Can you find work on Upwork

Find freelance work online, that's how it works!

Most recently, all job offers have also been saved on the OnlineGeniuses website, so that you can also get a very good overview of available jobs at Other Slack communities where it makes sense to look out for “remote” work include:

Not all communities are free, but if you end up in a paid job, the investment has paid off itself, and you are sure to find a job.

Job boards with offers for “remote” freelancers is actually a community of inbound marketing professionals with over 160,000 members who, in addition to very stimulating discussion, also offers the latest and highest quality content for all marketing enthusiasts.

However, the team realized very quickly that with such a large community, a “job board” would offer enormous added value for the visitors.

Today you can find advertisements from small and large companies in the marketing industry on Many are still looking for local skilled workers, but there are also enough offers for “remote” jobs, and they are impressive.

Startup jobs Startups usually have a need for highly qualified / highly experienced specialists. For them it hardly matters whether you work on site or from home.

“Working from home” is even seen as more appropriate, since the classic division of labor and company structures in the startup world are constantly being overturned and labeled as “démodé”.

At “Startup Jobs” you can actually find everything a digital nomad's heart desires.

From permanent employment with a good monthly wage, to short-term, project-based work, to long-term partnerships with startups that work with a hybrid pay system of fixed wages plus ownership (equity).

Other job portals where you can also find remote work:

UpWork and TopTal - two sides of the same coin

While UpWork has the reputation of being “The job exchange for cheap labor”, TopTal is on the other side of the price range and, according to its own statements, delivers “The top 3% of freelance talents” at a “reasonable” price.

Another difference between the two is that UpWork makes its money from the freelancer's income. UpWork rates between 15% and 5% of the freelancer's total income as a fee. TopTal makes its money directly from the end customer and takes, depending on the qualifications of the freelancer placed, $ 2000 to $ 3000 per full-time working week.

What is better for you as a freelancer?

There is another very important difference between TopTal and UpWork, and that is the entry into freelancing via these platforms.

At UpWork you can already create a profile today and register for work. However, in order to be paid really well, you have to invest some time and build up a portfolio step by step, otherwise your registration will hardly leave an impression.

If you look at the job offers on UpWork, you quickly notice that everything is being searched for and found. From translations, to web development, design, SEO, accounting, consulting, and that for the most diverse world languages.

And if someone tells you there are no well-paying jobs at UpWork, you can be sure that that person has never tried it properly.