What happens without sex

That makes abstinence with your body (... and your head)

Not wanting to have sex can be for thousands of different reasons. For some it just happened, others are afraid of injuries, others know physical reasons. The body gets used to abstinence and releases fewer sex hormones, which in turn leads to a decrease in libido. The good thing: the good old lust increases immediately when it starts again - thank you, mother nature! That is why we should not overestimate periods of lull. But what happens in our bodies then is pretty amazing.


Like a junkie in rehab:While we are having sex, the brain releases endorphins and oxytocin, which help make us feel more relaxed, less anxious, and stressed out. That's why you usually feel miserable at the beginning of a drought, and many even report nervousness and nervous flutter. Don't worry, it will go away - it's just hormone withdrawal!


Bad News ...

The classic: People who have sex (often) are less likely to get sick and have better immune systems. Read a hundred times, never found out why. There are two hypotheses on the subject of "Fit through mattress sport". The first is based on the assumption that the exchange of foreign body fluids trains the body's own defense system. The second is that the hormones mentioned above form a defense against stress that helps you stay healthy. But don't panic, nuns and monks get very, very old too.

Horny by doing without? Yes, it's true: Those who haven't had an orgasm for a long time can look forward to being sexually active again: Many people experience this time very intensely again! It will take some time before it comes to that, however: If your body notices that a prolonged sex lull is looming, the production of sex hormones is also reduced. Even the night dreams of this kind cease over time.



Good news!

But there is also good news: The risk of a cystitis decreases. The chance of catching “human papilloma viruses”, or HPV for short, is also disappearing. HPV, against which even condoms are powerless, are the most common sexually transmitted viruses in the world and can cause infertility and cervical cancer. In addition: A period of abstinence often leads to a better perception of the self, our desires and needs. You don't run after a carrot like a donkey and find self-affirmation outside of sexuality.

PS: No, you won't get any tighter again. That's a really stupid myth. You just don't get wet as easily in the beginning as in more pleasurable times. Just tell him that.