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The Nike company offers various school backpacks for sale. The models “Jordan Airborne”, the “Nike Children's Backpack” and the “Nike Classic” are particularly suitable as school backpacks for children. For teenagers or students the models "Nike Alpha Adapt Rev", the "Hurley Blockade Game", the "Nikecourt", the "Nike Legend", the "Nike SB", "the Hurley Wayfarer II", the "Nike Hayward" and the "Nike Sportswear Cheyenne" designed for versatile use in the context of school, university and leisure.

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Raw materials are not regularly checked for harmful substances

The company basically uses a specific nylon or polyester mixture for production.

The raw materials are not "bluesign-certified" and are therefore not subjected to continuous testing for harmful substances and plasticizers.

The products occasionally have a plastic-like and dominant odor, which evaporates after prolonged use.

The Nike school backpacks are covered with a water-repellent and abrasion-resistant coating, which protects the items inside from moisture and moisture. However, since the models are not waterproof, the outer membranes of the products cannot withstand heavy rain over the long term.

In addition, the processed material is extremely easy to care for. The Nike school backpacks are therefore not associated with a lot of maintenance.

Solid features of the Nike school backpack

The models have different capacities, dead weights, diameters and equipment features.

The Nike backpacks for school have a model-dependent volume of up to a maximum of 24 liters.

The individual models have a well thought-out storage space concept. In general, the articles feature a spacious, divisible and clearly arranged main compartment with a user-friendly zipper.

Many Nike school backpacks also have a padded laptop compartment such as the "Jordan Airborne" or the "Nike SB".

The functional storage space is basically expanded with inner compartments for specialized storage as well as various elastic front pockets and variable side compartments.

The Nike school backpacks are covered with a high-performance carrying loop, which enables an alternative carrying option.

The “Nike SB” also has two functional, flexible skateboard straps on the front, which ensure that the skateboard or jacket is securely fastened.

The Nike school backpacks therefore score with a great design of the storage space.

Comfortable carrying system

The models are basically equipped with an efficient ergonomic carrying system. The padded shoulder straps and the ergonomic construction favor a consistently good load distribution of all objects.

Individual versions, such as the "Hurley Wayfarer II", are made of breathable materials that ensure continuous ventilation of the application area and the back. In addition, the model is made of a lightweight fabric that guarantees energy-saving carrying.

The "Hurley Wayfarer II" is also equipped with a removable and flexible chest strap for fixation and fine adjustment. In addition, reflective elements are embedded in the Nike school backpack for improved visibility in difficult lighting conditions.

Neutral and stylishly designed

The Nike school backpacks are available in a muted and neutral look. The functional surface structure of the articles creates a functional and timeless appearance. In general, the products convey a stylish appearance.

Differences to comparable competing products

In relation to other school backpacks, Nike offers an attractive price-performance ratio.

However, the models are not subjected to regular pollutant testing. In addition, the Nike school backpacks are not made from any “bluesign-certified” raw materials, which guarantee maximum consumer safety.

The Nike school backpacks therefore convince primarily through their functional design in connection with a reasonable price.