Who are the best couples in the film

The most beautiful film couples of all time

A real love story needs great couples. They make us cry and empathize. Films like "Titanic", "Casablanca", "Pretty Woman" or "Dirty Dancing" have not only produced the greatest love stories, but also the most beautiful couples.

Some of these hot movie couples had some initial problems. Whether the parents of the chosen ones did not agree with the relationship or the lovebirds came from different social classes: In the end, however, the love of the two was stronger than any obstacle. We show you the most beautiful film couples of all time.

The most beautiful film couples of all time

The love between "Edward Lewis" and "Vivian Ward" from "Pretty Woman" is really extraordinary: "Edward" is a successful businessman and happens to meet the prostitute "Vivian" when he asks her for directions.

When "Edward" hired "Vivian" for a week, the feelings of the two became more and more intimate. Difficulties keep coming up until they finally find each other. An absolute love classic that is still moving today.

"William Turner" is madly in love with "Elizabeth Swan". But since he is only an armorer and "Elizabeth" comes from a rich family, "Will" knows that he can never marry her.

But "Will" is a brave fighter and even risks his life for "Elizabeth". The two fall in love and bring a lot of momentum to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom in "Pirates of the Caribbean"
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