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16.12.2020 -ENDED- Irene Golling won via Instagram. *** COMPETITION *** Attention! This year Christmas will come earlier! ... Our last competition for this year & you can win that: It's inside: 1x Magnesium Pure (value 24.43) 1x B-Complex (value 24.43) 1x Omega 3 Pure ( Value 19.58) 1x KräuterPur (value 39.15) 1x SanTee recipe booklet (value 9.71) 1x SanKeks recipe booklet (value 9.71) 1x SanTee (value 14.62) 3x information brochures 1x brochure Power Protein Strategy 1x glass drinking bottle with Bamboo lid (of course free of BPA & plastic) with a total value of over 150! It's so easy to participate: 1. Follow us @ 2. Like this post 3. Comment on something for which you are grateful! To take part in the raffle, you must be at least 18 years old, live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland & agree that your username will be shared in the story if you win. The competition starts on December 19, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. and ends on December 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. The names of the winners will be written in the comments under the competition post at the end of the competition for notification and mentioned in the story. The judges' decision is final. The promotion has no connection to Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram. Laneva is the organizer of this competition. We wish you good luck! # Losing weight without renouncing # healthistalles # healthy food # health tips # nutrition tips # nutritionist # wellbeing strengths #healthy living # staying healthy # nutrients # promoting health # prevention #natural medicine #natural remedies # naturopaths # self-healing # diet change # contestant # raffle #giveaway # win at sea more

13.12.2020 This is how stress ruins our mineral hormone balance! Stress is felt more and more and that is why it is so important to know the exact consequences of stress and to be able to react accordingly. Stress and the connection to magnesium: ... As soon as we feel stress, calcium flows into our cells (where it doesn't belong!); for this magnesium has to give way, is thrown out of our cells and we simply excrete this valuable mineral with the urine. Because we have less magnesium, we are stressed even more easily, with the result that a vicious circle develops: Because we are even more stressed, we lose even more magnesium and are therefore even more stressed ... You also need to know: When we are stressed, a deficiency of progesterone is created in addition to magnesium. The reason: Our body produces large amounts of cortisol (the "stress hormone") when it is felt to be stress, which is used up in stressful situations. The result: We get a progesterone deficiency because the amount of cortisol is no longer available in sufficient quantities for the formation of progesterone. If, in addition to this whole dilemma, there is also a progesterone deficiency, the magnesium blood level often does not rise - despite the high intake dose, as magnesium is consumed faster & in larger quantities than is supplied. Conclusion: We cannot treat a magnesium deficiency without eliminating the progesterone deficiency at the same time. Tip: test magnesium in whole blood (optimal: 36-38 ng / ml) & determine progesterone / estrogen with a saliva test (eg via Verisana estrogen dominance "or" meno-pause ") Attention: progesterone should only be administered orally or vaginally as a bioidentical hormone (must be prescribed by the doctor, e.g. brand names: Utrogest, Progestan, Utrogestan, Famenita) Comment with an emoji if you want to know more about stress. See more

05.12.2020 3 tips for better stress management with nutrients! Dealing with stress properly is not only good for your head but also for your health! Stress ruins our immune system and inevitably shortens our life expectancy. Especially when we are stressed, there is a lack of nutrients that are precisely responsible for calmness and stress resistance ... The No. 1 anti-stress agent is magnesium! This is expelled from our body, and this loss makes us even more susceptible to stress. A vicious circle arises. Tip for you: if you feel stressed & restless, increase your magnesium amount and compensate for the loss. 2nd tip: 5-HTP and tryptophan The two build up your serotonin level, which goes down when you are stressed. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is largely responsible for our mood. Caution: Do not take both things if you are already taking an antidepressant, because 5-HTP & Tryptophan naturally build up a good serotonin level, while an antidepressant has a different effect: It prevents the breakdown of the (remaining, existing) serotonin (but it does not build an optimal one Serotonin levels up). Therefore, an antidepressant is only recommended for short-term treatment in the event of a risk of suicide. In the long term, however, according to studies, it even increases the suicide rate. 3rd tip: GABA is also one of the neurotransmitters and influences, among other things, our emotional stability and thus helps anxiety, irritability, insomnia and co. to treat. As a Laneva customer, you can find instructions on how to take it etc. in our knowledge database. Tip: ionic magnesium is available in our shop. Have a look at us @ QUESTION TO YOU: What do you do to reduce your stress level? Feel free to write us your tips in the comments! See more

30.11.2020 Congratulations Sabine Rogge-Westphal You have won our package! Have fun with it

15.11.2020 Now the question is: what do you wish for in 2021? The new year is just around the corner and that means new opportunities, new hopes, new goals. For many, including you, this year was more than turbulent. ... short-time work, child care, job loss, burnout, stress, to name just a few points. Here are a few examples: Perhaps you have found it particularly difficult to pay attention to your diet this year & you now want to start all over again and focus on your health. Perhaps you had to work a lot from home this year & at the same time care Housekeeping & childcare take care of yourselves and you hope for more relief & less stress from the new year Or maybe you have even lost your job and hope to be able to get started again next year. What do you specifically wish for 2021? What topics / products / information would you like from us? Because we can definitely help you. Write it in the comments # weight loss without waiver #gesundheitistalles # healthy food # health tips # nutrition plan # nutrition tips # nutritionist # nutritional medicine # strengths of well-being # healthy life # stay healthy # year in review # family business # health promotion # change of prevention # reflection # natural medicine # change of year # Heilpraktiker # self-healing # diet change See more

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