What makes blogging frustrating

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When you start a blog or have been blogging for a long time, there is nothing depressing than not having blog readers. Today I would like to introduce you to 5 reasons why this could be. Very important: My article relates to my subjective blogger experience from the DIY sector and the conversations with other bloggers. I think that (if you want to make money blogging, for example) it pays to blog strategically from the start.

Of course, I don't mean to say that this is the only "right" way to go. Blogging is diverse, you can blog as a hobby (and don't worry about target group analysis or niche) or you can earn money with it. What counts afterwards is the fun of blogging! 🙂 This article is therefore aimed primarily at blogger beginners and bloggers who later want to earn money professionally through the blog.

So why am I telling you this? Because with my DIY blog Madmoisell I initially had the problem with stagnating readership. I redesigned my blog on WordPress, spent money on a great template, bought expensive camera equipment ... and had maybe 50 blog visitors a day, half of whom were friends or family. I was so frustrated at the time that I posted an article on Madmoisell about my blog growth stagnating. The beginning was like this:

"There are so many blogs out there (yes, I am aware that my blog is just one of many?) And too few readers. That is simply a fact. I put all my heart and soul into Madmoisell and that's why It is all the more disappointing to see that your own blog statistics are stagnating. Because all that matters later are the hard numbers: blog visitors, page views and follower numbers. To put it briefly: A few months ago I simply noticed that I was for too much invested blog time just see too little output and asked me thoroughly what could be the reason. "

The feedback on this article has been overwhelming! All of a sudden, so many bloggers spoke up who shared exactly this problem with me. Over the next few weeks I thoroughly analyzed Madmoisell and faced the "hard" facts and figures. After all, there had to be a reason why nobody read my blog.

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Reason # 1: You haven't defined your blog niche

I totally neglected this point at the beginning of Madmoisell. I just blogged about everything that just came on my mind. One time I blogged an outfit, then I wrote about beauty (Sorry, but I have no idea about beauty!) And in another post I presented a DIY tutorial. If someone asked me what topic I blog about, then I would probably have answered: "Fashion, beauty, travel ... uh and DIY". Okay, this mix just doesn't make sense. Why? Quite simply: Because new, potential blog readers don't even know what you want to say with your blog the first time they visit your blog ... And then they are gone faster than you can type.

My tip for you: Think carefully about which topics you want to include on your blog. For Madmoisell, I solved the niche problem as follows: I asked myself WHAT I REALLY want to blog about: fashion, beauty, travel or DIY. Finally, I decided on DIY and narrowed down the niche there: DIY decoration, DIY gifts and now also food (the food category was added later).

The limitation to a certain niche has brought me a lot:

  • I could mineShare blog content much more specifically in my social media networks (e.g. on Facebook only in handicraft and DIY groups).
  • My DIY Blog is completely SEO optimized: With the keywords "DIY blog, DIY gifts and DIY decoration" I am already ranking very well (and am steadily improving: D). With such a broad focus as fashion, beauty and DIY, I would never have had the chance to optimize all subject areas in a targeted manner.
  • My blog content (pictures + texts) has changed qualitatively improvedbecause I now e.g. only take DIY photos instead of photographing fashion and lifestyle.
  • I am for Expert in my niche become. This point is super important and should be your first goal. YOU want to become THE expert in your niche, because that way you gain the trust of the readers and can later sell your blog much better to potential cooperation partners (who doesn't want a DIY expert to advertise a knitting company, for example?).

In this article, I'll explain step-by-step how to find your blog niche.

Reason # 2: You haven't set a clear target audience for your blog

This point is just as important as your niche: once you've found your unique niche, it's time to determine your ideal audience. Because only if you know who exactly you want to reach with your blog can you tailor your blog content perfectly to this readership.

I'll explain this to you again using a personal example: Back then, with the best will in the world, I didn't know WHO exactly I wanted to address: girls, young women or middle-aged women? WHO would read my blog and WHAT content do these target groups expect? I thought for a long time who exactly I am and which blog posts I can get excited about. Because I still have to enjoy my blog, I can't just write for a certain target group that doesn't suit me at all.

