What is embroidery


Before a textile can be embroidered, the graphic must be edited with an embroidery program and, if necessary, simplified. This file is forwarded to the embroidery machine, in which the textile is embroidered with the aid of a tenter frame.

The graphic that is to be embroidered arrives in our department ideally as a JPEG or PDF file. The processing takes place with the help of an embroidery program. This requires a lot of experience and, depending on the subject, can be very time-consuming. With extremely small graphics it is necessary to enlarge them and complex designs are simplified. Every single stitch is planned in the program. The location of the embroidery, the sequence and the color can be planned with the program. If you have now created an embroidery image, the data can be forwarded to the embroidery machine. The area to be refined is marked on the textile with pins. Now it can be properly stretched in a stenter and then placed in the machine. Depending on the machine, the same articles can be embroidered in parallel. The World of Textiles - Willy Maisel GmbH has various embroidery machines, this enables the cost-optimized production of any lot size. Another price advantage arises from the high degree of automation on the machine, i. H. After this extensive preparatory work, the machine can embroider fully automatically. Once the embroidery process has been completed, the goods are carefully inspected in the final inspection.