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Publications Dr. med. Jens Döffert
  • S1 guideline of the professional association DGAI on regional anesthesia in outpatient operations
    03/2021 and others Senior author Dr. med. Jens Döffert

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  • Peripheral trunk wall blockages - overview and evaluation
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  • DGAInfo 2020: Regional anesthesia in the COVID-19 pandemic situation - ad hoc recommendation from a panel of experts
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  • Dr. med. Jens Döffert regional anesthesia for outpatients
    2018 Surgical General
  • DEGUM Recommendations on Infection Prevention in Ultrasound and Endoscopic Ultrasound
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  • Psoas Versus Femoral Blocks A Registry Analysis of Risks and Benefits
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  • Reviewer for the field of neurosonography in the European Journal of Ultrasound