Where will Avengers Infinity War take place

Why was no one affected by Avengers: Infinity War on Agents of SHIELD?

Because it ended before the snap of your fingers. From IGN

"It seems like our final was over before the snap," star Clark Gregg told IGN as we caught up with the man behind Coulson earlier this week.

Avoiding Thanos' snapshot altogether was probably the smartest game for Agents of SHIELD, especially given Gregg said, "We never know if we're going to do another at the end of the season, and this time we didn't. " and this was very much written as a conclusion and it felt that way. "It would surely have been a bummer if half of our heroes fell apart if the show had been canceled - it was enough in Infinity War even knowing we had Avengers 4 on the horizon to hopefully fix Thanos' mayhem But you can't help but feel like it was a little slip up after Graviton called Thanos multiple times in episode 20.

But Season 6 has got the green light so there can be an answer as to whether Avengers: Infinity War influenced it or not and in what way.

Even the showrunners weren't sure if they were getting a new season and not, and they said this:

Pending official confirmation, Agents Of SHIELD's showrunner team, Jed Whedon, Jeffrey Bell and Maurissa Tancharoen, have claimed that "The End" would work as a satisfactory end to the entire show if another season wasn't lit up in green . In an interview with Digital Spy, Tancharoen explains:

"We approach the end of each season the same way, that is ... we never really know if we're going to get another until we're near the end of our filming anyway. So our goal is to be able to do that." satisfy one way or another. "

So it will be a bad idea to end it with Thanos' finger snap if they don't come next season.

As mentioned by V2Blast in the comments, EW has an interview with the creators and it seems that a date shift was also responsible:

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: Do you have indicated possibly recording the end of the war of infinity. Why didn't we see that in the final?

JED WHEDON: We cannot answer some of them. JEFF BELL: Part of what happened was that they changed the release date. WHEDON: Yeah.

BELL: And we're on a different schedule than they are, and so suddenly it was all a week earlier, and so we had to make some adjustments, and that's how we get our story.

WHEDON: Correct. And the other thing is, there are certain story points that are like that - there really would be no way for us to address them and keep our show intact. Given that another movie is coming out and there will be constant effects on their universe, it was safe game for our history and for the integrity of our universe to operate outside of the universe.

BELL: To admit it happened but that we had our own problems and we are dealing with them.

WHEDON: Right, and the timeline is a little messed up too, as we assume that the final episodes of our show will take place during Infinity War. We run a lot in real time at the end of the season.

MAURISSA TANCHAROEN: The last four [episodes] all in real time.

** WHEDON: ** Yeah, so we gave it some thought as these events are still ongoing at the end of our season.

WHEDON: Yes, we like to paint ourselves in a corner so the problem is not that our show went out of air, but that it is back in the air. "Oh no, now what?" Yeah, so we have to figure out how that plays, and it will depend on what the season is and our broadcast dates and all that. Yeah, that's a bridge that we have to cross.

BELL: We call it a classic problem.

So we just have to wait for the next season to see if Thanos' finger snap had an impact or not.

Yong Quan

But then the event may not fit in the timeline. Correct me if I'm wrong

Ankit Sharma

@yongQuan did you really ever mention specific dates on the show or in the movie?

Yong Quan

@AnkitSharma see my question. I have no way of verifying my claim.