What happens to old infantry rifles

New MG5 machine gun: 4,400 units delivered to the troops

Hello everybody.

I've been following the blog for ages without doing anything other than absorbing information.

Today, however, I would like to ask a question which I think fits here.

Wouldn't it have been cheaper and more effective to modify the MG3?

I claim that the weapon has been tried and tested under all conditions and is also operational ..
Problems that can arise are known and could easily be adapted at low cost by changing the materials (or whatever) in the field of application.
The cost of developing new weapons is certainly higher.
Of course, the research and development of new weapons must advance. This requires field tests.
That the production lines are no longer available with us and the quality abroad ect is not suitable for the BW sponge about it.
We’re going to get rid of that again and again.

I'm a stupid old crewman. But I claim that the best weapon, light with a lot of ammunition, simple sights, is only worth a shit if the operators cannot handle it.

So wouldn't it be better to put a little more money into solid “manual” training and make money available for this?

Shooting is a matter of practice, especially for most of them, very few are "natural talents"

Well, I last saw a nice post on a US site about the fact that you should not put the money into weapons but into training and ammunition.

Because in the end the best weapon is useless if the operator is not used to it - or worse: mentally the stress of using it is not up to the task.

Nothing against the new weapon, nothing against the new in general.

But why for everyone? Why not let the insignificant mass continue to work with “standard”, because their findings on the weapons are rubbish anyway….
on the other hand, to give things to the professionals as they see fit.

Reinventing the wheel because of something more or less should hardly play a role in today's conflicts.

Or why do we have such problems against the cheap “old historical garbage weapons”?
I don't see a modern army or one that wants to be that can meet the demands and goals that we in Afghanistan, not even in the Balkans, or anywhere else in future scenarios.

A better "gun" means nothing as it looks now.

This discussion is unnecessary in my opinion.

I know that my comment is not qualified.
I hope, however, that I could bring something to consider in the discussion.

In this sense, a very respectful 3-fold happiness Ab! In the round.