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Chapter 10 New World Order

Chapter 10
New World Order / NWO
Table of Contents:
Article 1: The New World Order
2. Article: NWO = the New World Order
Article 3: The New World Order
4. Article: The New World Order
5. Article: Letter from the “New World Order”
Article 6: New World Order, Globalization and Antichrist
Article 7: 2012 and the New World Order
Article 8: The New World Order
Article 9: Is There a Secret World Government?
Article 10: How the New World Order Was Established
Article 11: The New World Order and the Regime of Humanitarian Intervention
Article 12: The New World Order - The World Empire of the Antichrist
Article 13: The Bilderbergers
Article 14: Gulf War, “New World Order” and the consequences for Germany
Article 15: Where is the Currency Crisis Leading? new world order of technocrats
17. Article: The "New World Order" (NWO)
Article 18: THE WORLD AFTER 2012
19. Article: The greatest evils of today's world society
20. Article: The Order: Sutton's books on "Skull & Bones"
Article 21: The New Reach for World Power
Article: The universalisability of human rights from the point of view of fetish, globalization and politics

Article 1: The New World Order

Insight into elitist ideologies
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and
Opinion of the masses is an important element in democratic
Society. Those who manipulate the unseen social mechanisms educate
an invisible government that is the real ruling power of our country.
We are governed, our minds formed, our tastes formed, ours
Ideas mostly suggested by men we never heard of. This is
a logical result of the way our democratic society is organized.
Large numbers of people need to cooperate in this way when in a
balanced functioning society should live together. Almost everyone
Act of our life, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in
Our social behavior and our ethical thinking we are through a
relatively small number of people who dominate the mental processes and
Understand the behavior of the masses. It is you who pull the strings, which ones
control public thinking. "
Edward Bernays, Propaganda “Organizing Chaos” New York 1928
“World events do not happen by chance: You make them happen, whether
it is a question of national or commercial concerns; and
most of them are staged and brought about by those who
hold the strings of the wallet in your hand "
Denis Healy, former UK Defense Secretary

“Only the little secrets need to be protected. The big ones are from
kept a secret from the public's disbelief. "
Marshall McCluhan
"The greatest triumphs of propaganda were not through action, but through
Failure achieved. The truth is great, but the practical is greater
Point of view is the withholding of truth. "
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Foreword (1946)
"The real rulers of Washington are invisible and exercise their power behind them
Backdrops off. "
Felix Frankfurter, US Supreme Court Justice “Deliberately telling lies and believing in them sincerely; to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, if necessary, to bring it back from oblivion; to deny the existence of an objective reality for as long as necessary and at the same time to accept the reality that one is denying. ”“ And if everyone else believed the lie spread by the party - if all the records were the same - then the lie went down in history one and became truth. "
From Goerge Orwell’s 1984.

"Some of the greatest men in the United States, in the realm of business and..
Production active, afraid of something. You know there's a power somewhere
there that are so organized, so subtle, so attentive, so nested, so complete, so
What is pervasive is that they prefer to only whisper when they are in disapproval about it
Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913)
“... in the face of a rigid, doctrinal, self-appointed, utterly unscrupulous person
Hierarchy of scientists who put a censorship on everything, it seems
reckless and foolish to express such thoughts publicly. [...] We shouldn't give up our right to controlled speculation. There are very specific questions that the custodians of established knowledge fear ... We are currently on the threshold of a cosmic age and we must insist on our right to ask new, even stupid, questions without being punished for it . "
Willhelm Reich 'Contact With Space'
“There are some things the public need not know about us, and
also shouldn't know "
Katherine Graham Publisher, Washington Post
“We're the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and others
grateful to large publications whose editors-in-chief attended our meetings in the past and respected the promise of confidentiality for almost 40 years .. .. ”
“It would never have been possible for us to develop a plan for the world if we
would have been in the public eye during those years. But the world is on a complex and prepared path towards world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is certainly preferable to the national sovereignty of the past centuries. ”For over a century, ideological extremists on both sides of the political spectrum have perceived well-publicized events to attack the Rockefeller family for undue influence which, in their opinion, we exert on American political and economic institutions. Some even believe that we are part of a secret cabal that works against the best interests of the US, characterize me and my family as "internationalists" and conspirators who, together with others worldwide, are creating a more integrated global political and economic structure - a world if You will.

