Moukandjo and Benoit Assou Ekoto after the game Cameroon against Croatia (0: 4) *

"We're too good to go home now."
*Sammir (midfielder, Croatia) before the game against Mexico *

"Of course I know the scene, I've watched it a lot! I know that this parade is considered the best parade in history. It's a huge honor to be said that my parade was similar today. I feel really flattered me. "
*Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico goalkeeper after comparing one of his saves to Gordon Banks' legendary rescue act *

Group B
"It was a crazy game. We could have poured them five ... Oh, we did. But it could have been six, seven or eight!"
*Robin van Persie after the game Netherlands against Spain (5-1) *

"Every era comes to an end, but this defeat hurts a lot. We didn't manage to maintain our attitude and our convictions. We had a good win rate. And then we let ourselves be taken apart ..."
Xabi Alonso, midfielder, Spain

"You saw that we can take on any opponent. In my opinion, we currently have the best Chilean national team of all time."
Arturo Vidal, midfielder, Chile

"We faced three of the best teams in the world. They said we wouldn't even score a goal. Our goal was to act in such a way that our opponents fear us before kick-off in four years, not when they experience us on the pitch. "
Ange Postecoglou (Trainer, Australia)

Group C
"The team is by their side. And bearing in mind their decision, I believe that Yaya and Kolo want to tell us that they are also by our side."
*Sabri Lamouchi on Yaya and Kolo Touré's decision to stay with the Ivorian national team despite the death of their younger brother *

"It was all about keeping a clear head, staying focused and trying to get the ball into the goal. I've done this thousands of times in training and in a few games. If you look at it that way, it actually comes down to the same thing. whether one person sees you on the club premises or thousands in the stadium. "
*Georgios Samaras on his penalty to win against Ivory Coast *

"It is an honor for me to be here. With this record I will become a figurehead of Colombian football and go down in the history of Colombian football."
*Faryd Mondragon (goalkeeper, Colombia) and now oldest player in a FIFA World Cup (43 years and 3 days) *

"I believe that Japanese football culture, the technique and the idiosyncrasies of the players can prevail all over the world, but that they lack physical assertiveness."
Alberto Zaccheroni (coach, Japan)

Group D
"If we win against Costa Rica, I want everyone to see a kiss on the cheek from the Queen of England."
Mario Balotelli, Italy forward

"I would give anything to win this game. I mean that very seriously. We have to win or die on the pitch. This is the World Cup!"
Daniel Sturridge, England forward

"They beat us back then and then advanced to the semi-finals at the World Cup in South Africa while we had to watch from the sofa.
*Bryan Ruiz (captain, Costa Rica) a few hours before the 3-1 win against * Celeste

"I could have been bursting with pride when that goal was scored, which means so much. Uruguayan players never forget the passion they felt as children when they were fans. They made a childhood dream come true."
*Oscar Tabárez (coach, Uruguay) after the game Uruguay against Italy (1-0) *

Group E
"I always love myself. That may sound a bit arrogant, but I always love myself. I won't start criticizing myself now. There are things I might have done differently. But I like both of them, the Pat from 2010 and the Pat from 2014. "
Patrice Evra, France defender

"Even as a young coach I said to myself that I would quit in time. I am convinced that I made the right decision. I want to enjoy this tournament and then quit. Before that, I have big plans for Switzerland. My dream is it is about making history. And history is not made until the quarterfinals. "
Ottmar Hitzfeld (Trainer, Switzerland)

"As a child I used to sell milk in the market and when I had enough money I used it to buy football boots. My goal was to become a footballer. My dream was to play a World Cup. Now that dream has come true . "
Enner Valencia, striker, ecuador

"I just decided on my own to quit. I don't know what those responsible think about it, but I would like to work elsewhere. We had agreed to wait before the tournament and then see how far the will to continue working together on all sides exists. And for my part I had the feeling today that my work here is over. "
*Luis Fernando Suarez (coach, Honduras) after the third defeat of * Bicolor

Group F.
"Thank goodness the dwarf let the ghost out of the bottle at the last minute. It was a difficult, competitive game, but we knew that from the start."
*Sergio Romero, Argentina goalkeeper after Lionel Messi's goal against Iran (1-0) *

"We waited so long for this win. I'm very happy for our country, our fans and the team. But it was perhaps one of the hardest three points of my career."
*Peter Odemwingie (striker, Nigeria) after the game against Bosnia and Herzegovina (1-0) *

"Now we can return home with our heads held high. We wanted to make a good impression, but in the end we are not satisfied because we could have achieved more. I am certainly not arrogant when I say that, but if we are a little better against Nigeria played and had a little more luck, then we would have reached the round of 16. "
*Safet Susic (coach, Bosnia-Herzegovina) after beating Iran (3-1) *

"Messi can always make the decision. He tried one time or another until he finally succeeded."
*Carlos Queiroz (Iranian coach) after losing to Argentina (0-1) *

Group G
"It's the easiest game for me because I'm the winner either way. I just hope nobody gets hurt."
*Prince Boateng, father of the Boateng brothers, before the duel between Germany and Ghana *

"We have a lot of young players and we want to build a team for the future. I've been criticized, but I don't expect to be celebrated after a defeat either. After all, we have 25 million national coaches in Ghana. But it went well against the USA much better."
James Appiah (Coach, Ghana)

"I would like to be at 110 percent, but I'm 100 percent ready to help the national team."
*Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal forward *

"Welcome to the club, Klose! I can imagine how happy you are now! What a beautiful World Cup!"
*Ronaldo via Twitter to the address of Miroslav Klose, who set the Brazilian’s record of 15 World Cup goals *

Group H.
"Well, the Belgians are not all Ferraris either. There are also one or two Škodas. If we succeed in an extraordinary game, anything is possible in modern football."
Vahid Halilhodzic, Algeria coach

"I take responsibility for the result. I did my best. My goal at this World Cup was not to have to regret anything afterwards. I'll take my time now and then decide how things will continue."
Hong Myung-Bo, Korea Republic coach after the defeat against Belgium (0: 1)

"If Belgium wins the world championship, I'll cut my hair!"
Marouane Fellaini (midfielder, Belgium)

"I have never seen a World Cup at such a level in my entire career. The quality of the games is just unbelievable, the games are extremely intense. This is really a great tournament."
*Fabio Capello (coach, Russia) *