In the end, I realized that I want to address very young women (18-25 years old). My blog content is therefore very modern, the DIYs are simple (e.g. I wouldn't sew anything because my target group doesn't have a sewing machine) and I communicate with my readers in my everyday language. Conversely, I also realized that I had to focus more on Instagram than on Facebook. Quite simply because my ideal target group stays there more often and Instagram suits my concept better.

Reason # 3: Your blog has no recognition value and there is no personality behind it

In the early days of Madmoisell, my readers at the time didn't even know what personality was behind the blog. I didn't reveal much about myself and actually only wrote (technically) about the DIY projects. Thanks to Instagram in particular, it became clear to me that I wanted to create a distinctive personality with my blog. Because that's the only way to stay in my readers' minds.

So what did I do? From now on I communicated very personally on Instagram, e.g. by asking questions, responding to comments, and telling a little story in each post. I have also asked open questions on my blog and have always given my clear opinion ("I cannot recommend product XY"). In order to create even more recognition value, I have a symbol added: the donut. Yes, that sounds very strange at first, but there is a lot behind this consideration: Donuts are popular with my young target group and are very well received. I integrate a donut in many pictures on Instagram and even make DIYs with donuts (donut cake, donut milkshake, donut key ring, donut printable ...). Meanwhile, I am tagged several times a day by subscribers in donut pictures on Instagram. That means the readers see a donut and MUST think of me. That's awesome, isn't it?

To create recognition value, of course, you don't have to use a donut as a symbol or reveal a lot of personal information about yourself. You should think about WHAT can make you UNIQUE. Be it a certain element, your special imagery or your way of communicating.

Reason # 4: Your articles are not helpful enough and are not based on the needs of your target audience

Which brings us back to the topic of "niche" and "target group". Your articles need to be super helpful and solve your readers' problem. Of course, there are differences between blog niches here too: I would roughly say that there is inspiring blogs who live on a great writing style and good stories alone. But then there are still a number of them informative blogs (my DIY blog, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs), where the problem-oriented blog posts are often lacking. Don't get me wrong - you can try to solve your readers' problems with helpful articles, but you don't have to. This point helped me quite simply because my DIY blog was less focused on general writing and more on high-quality DIY turorials.

This article is a very simple example: I specifically address bloggers who are not satisfied with their number of readers. Now I am going to present 5 reasons why this could be. My goal: to solve my readers' problem. You can solve your readers' problems with any topic, you just have to know what problems your readers have. I like to use Instagram for this and ask questions to my community there. So I know, for example, that many are looking for cheap, homemade Christmas gifts. So I'm planning a simple DIY gift post for Christmas.

So try to find out through surveys (Instagram, Facebook or your blog directly) and research (relevant Facebook groups, forums) what really concerns your target group.

Your goal should be this: Write a post that is helpful enough that your readers will be delighted and share your article. This will ensure that your readers keep coming back to your blog and that you can steadily increase your readership.

Reason # 5: You are not using social networks efficiently enough

In addition to all the basics, social networks are the second mainstay of your blog. You can easily communicate with your readers via social media and quickly win new readers through (viral) posts. At the beginning of Madmoisell, I tried to use every social media network equally well. So I was active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you are still working or studying in addition to the blog, you will no longer be able to do that. My tip to you: Think about where your target group is most likely to be and focus on this network. Then make a good plan by looping your posts (i.e. sharing them multiple times) and creating content in advance. I do this on Instagram in particular, so I don't have the stress of having to take another photo every day.

Last but not least: think about these points, but still stay yourself and of course have fun blogging - because that is the most important thing! For my DIY blog, I decided to try something in between strategic approaches (target group, content, etc.) and only do what I really enjoy! That works great for me personally! 🙂

best regards

Featured image by Gabriel Beaudry via Unsplash.