Why does Sasuke kill Karin in Naruto


The burden

Kakashi finds Sakura's teammates who have been tricked and put to sleep by her. Kakashi gets the direction in which Sasuke and Sakura are from Kiba. Meanwhile, Sakura asks Sasuke to take them with her. Sasuke asks what it will do for him if he takes Sakura with him. Karin wonders if Sakura is an old team member. Sakura says she will do anything to accompany Sasuke. She no longer wants to regret her actions. Sasuke then asks if she knows what he wants. Its goal is none other than the destruction of Konoha. Sasuke continues to ask if she is really able to betray Konoha for him. As proof, she is supposed to kill Karin. Sasuke explains who Karin is. She is now a useless team member who needs to be eliminated. Sakura is a medicine ninja anyway and could perfectly replace Karin, my Sasuke. Now Sakura also feels Sasuke's angry aura. He would have changed completely. Sakura approaches Karin and pulls out a kunai. However, she does not intend to kill Karin, but Sasuke. But he saw through her plan and attacks Sakura from behind with a Chidori. However, Kakashi appears in time and saves Sakura. He realizes that Sasuke really wanted to kill Sakura. Kakashi tells Sakura that she shouldn't bear such a burden of killing Sasuke on her own. Now Kakashi and Sasuke are facing each other.

Kakashi tells Sasuke that he doesn't like to repeat himself, but that he shouldn't let revenge dominate him. Sasuke says that if he could bring his mother, brother and his whole clan back, he would stop seeking revenge. He should stop thinking that this is still his sensei. Sasuke goes on to say that he has the charm of killing Kakashi. Kakashi fears that Madara would have changed Sasuke like that. He asks Sakura to bring Karin to safety and to heal her. She could be useful later as she knows a lot about the enemy. As the leader of Team 7, he'll make that clear once and for all. Kakashi now understand how the third Hokage felt back then. When he shows his Sharingan, Sasuke says that this is proof of being an Uchiha. A normal ninja who is not an Uchiha has no right to such an eye, says Sasuke and then attacks Kakashi. Kakashi counters some attacks. For someone with a Sharingan that is on loan, he is good at using it, says Sasuke and activates his Mangekyou Sharingan. The Susanoo then forms around Sasuke and fires an arrow at Kakashi. But Kakashi also masters Mangekyou Sharingan and absorbs the arrow in a different demension. To think that someone who isn't uchiha can use the Mangekyou Sharingan is disgusting, says Sasuke. Kakashi asks Sasuke to look deep into his heart. He couldn't do that because everyone from Konoha is practicing peace at Itachi's expense, completely uncertain. He will change everyone's laughter from Konoha into screams and sorrow. Sasuke's chakra has gotten even colder, as has his Susanoo. It has evolved to the final stage (see Itachis).

Sasuke says he will show Kakashi the difference between fiction and reality. But then his Susanoo developed back again. The side effects of the Mangekyou Sharingan are now occurring. Sasuke's eyesight is severely weakened and Kakashi's vision is blurred. Meanwhile, Sakura has healed Karin and decided not to let Kakashi carry the burden alone. She sneaks behind Sasuke to kill him. At the last moment she becomes weak, which Sasuke takes advantage of and wants to kill her with her own kunai. But then Naruto comes, who saves Sakura, and Sasuke looks in the eyes ...