How was the music of the 80s made

Today's music that sounds like it was from the 80s!

Well, admittedly - it's no secret that everything that was once "in" comes back at some point. That goes for clothes, hairstyles, cars and even washing machines. But this article is about the music. Some songs and artists are just so good that they come back regularly and still entertain us just as well as they did 20 or 30 years ago.

And then there is music that we hear for the first time and that immediately reminds us of our youth in the 80s. "I know that, that's ..." - uh, no! This is not a song from a famous 80s hero, but a new song from a band we don't even know! The influences of the musical 80s cannot be ignored. That there is still something like that ...

Oh yes there is! Genres like Synth Pop and New Wave weren't just a phenomenon of this great decade, but still exist today, and anyone who takes the effort to listen to the new releases in this area will get a good deal of nostalgia on their ears. The following bands and artists catapult us straight back into the 80s. Are you already? Here we go!

# 1 "Metric"

Close your eyes and think of the 80s. N / A? Does the time machine work? The Canadian band "Metri" c has only been around since the 90s, but their music is clearly reminiscent of the 80s - as does the appearance of some of the band members. Or did you not think of "Blondie" Debbie Harry?

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# 2 "Chvrches"

Anyone who feels reminded of Enigma by these sounds is not entirely wrong. The Scottish synth-pop band relies on appropriate sounds and combines them with influences from the 90s: A successful mixture, not only musically, but also optically.

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# 3 "Daft Punk"

"Daft Punk" are probably one of the better known bands on this list. Synth sounds, robot-like sounds and catchy melodies are more reminiscent of the 80s than of today's times. The French duo know how to put themselves in the limelight, and even if commercial success does not always materialize, the two are one of the top exports from our neighboring country.

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# 4 "La Roux"

“La Roux” also sound extremely French, but actually come from England. Their music would be a perfect soundtrack for a classic arcade game. Or a corresponding film. And also optically - well, see for yourself:

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# 5 "The Chromatics"

Echoing voices, cool neon light and lots of keyboard: this is how you could describe the sound of "The Chromatics". The quartet from Oregon manages to recall the 80s without being too obvious: This is a bridge that not every band manages!

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# 6 "Kavinsky"

Kavinsky takes us straight back to this great decade with his 80s pop sounds and reminds us of Michael Jackson's “Thriller”, among other things. Otherwise, this project is rather mysterious - Kavinsky is more of a made-up character than a real person. Behind it is the DJ and musician Vincent Belorgey.


# 7 "Future Islands"

Even if the name sounds futuristic: “Future Islands” takes us back in time, at least as far as the techno-pop sounds we can hear here. Coupled with post-punk elements and, yes, disco beats, the band rightly gathered a large fan base and was allowed to perform for David Letterman.

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# 8 Robyn

Robyn is also known as the "Swedish Lisa Stansfield". It remains to be seen whether this will do justice to it. Their songs and melodies are catchy and have catchy tune potential. The artist can't deny the 80s vibe of her music - and she certainly doesn't want to.

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# 9 "Electric Youth"

"Electric Youth" are a Canadian synth-pop duo, we are not sure whether the 80s touch was used on purpose or rather "accidentally". In the end, it doesn't matter, because it works: The duo was involved in the soundtrack of the film "Drive", among other things.

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# 10 "M83"

"M83" come from France and are characterized by a rather unusual sound. This can roughly be compared to Jean-Michel Jarre, but not really. The best thing to do is listen to the duo for yourself and form your own judgment.

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# 11 "Lazerhawk"

Do you have an association with an 80s video game when you hear the name? That is what “Lazerhawk” was aiming for, because the electro-robot-pop that characterizes the project also fits into the gamer scene of the 80s. So if you want to embark on a musical journey into the decade flooded with neon lights, you should definitely give “Lazerhawk” a chance!

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Do you know any other bands whose music takes you back to the 80s? Let us know in the comments!