Is hacking helpful for the future?

You don't necessarily expect the hacking box in a seminar that deals with company formation and succession. How did you come up with the idea to use the box?

I heard about the Hacking Box some time ago when I offered a teaching module on the subject of “Smart City” and, among other things, worked with the Technology Foundation. It was then that I became aware of the box with which you can get your first coding experience. I met her again at the German Entrepreneurship Education Campus (DEEC) 2018, where Carolin Clausnitzer presented the box. Now I finally wanted to try it out myself in a class.

I see coding as a form of creative expression that helps to develop one's own problem-solving understanding, an integral part of life today. Learning new languages ​​is always helpful for personal development and an open, entrepreneurial mindset.

Since it is fundamentally important to me to keep a balance between theory and practice in my courses, I found this box interesting, as it encourages you to take things in hand and do it yourself. I want everyone to go exploring and not just work in mental buildings. This is exactly what the box promises. In addition, I wanted to offer something on the subject of digitization. The students - regardless of the area in which they work in business - will come into contact with the topic in one way or another in the future.

So for me it was not about high tech, but about a basic understanding of digitization. And about giving the students, who are given a lot of abstract material in the basic course and at the same time bring very different previous experiences to this course, very practical knowledge. The aim was to enable them to have other learning and team experiences, to work with a diverse group with very different prior knowledge in the field of coding in a short time to develop visible results. And what can I say: We achieved all of these goals - only much faster and easier than I had imagined beforehand.

I never would have thought that coding, of all things, would be so low-threshold, that so little theoretical knowledge was needed to start a project, and that it would be so fun.