If that's the charge, then I'm guilty and I'm proud of it
from David Rockefeller's “Memoirs” (2002)
"Almost all people stumble upon the truth at some point in their life.
Most of them jump up quickly, dust off their feet, and hurry theirs
After business as if nothing had happened. "
Winston Churchill
“Anyone who wants to hide a truth only needs to speak it openly - it will
I didn't believe you. "
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, French statesman and diplomat
"Behind the visible government sits on the throne an invisible government,
who owes no allegiance to the people and recognizes no responsibility. These
invisible government to destroy the godless bond between corrupt
Solving business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesman today. "
Franklin D. Roosvelt, 32nd President of the United States (1933-1945)
"The current governments not only negotiate with politicians, kings and ministers,
but also with the secret societies who everywhere are unscrupulous
Having agents and ultimately being able to control the plans of a government. "
Benjamin Disraeli, 1st UK Prime Minister, 1876

Population control
“Rule the energy and you rule the nations. Master the food,
and you rule people. "
(Attributed to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger)
In 1974, Kissinger submitted the 2001 National Security Study Memorandum to President
Nixon one and called the population growth in important, resource-rich
Developing countries pose a "threat to America's national security". since that
Time is in control of the rate of economic growth and population growth
in major developing countries to the first priority issue
become American national security.
Kissinger's NSSM-200 document, classified as classified and not until 1989
Made public, estimates of world population growth took up
to the end of the century and beyond and dealt with the
Effects on the need for food and raw materials, primarily energy.
"Growing populations have a serious impact on the need for food, especially in the poorest and fastest growing and least developed countries," said Kissinger. “The global demand for food is increasing by 2.5 percent or more per year at a time when existing fertilizers and well-watered land are already being used on a large scale. As a result, additional food production must come from higher yields, ”explained the government's memorandum.

At the same time, the Rockefeller Foundation also began large-scale genetic engineering research in plants, including rice, ostensibly to improve yields
The British economist Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834):
“We are formally bound by honor and justice to reject the poor's right to assistance. To this end, I would propose a provision that no child who is born has the right to assistance from the community ... The (illegitimate) child is of relatively little value to society because others immediately take their place ... If they Births the number of children
exceed what is necessary to keep the population at the desired level, then the excess must die, unless space is made by the death of adults. "

1 The NSSM 200 memorandum, entitled “The Impact of Global Population Growth on the Security of the United States and its Overseas Interests”, was addressed to all cabinet members, the General Staff and the
responsible head of the CIA and other US services. The memorandum can be viewed in the American National Archives in Washington

2 From the book Saat der Destruction F. William Engdahl, publicist, business journalist and lecturer The British aristocrat Francis Galton (1822-1911) was a relative and supporter of Darwin. In his Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development (1883) Galton defined eugenics as "the science of the betterment of race". 1905
he explained in the article Eugenics: Its Definition, Scope and Aims3: “Indeed, eugenics aspires to become an orthodox religious doctrine of the future, because eugenics cooperates with the works of nature by ensuring that humanity will be represented by the most suitable races. ”“ I think it would be a good thing if man replaces natural selection in his area with other processes that are more compassionate but therefore no less effective. That is exactly the goal of eugenics. Their first intention is to control the birth rate for the unsuitable instead of allowing them to come into existence [...]. The second intention is to improve the breed by promoting the productivity of the fit by means of early marriage and
healthy rearing of their children. Natural selection is based on overproduction and massive destruction. Eugenics does not allow more individuals to come into existence than can be precisely cared for, and these are of the best breed. "
Basel school doctor and supporter of racial hygiene Carl Brugger 1939 stated:

“The fact that on the one hand in the canton of Vaud4 despite or maybe because of
the legal regulation there is rarely eugenic
Infertility treatments are carried out that on the other hand in Zurich without
Special regulations The hereditary mental illness and the feeble-minded are often sterilized
be, shows best that in our circumstances with a legal
Regulation alone is not much gained. "

That this assessment was in line with the practice at the time is proven by those of
Huonker mentioned numbers. According to the extrapolation, in the canton of Zurich alone
von Huonker between 1892 and 1970 “several thousands of women and one far
a smaller, but not negligible number of men have been rendered sterile. "5" ’Plan Verde’, the green plan - this is how a secret project of the Peruvian government was euphemistically called. The aim was to exterminate this entire ethnic group through the forced sterilization of Indians. Because they supposedly stood in the way of economic development in Peru. ”Robert Jahn, reporter for MDR and ARTE

3 quoted from Hans-Martin Dietl (Ed.): Eugenik. Origins and social conditions (= medicine and society 22), Jena 1984, p. 16

4 In Switzerland, the eugenically shaped compulsory sterilization law of the canton of Vaud was not repealed until 1985. Forced sterilization continued into the 1980s. A parliamentary initiative to compensate victims of forced sterilization and castration, which was widely announced in the press, was rejected in December 2004, but a new law was made out of it, which allows the sterilization of those unable to consent under certain conditions.

