Is Mr Bean dead or alive

Snowpiercer: The Riddle of Mr. Wilford - is he dead or alive?

The science fiction series Snowpiercer differs drastically from the film of the same name and the underlying comic book Snow Cruiser. One of the biggest differences to the film is the absence of the ominous train driver Mr. Wilford, who occupies a godlike position among the train passengers in the series.

Like an invisible ghost, Mr. Wilford watches over the events in the Snowpiercer, whose 1001 wagons are controlled unnoticed by hospitality manager Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly). The question arises whether Mr. Wilford ever existed Has. And if so, what happened to him?

The Snowpiercer comics for the first time in a box

Snowpiercer on Netflix: does Mr. Wilford even exist?

Even the first episode of Snowpiercer surprised me the big twistthat Melanie Cavill actually controls the Snowpiercer and not, as assumed, the popular Mr. Wilford. However, this directly raises new questions. Did Mr. Wilford even exist? This question is resolved in the 3rd episode, when Roche (Mike O'Malley) reports to train detective Layton (Daveed Diggs), Mr. Wilford does encountered a couple of times to be.

Here's the trailer for Snowpiercer Season 1 on Netflix:

Snowpiercer - S01 Trailer (German subtitles) HD

The mystery continues. If Mr. Wilford does exist, where is he? At least we learn that all of them Addresses by Wilford were edited by Melanie in painstaking detail. Anyone who thinks Mr. Wilford might even find himself in one of the 400 drawers are in Snowpiercer, episode 8 gives him a definitive answer. Warning, spoilers:

Snowpiercer Mystery Solved: This Really Happened to Mr. Wilford

In the episode His Revolutions, the mystery of Mr. Wilford is cleared up. When it comes out that Melanie controls the Snowpiercer, she confesses to her subordinate Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright) the cruel truth.

Melanie is the visionary engineer at the Zuges. Mr. Wilford, however, did not believe in the sustainable future project and just wanted to make a quick profit. Melanie realized his real intentions and left him at the edge of the trackbefore the Snowpiercer's unstoppable machine rolled in.

Snowpiercer: Melanie Cavill

Now we know that Mr. Wilford has never been on the train for the past 7 years and in the freezing cold left to die has been. The whole social fabric and the supply chain of the train is solely due to Melanie. Unfortunately, belief in Wilford is greater than a person and now a religion whose fanatical followers want to execute Melanie for betraying her.

As for Mr. Wilford. The last word might not have been spoken here. After all, an as yet unknown main character was cast for the upcoming 2nd season with Sean Bean. Maybe has Mr. Wilford survived and somehow find a way back aboard the Snowpiercer. 2 episodes are still pending in season 1 on Netflix, in which we may still get surprising answers.

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