How active are the clubs at BIT

Furthermore, we have made the following temporary regulations, the compliance of which you accept and confirm with the "Check In":

  • Please only come to training if you are healthy.
  • Check-in and access to the club is only possible with your membership card, band or APP
  • Please disinfect your hands when entering the club.
  • The specified minimum distance from employees and other visitors must be observed at all times.
  • Joint training with physical contact is prohibited.
  • It is compulsory to put large towels underneath.
  • Please always disinfect the contact surfaces of all sports equipment and the lockers yourself and after each use.
  • Participation in group courses is only possible after prior digital booking via our Holmes Place APP. Please also note the minimum distance and the limited number of participants.
  • The maximum number of people permitted for the entire club is limited by the authorities. We will ensure compliance.
  • To reduce the risk of a possible infection, we will not accept any cash for the time being. Our clubs have been set up with vending machines and cashless payment options.
  • Please note the general hygiene rules such as coughing and sneezing labels, regular hand washing, contactless greeting / farewell.

We appeal to your own personal and social responsibility in dealing with one another and thank you for your understanding and support.

Note on the official obligation to prove chains of infection:

In the event of an official request to prove chains of infection, we are legally obliged to pass on your personal data, i.e. your surname, first name and telephone number or email address or address as well as the times of your visit to the responsible authority. With your electronic check-in, you consent to your data being passed on if necessary