What's your favorite comic book hero

Favorite DC Hero (Poll)

  • Which is your favorite superhero?
  • It's hard, Batman isn't bad for me, but Nightwing and Kyle Rainer are also awesome. Old Roy Harper Jr. and a few others come into question here as well. So rather others, because Batman is not the only one.
  • Possibly you could increase the selection to 3. At least I don't have ONE favorite hero.
  • So I would also welcome a Top3. Favorite heroes are very dependent on their daily shape

    especially since the selection is also very poor.

    Why is there Hal Jordan as a selection but nothing in Flash?
    I have never followed a rule.
    That is my rule.
    Do you follow?
    I dont.

  • Of the choices here: Wonder Woman.
    Imo there are a lot more interesting characters in the second and third row ...
    (Edit: I didn't want to take others, I always find little meaningful)
    "Look at what they've done ... They've murdered so many of us, the world has grown used to it. No more."
  • Then I'll be for others. I miss Nightwing or Red Hood or even Red Robin. But also Batwoman or Batgirl. Just like the guys from the second or third row, as Heatwave noted.
  • I chose Flash, Johns' Flash Rebirth was my first DC comic, and right now I enjoy both Barry and Wally the most in Rebirth. And the TV series also played its part.
  • It's pretty simple for me too.
    Batman has the greatest "classics" and therefore the best individual comics to offer (TDKR, Ra's Al Ghul, Killing Joke, Year One), but since BsV, Williams, Ehapa, I have been reading and collecting everything from GL (as well as GA , Adam Strange and Swamp Thing).
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  • Cannot vote at the moment. This doesn't work on my cell phone although I can press the button. I would have chosen Batman, even if I don't read anything at the moment, Batman and the city of Gotham with all its troubled inhabitants is simply uniquely good. And the time will come that I'll be interested in a story arc and read Batman again.

    But there is not enough choice when I think of Rebirth. There are a few more that I like and would call favorites.

    At the top, to my surprise, it says:
    Clark; Lois and Jon. Thanks to Dan Jurgens for the great implementation.

    I love Raven too. Just don't know much about her and wait for Rebirth Teen Titans. Is another Panini wobbly candidate.

    Meanwhile June Moone / Enchantress is one of them. I noticed it at Flashpoint. But only now, through SSQ issue 3, do I find your tragic story very exciting.

    I also like Jessica Cruz from the JL series. It's fun to read how sympathetically she grows into her role as a heroine.

    There could be more but I haven't yet been able to read all of the desired series.
  • General Batman, he just has a special position because he's the only hero I've always liked, the others I only discover for myself. At least I can vote for him here after there was no more room for the bat man in the favorite rebirth series
  • Oh, that's interesting. For me, Superman was always the boring DC hero, too smooth, too strong, too conservative.
    Since the Ehapa days I haven't read much from him, except for the dinosaur books.
    I'm looking forward to more votes and posts ...
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