Which country has the fastest land vehicle?

Bloodhound pilot Andy Green on a record huntThis man wants to go 1690 km / h fast!

The fastest man in the world has to be patient. Brit Andy Green (57) has been waiting to break his own world speed record for land vehicles since 2007. At that time, the "Project Bloodhound" started with the aim of breaking Greens' record of 1228 km / h, which was set 22 years ago, and driving for the first time at 1050 mph (1690 km / h).

The UK project is also a large educational program. Tens of thousands of students have already visited the Bloodhound team. Many then want to become engineers. After several financial setbacks and delays, Green and his team are now traveling to South Africa to complete tests at up to 800 km / h in the desert. The Royal Air Force fighter pilot (radio call name "Dead Dog") has to be patient for the new record. At least until 2021.

BILD conducted an interview with record driver Green.

AUTO BILD: You are 57 years old. Many men are slowly retiring - they want to drive 1690 km / h in two years. With all due respect, sir, are you completely insane?

Andy Green: “You know, driving a car like the Bloodhound LSR is 90 percent mentally challenging. But being physically fit is a prerequisite. The journeys are not only really fast, the cockpit is also very tight, extremely loud and incredibly hot. "

Otherwise maybe something else?

Green: “Well, during the world record attempt, the airbrakes are extended, and then 6g forces act on my body. Many others pass out quickly. But I've been used to the physical strains of acceleration and deceleration as a fighter pilot for many years. And I'm still doing my fitness exercises. "

Two years ago you drove 336 km / h in tests at an airfield in England. What will be different in the desert of South Africa?

Green: "Apart from that, you mean that we now get to a speed of 800 and then later go at supersonic speed?"

How has the Bloodhound changed technically since then?

Green: “The basic concept has remained. But for a variety of reasons, we swapped the positions of the jet engine and the rocket, which is switched on when attempting a record at 450 km / h. The missile is now under the Rolls-Royce engine. In addition, the car will be given a high-speed fairing with 192 sensors to collect data. A larger tank allows longer test drives. And the car is now on the desert wheels. "

Technical data: Bloodhound LSR

● Drive Rolls-Royce Eurojet EJ200 (thrust 90 kN); Rocket (122 kN) ●power 135,000 hp ●Fuel pump Jaguar V8 engine (650 hp) ●speed 440 m / s ● L / W / H 12 900/2500/3000 mm ●Empty weight 6422 kg ● 0–1690 km / h 42.5 s ●top 1690 km / h ●costs more than 60 million euros

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And that's where German know-how comes into play.

Green: “The forged aluminum wheels from Otto Fuchs have to withstand the incredible load of 50,000 times the force of gravity when attempting to set the record. At 1690 km / h they turn 10 200 times a minute. The soft desert sand replaces the tires. "

Can you calculate the record run on the computer?

Green:“No wind tunnel in the world can simulate this trip. The interplay between car, shock wave and desert is, well, tricky. "

Just a few weeks ago, the American record driver Jessica Combs had a fatal accident while driving high-speed in a US desert. Does death always go with you?

Green: “Our whole team was extremely upset when they heard about the accident. But Bloodhound is a completely different car, with a different team and a completely different approach to breaking records. You can't compare that. "

When we first met nine years ago, you said that the 1050 mph mark would be the end of the record hunt, because more is just not possible ...

Green: "Moment! You are confusing something. I said that it is very unlikely that this record - if we hit it - will be broken again. After all, the 1228 km / h that I drove with the Thrust SSC are still there. "

Do you see someone younger who could actually be dangerous to you?

Green:“I hope there will be. For me, the speed record for land vehicles is the most exciting form of motorsport. The hunt for it should continue. "