Long term weather forecast is effective

The best weather apps for iPad

Strangely enough, some apps never make it onto the iPad. The original iPhone already had the weather app in its scope of delivery, but it is still not included on the iPad. The App Store dedicates itself to this category with its own section with tons of solutions from the free version to purchase apps and those in which additional services are added via in-app purchase or subscription.

The fact that there is no news program without it, no daily newspaper and no city portal shows that at least the weather forecast is still of some importance. For a large number of users, weather apps are one of the useful tools, a quick look shows whether an umbrella is still needed for the current day or whether black ice is to be feared. There is also information such as the weather at the destination of a business or holiday trip. For some, the forecast is more important: joggers and cyclists prefer it dry, sailors need wind, the farmer needs to know the best time to harvest.

Three day weather and data sources

Most weather apps offer not only the current state of affairs with temperature, humidity, air pressure and more, but also a forecast, often for at least a week. Meteorologists point out again and again that a three-day forecast is halfway precise, everything beyond that shows at most a tendency. So if you look on Monday to see if you need an umbrella for a pub crawl on Saturday, you shouldn't rely on the forecast, the forecast weather almost never happens.

At least the long-term forecasts should therefore be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. A further complicating factor is the fact that most weather apps keep silent about where the displayed weather data comes from.

For example, up to iOS 7, Apple obtained data from Yahoo in the iPhone's weather app, and switched to data from The Weather Channel, a US company, with iOS 8. With iOS 9, Apple also stays with The Weather Channel. That hardly makes a big difference to the forecast of the app, since Yahoo uses The Weather Channel. The largest company for weather forecasting with branches in Europe is Meteogroup, it also operates the website Wetter.de.

Basics or more

Depending on the interest in the current weather and the forecast, the decision for an app is made - minimalists don't even need that. IOS displays the current weather and a forecast without any app help on the iPad, iOS 8 uses data from The Weather for this Channel. If you want a little more, but don't want to be overwhelmed by information, you can use the Yahoo weather app. It's nice, clear and free, but with advertisements that cannot be redeemed by in-app purchase as with many others. If you are looking for a complete overview, plus texts on global weather, water temperatures for bathing beauties worldwide and more, you are spoiled for choice, we will present our favorites.

Integration in iOS

It is also exciting to look at the integration of the apps in iOS. Many solutions offer notifications, and if they are annoying, they can be turned off. Since iOS 8 there have also been widgets, so-called mini programs, which can display your data in the message center if you wish, without starting the associated app. Anyone who operates their own weather station records various measured values ​​at home. The weather app Weather Pro HD, for example, offers the integration of data from Netatmo weather stations, with more to come. Also cool: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have an integrated barometer sensor, the first weather apps show the currently measured air pressure.

Those who are interested in more than the current weather and rudimentary forecasts are spoiled for choice. There are free versions of many apps that you should test before updating.

  1. Weather from iOS 8
    Although the iPad does not come with an Apple weather app, it still offers up-to-date weather data and a rudimentary forecast. Find in Notification Center.
  2. Weather from iOS 8
    Siri reveals a forecast, not only at the current location, but also in other cities. The data comes from The Weather Channel, a link leads to the web portal of the service.
  3. Weather Live
    The Weather Live app is very nicely designed and provides a clear overview of the current weather situation and the weather forecast.
  4. Weather live
    The app offers various display forms (interfaces), and you can get to the predictions via swiping gestures. The associated widget is very nicely implemented, which, activated in the notification center, offers a complete overview and is the best of our tested apps.
  5. Weather +
    The free Weather + app is very nicely done, prepares the current weather well and also shows the forecast for the next few hours and the following four days. The clock is also nicely designed, evoking nostalgia, the minutes and hours “fold over”. What gets annoying relatively quickly is the displayed advertising. If you have enough of it and are ready to go to the Pro version via in-app purchase, you will get a nice app.
  6. Weather radar
    Weather Radar is not your typical weather forecast app. Instead, you get a continuously updated sequence of images from the satellite perspective, showing the weather currents with temperatures, air pressure and all important information for amateur meteorologists.
  7. Weather radar
    The basic version is free, for just under 17 euros per year, the information is available on the iPad at a shorter frequency, as well as more extensive information.
  8. Yahoo Weather
    The design of Yahoo Weather was sure to be the template for Apple's weather app for the iPhone. Simple and yet full of information about the current day and the next ten days. The wind speed, sunrise and sunset are graphically implemented very nicely. Cities can of course be created as favorites. The weather widget is also nicely done, only the advertising is annoying.
  9. Weather Pro HD
    The functionality of Weather Pro HD is enormous. In addition to the weather for any number of cities, including forecasts, there is all weather information including the "perceived temperature". In our test, the app is usually right when it comes to temperature and the like, thanks to Meteogroup as the data provider.
  10. Weather Pro HD
    The range of functions can be inflated with an in-app purchase for just under 6 euros / year: streaming films, bathing weather around the world, weather news and films. We also integrated the local data from our Netatmo - just great.

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