Why do people groan while making love

Moaning: an expression of lust or pure dizziness?

Why do we moan during sex, what does the acoustic expression of our feelings mean and are there differences? So many questions, we have the answers!

First of all, yes, there is a difference in moaning! A distinction must be made between the sincere and the faked moan, because “Ooh” is not always “Ooh”! The latter is easy to explain and most women know what dishonest moaning is for.

Loud moans turn the man on, he feels confirmed in what he is doing, bursts with masculinity and - hopefully - comes quickly so that the horror comes to an end! In addition, the woman suggests with a loud moan that she is also about to reach a bursting climax and is thus heading for a quick end. In other words: Too loud, excessive moaning and screaming means it's over! You tried it, it didn't work, now please come to the end!

Real moaning is like chocolate mousse

But what about the sincerely meant groan, that which blurts out of us in an uncontrolled manner? Acoustic signals are an expression of enjoyment. For example, when we eat a really good chocolate mousse, a quiet “mmmhh!” Escapes us - and it's the same with sex. Moaning stands for pleasure and if she is enjoying it means to him that he is on the right track. It spurs him on, he feels confirmed in his performance and then tries all the more to elicit a little outcry from the woman.

But real moaning is not just a pacifier for the soul, so that he feels confirmed and continues to exert himself, women also moan for themselves! Uncontrolled moaning of pleasure releases adrenaline, which becomes a great feeling in our body. If this feeling of pure lust and passion overwhelms us and we feel the orgasm growing within us, then we can no longer suppress a sigh and moan. Breathing becomes deeper, then suddenly faster, the chest expands, you fall into a panting state and catapult yourself into a frenzy of emotions, as in self-hypnosis. You no longer perceive anything around you and give yourself completely to the intense feeling of satisfaction.

Little helpers for real moans

Great who has such orgasms! But it is not so easy for some people in bed. Then you and women have to get support to be able to crown intense orgasms with honest moans. Pair vibrators, for example, are an absolute hit! They are worn during lovemaking, stimulate the woman with pinpoint accuracy and help him perceive his feelings more intensely.

Even product sets that are specially put together for you by our experts can help you achieve better orgasms. You discover new things, try things out and get to know other feelings. These can contribute to exciting sex and deep, honest moans. Maybe you can elicit a mousse-au-chocolat-like “mmhhh” from your partner when you stand in front of him in hot lingerie and skillfully seduce him with your charms.

Discover new sides of your sex life and moan in ecstasy! Because moaning, be it through a hot sight or an imminent orgasm, refines your love life and makes your sex incredibly intense and strong.