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What is actually doing
a retainer?

The retainer (to retain) is a delicate wire that is attached behind the incisors of the upper and lower jaw after the orthodontic treatment in order to keep the teeth in their new straight position in order to preserve the beautiful smile.

After the fixed braces, removable, loose braces or splints are used, which must be worn at least at night to hold the teeth in their position until they have solidified. If the night braces are forgotten, which happens every now and then in adolescents, the teeth can shift again. The lower incisors in particular, with their delicate roots, often move very quickly. Then it's annoying that you didn't use the retainer.

The retainer has the advantage that it always works and cannot be removed. As a result, the teeth cannot shift and a functional and aesthetic result can be ensured. The retainer should remain in the mouth for at least the remaining growth period, i.e. approx. 3 years. Then it can be removed. However, if it is not bothersome and stable in the mouth, it can also keep the teeth in their beautiful straight position for longer.

It is important that you take good care of your teeth and that the retainer is cleaned regularly during a professional teeth cleaning. Tartar and plaque should be removed so that no tooth decay or inflammation of the gums can form. Unfortunately, in most cases the retainer is not paid for by the statutory health insurance and has to be paid for privately. However, the investment is very worthwhile.