Is hot tea bad for me

Miracle cure tea

Powerful ingredients

The reason: tea not only has a health-promoting, but also an illness-inhibiting effect: The polyphenols (tannins), a group of active substances that can be found in both black and green tea, have an anti-carcinogenic effect, i.e. tumor-inhibiting. The scientists have also tracked down the flavanols (so-called plant oestrogens), a subgroup of polyphenols: They reduce the risk of heart attack, and lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Not to mention the specific effects that are attributed to the individual herbal teas. Thyme, marshmallow and ribwort teas relieve coughs and hoarseness, for example, while caraway, anise and fennel prevent flatulence and soothe the stomach. A steam bath with chamomile tea helps with headaches and runny nose, and lime blossom and mint teas work wonders for fever and general exhaustion. "Every herb has a medicinal effect," says the nutrition advisor for Chinese nutrition (TCM), Nicole Fara, from Vienna. "That's why you should change herbal teas often and not drink them in large quantities."

Hot tea really cool

In the five elements kitchen, TCM, foods and drinks are also divided according to their thermal effect: cooling, refreshing, neutral, warming and hot. Peppermint tea, for example, has a refreshing effect, green tea cools the body. Therefore, the teas are often drunk in their countries of origin in order to better cope with the prevailing heat there. If you drink tea against the cold and freeze easily anyway, you should rather drink warming teas. Such as fennel, caraway or even yogi tea, which heats up extremely.

Thirst quencher? Tea or water!

Pure water is more suitable as a thirst quencher. Because water is neutral in its effect. It becomes more energetic by simply boiling it and then letting it cool down. "Drink according to your height and weight, but at least two liters of warm water daily," says Nicole Fara, quoting the recommendations of TCM and Ayurveda teachings. “It is important to drink without thirst.” You don't always feel thirst. Numerous beverages are liquid, but do not supply the body cells with water, but even remove this precious liquid from them: Coffee, soft drinks and alcohol are among these water robbers. “Therefore, a large glass of water should be drunk for each of these drinks,” advises the nutritionist. “This rule does not apply to tea, as tea does not remove water from our cells.” Chronic water deficiency can have fatal consequences, from premature skin aging to chronic degenerative metabolic diseases and manifests itself through subtle signals such as restlessness, tiredness, a feeling of thirst, dry mouth and poor concentration. So better prevention - and drink at least ten 0.2 l glasses of water or ten cups of tea per day!

The advantages at a glance

Water transports nutrients, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, etc.
Water is necessary for the removal of waste materials and toxins.
When you drink cold water, the body uses energy to warm the water to body temperature. Only warm water provides energy!
Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning stimulates digestion and helps relieve constipation. Lack of fluids is a major cause of constipation.
Warm water stimulates the bowel movement. Ayurveda recommends drinking 8 cups of warm water throughout the day.
If you drink warm water, your body will be energized and your mood will be positively influenced.
Drinking warm water is also believed to induce a feeling of contentment. Drinking warm water flushes out toxins. Your body is cleansed from the inside and appears rejuvenated. By replenishing the cells with fluid, your skin will also become smoother and firmer.

In praise of green tea

The amount of the ingredients in green tea depends on the respective quality, i.e. the components cultivation, plant variety, cultivation and climate. The content of tannins and caffeine, for example, in the leaves of the plant
varies - younger and smaller leaves contain more caffeine than older, larger leaves or leaf stems. Green tea is now also available as an instant powder, simply fill up with hot water (e.g. from Master Lin).
Here are the most important ingredients: Vitamins: A, B, B 2, B 12 and C. Minerals and trace elements: fluoride, calcium, sodium, phosphoric acid, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, nickel. other active ingredients: polyphenols, especially catechins and caffeine.

Anti-cancer effect

The polyphenols are said to have an anti-cancer effect, since they are used as free radical scavengers (nowadays there is often talk of antioxidants). That means: They prevent oxygen reactions that lead to cancerous degeneration of cells
to lead. Scientific studies by the Cancer Research Institute in Komuro, Japan, have shown that a few cups of tea a day significantly reduces the risk of developing lung, liver or esophageal cancer. And also from tumors
can protect the aromatic magic elixir.

Reduction of the risk of myocardial infarction

Each type of tea has its own strong radical scavenger. Green tea contains epigallocatechnin (EGCG); black tea mostly contains flavonoids, specifically the substance called quercetin. Studies from the Netherlands recently demonstrated that precisely these substances reduce the risk of heart attack, as they counteract the development of thrombosis.

Neutralized blood values

Our diet often leads to increased levels of blood neutral fats (triglycerides) and cholesterol. This leads to arteriosclerotic diseases. Green tea contains an enzyme that has a positive effect on the triggering mechanism of high blood pressure in the body and, for the most part, prevents it. It supports the conversion of cholesterol and thus prevents atherosclerosis.

A beauty elixir

As a real fountain of youth, tannin, also an ingredient in green tea, works wonders. This tanning agent interrupts the formation of superoxide in our body, which slows down the aging process. 20 times more effective, it even beats vitamin E. And tannin also does an incredible job for the teeth. Japanese scientists have found that just one cup of green tea a day reduces caries damage by half. The tanning agent kills the lactic acid-producing bacteria that decalcify the tooth enamel and make it vulnerable. The high fluoride content of the tea also supports this anti-caries effect and also protects the gums from diseases.

As a slimming aid

Anyone who consumes a liter of green tea a day inhibits their weight problems in the long term. The hydration supports the removal of waste products and toxins, the high vitamin content mobilizes fat loss.

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