How do I recognize my Guardian Angel?

10 signs that you are being guarded by a Guardian Angel

For centuries, guardian angels are said to have been designed to protect people from sources they do not know.

This concept is derived from ancient Judaism, the references of which can also be found in Christianity.

According to Aquinas, man is threatened by many dangers both internally and externally, and therefore guards are installed for people who have to pass an unsafe road, so that an angel is assigned to each person as long as he is a wanderer.

This is why these angels are our trailblazers and help us get back on track when we are lost in this world full of evil distractions. They have positive powers and can influence us enormously.

They are there to watch over us and to protect us from everything that comes close to us, to cause harm.

It's 2019, and while science has come really far, it doesn't have an answer to every question.

And certainly not everything can be a mere “coincidence”. Do you remember once feeling really lazy and choosing to stay home, and then later you heard about a hurricane?

I am sure if you think about it, you will find such a situation where you escaped that could have done you great harm.

It is your guardian angel who saves you. You are being watched by your Guardian Angel trying to protect you.

Although each of us has angels who are constantly watching us, there may be times when they will give us special attention to warn us of a major problem or to guide us in our tough days.

There are certain signs that you are in the lead and that you are being watched by your Guardian Angel. To know what it is, read on!

1. Rainbows

Rainbows without rain are a special symbol of blessing that was sent to you by your guardian angel.

It shows that you are not left alone to get through your hardships and that they are with you.

You are very spiritual and beautiful. At first you will be shocked and excited to see it, and if you ask people to see it with you, they probably won't believe it because not everyone sees a rainbow with no rain.

2. Temperature change

You will only feel what you really believe in. Have you ever just felt a sudden change in temperature around you while it is normal for everyone else around you?

As if the temperature in the room suddenly dropped and you started shaking or maybe sweating?

Yes. This means that your Guardian Angel is very close to you. Angels travel through air molecules, which is why the temperature changes during movement.

3. Find coins with heads

If you find coins that have heads on them, it means your Guardian Angel is there.

You can also expect good luck this week in money matters, promotions, or relationships.

Things will be in your favor this week if you make the right decisions and choices.

These are basically ways they show that they are blessing you.

4. Feel a presence

This often happens when you've lost someone who is really close to you and you're in a helpless situation.

When things get tough in life, they will be around you and you will feel it.

You will constantly feel someone walking with you and watching over every move you make.

This is an indication that they are trying to reach you or to protect you from any danger that lies ahead.

5. Weird-looking electronics

Angels have frequencies that can collide with those of electronics.

So you can start acting. Suddenly switching channels or suddenly turning off your device and restarting on its own can mean your Guardian Angel is trying to communicate.

6. Strangely shaped clouds

Since angels are mystical creatures, it is only understandable that they communicate through clouds as they are watching you from there.

When you see figures of flora, fauna, the controversial shapes of feathers or even the face, it's the way your Guardian Angels say they are always with you.

You can see hearts too. So now you know that it is not foolish to think that clouds have a shape.

7. Enhanced senses

Suddenly going down the stairs and you smell something nice while the person with you can't?

It felt like you were happy inside and like it would end if you take a step further?

Yes, for your Guardian Angel to say that they are happy for you and the decisions you have made.

8. Find feathers

Leaving feathers is one of the ways Guardian Angels make people feel of their presence.

If you find feathers in the most unusual places, chances are your Guardian Angel is around you and watching over you, especially if it's a white feather that you found.

9. Dreamlike, lively and different

Dreams are basically things that we think about in our conscious mind and that get stuck in your subconscious.

We see them and forget about it as soon as our eyes open the next morning. But not all dreams are created equal.

There are dreams that you see out of the blue, things that you have not mentioned or thought in your consciousness, and somehow you remember them very clearly over a long period of time.

You not only remember it in small pieces, but so much that you can explain it to someone else.

These dreams could mean something important, something important that your angel is trying to tell you. Think about it carefully and don't brush it off.

10. Hear your name

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like someone has been shouting your name out loud in public and you turn around to not find anyone?

This is your angel reaching out for you. Keep track of these incidents and how often they occur. That could mean something.