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Volunteering in California

The third largest state in the USA is one with its sun-drenched coastline, inviting ocean and pleasantly mild climate Dream destination for people who want to get involved abroad on a voluntary basis. You will experience a very special subculture in the USA, which is mainly characterized by the sun, surfing and a relaxed lifestyle. But even the sunniest US state has its downsides and struggles with various social problems as well as environmental degradation and the extinction of species. As Volunteer if you actively tackle these problems, give something back to your hosts and get to know the extraordinary region particularly intensively.

General information about California

California is the third largest and by far most populous state in the United States and is due to the West Coast of the country. The "Golden State", as his nickname is, borders Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, Mexico to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The capital of the famous US state is Sacramento. The largest and most popular cities in California include los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. California has a subtropical climate, which means it is warm and dry most of the time. However, there are also regional differences in the large state.


California is on the one hand shaped by the American culture and way of life, but on the other hand is also strongly influenced by the Latinos, the Latin American immigrants. A third of California’s residents are now of Latin American descent. It is estimated that Spanish will be the most widely spoken language in the beautiful state by 2030. In addition, around eight percent of Californians come from Asian countries. In the golden state you can expect a relaxed lifestyle as well as a colorful mix of cultures

Nature and wildlife

Nature lovers will feel incredibly at home in California. The beautiful State in the western United States offers a total of nine national parks, including such famous names as Redwood National Park with its impressive mammoth trees, the desert landscape of Death Valley and the breathtaking Yosemite National Park with its rushing waterfalls. But also outside of the national parks, the Golden State of America offers a lot of wild, untouched nature and kilometers long Sandy beaches

Problems (social & nature / wildlife)

But the sunny state is also faced with various problems, both socially and environmentally. A serious problem in the sunny state, for example, are the sometimes extreme ones Periods of drought and the parched fields associated with it. The drier inland regions in particular are affected. Another problem is the high levels of air pollution that large cities such as Los Angeles in particular struggle with, but which also affect the Forest dieback contributes. Furthermore, cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have great social with the divide between rich and poorto fight many homeless people, substance abuse, crime and other consequences of social inequality.

Volunteer opportunities

You feel like an intense one California volunteering residency? Then you can get involved in different areas.

Conservation projects

As a volunteer in California, for example, you can get involved in various nature conservation projects and protect the breathtaking, varied landscapes. Get involved in one of the beautiful national parks or other nature reserves, create new paths, plant plants, remove invasive plant species and enjoy the incredible beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Animal welfare projects

If you love animals, you can get involved in animal welfare projects in California and do something for the lovable creatures. For example, get involved in one Rescue station for wild or domesticated animals and help to foster the animals again and enable them to lead a self-determined life in freedom. You can take care of fascinating beings such as zebras, alpacas, horses, camels or exotic birds, be very close to them and do something good while you enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of California.

Social projects

In California, too, you can get involved in various ways in the social field. The big cities in particular are struggling with social problems such as unemployment, poverty, drug abuse and crime. Get involved in a social project for disadvantaged population groups and help fight social injustice in California.


California is a unique place, both in the United States and on our planet as a whole. Volunteering in California is therefore a very special experience. The golden state shines with impressive natural beauty and some of the most exciting cities in the world, but it also has to contend with many environmental problems and social challenges. As a volunteer, you will help make California's future even more livable.