How is the pharmacy field 1

Use of stickers

Background: In everyday pharmacy, the use of stickers in the pharmacy area of ​​the prescription sheet is necessary if this was accidentally printed incorrectly and a correction is therefore necessary (»correction sticker«) or the prescription sheet is crumpled up and can no longer be easily printed.


Additional Information


The relevant pharmacy area of ​​sample 16 (also called pharmacy field) includes the fields »Pharmacy number / IC«, »Co-payment and total gross« and »Ordinance lines 1 to 3 for printing the drug / aid no. with factor and estimate «(compare the comments below on the pharmacy field and the binding template).


Since the beginning of 2010, with the 15th amendment to the AMG, important additional information has to be communicated to the health insurers with regard to the supply of parenteral preparations.


When supplying patients with parenterals from "contract manufacturing companies", it is common and necessary practice for the pharmacy to use stickers with information from the manufacturer that has already been applied.


Machine readable


In the past, the correction stickers could impair the machine readability of the prescription sheets in the pharmacy data centers for qualitative reasons. This did not ensure the necessary machine readability. For some years, however, this requirement has been ensured by the correction stickers or labels sold by various suppliers.


The pharmaceutical billing agreement now defines two groups of cases in which the pharmacy can cover the pharmacy field on the front of the prescription sheet with a sticker label: On the one hand, it is about the necessary correction of a misprint in the pharmacy field. A binding model for the pharmacy field was provided as an annex in the agreement (see picture).