5 Thomas Huonker: Diagnosis: 'morally defective'. Castration, sterilization and racial hygiene in the service of Swiss social policy and psychiatry 1890-1970. Orell Füssli Verlag, Zurich 2003

Hundreds of thousands of people, more than 90 percent poor women and indigenous people, were sterilized in Peru between 1995 and 1998. The principle of informed consent was largely disregarded. In many cases, the sterilization program led to coercive measures and serious health consequences. Studies have shown that 17 deaths can be directly attributed to sterilization measures. There are places where over half of women between the ages of 20 and 60 have been sterilized.6 "We have now gathered enough evidence to call the matter its name. Sure, it sounds harsh. But what happened there was genocide. " Hector Chavez, Congressman

Peru is a priority country for Swiss development cooperation. Switzerland also works with the Peruvian government, including the Ministry of Health, which is ultimately responsible for the sterilization programs.7 British writer and secret service man H.G. Wells had already developed the strategy at the end of the 19th century, through a clash of civilizations,
including the use of the most modern biological and chemical, and later also nuclear weapon technologies, to force the expansion of the British Empire into a world empire. The geopolitical objectives of this strategy are still8:

· Euro-Asian cooperation for the infrastructural and technical-industrial
To destroy the construction of Eurasia as a motor for a new, just world economic order,

Control the world's raw material deposits,

· To wage neo-Malthusian population wars to reduce the world's population and

· The multipolar world order of sovereign nation states through a unipolar one
Neo-Malthusian world dictatorship, then British, now Anglo-American
To replace world empire.

The key points of this strategy were published by H.G. Wells in 1928 in his book 'The
Open conspiracy '- Draft for the world revolution:
"For a large number of worthless and stupid creatures, fearful, helpless and useless, unhappy, or hateful happy in depraved shame, powerless, ugly, unfit, born of unbridled lust, growing and multiplying through sheer excess and stupidity, are men the New Republic have little pity and even less benevolence. "
7 Interpellation: Mass sterilizations in Peru by Margrith Felten (Swiss politician) sucht/Seiten/geschaefte.aspx?gesch_id=19993140
8 Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel P. Huntington, as well as Henry A. Kissinger, are political pupils of Prof. William
Yandell Elliott, who followed the views of the British imperial “utopian” H.G. Wells (1868-1946) established itself in America

"If you want to avoid the undisputed evil of war, you want that degree of
To achieve the prosperity and strength that we now have in mind must be effective
World control not only of armaments, but also of production and the
The commodity market, the movement of peoples and the population increase. It
is nonsensical, other than on the basis of such control of peace and
dream of global progress.We insist on practical recognition
the need to address biological issues such as population density and the
Public health, subject to world control. "9

H.G. Wells left no doubt that the forerunner of the new
World state is the British Empire. In 1902 he became a member of a 14-member
Elite clubs called "coefficients". The later ministers of the
Liberal government in World War I Richard B. Haldane, Lord Robert Cecil, Lord
Edward Gray and the "British racial patriot" Lord Alfred Milner. The totalitarian ones
Socialists Beatrice and Sydney Web of the Fabian Society and W.S. Hewins and
W.P. Reeves, directors of the Fabians founded London School of
Economics (LSE), also took part in the meetings. Besides, they sat
Geopolitics Leo Amery and Halford Mackinder also in the group. Lord Bertrand
Russell stood H.G. Wells closest to the circle. This group became
later the British Roundtable (Cliveden Set) formed from its support
made no secret of Adolf Hitler. Today's authoritative geopolitical
"Think tanks" of Anglo-American politics - the Royal Institute for International
Affairs (RIIA) in London and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York -
emerged from this round table. 10

At the end of World War II, while Hitler's mass murder was ongoing,
the leading British eugenicists reformed. Julian Huxley, 1937-1944
Vice-Presidents of the UK Eugenics Society, became the first General Director
the new UN Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO)
appointed. Julian Huxley11 wrote the official UN document in 1946 'UNESCO,
their purpose and philosophy ’, in which he openly showed what kind of spirit he was:
“Even if it is certainly correct that a radical eugenic policy will last for many years
will be politically and psychologically impossible, it becomes important for UNESCO
be to see to the eugenic problem with the utmost care
checked and the public informed about the issue in question so that much,
what seems unthinkable today, at least becomes conceivable again. "
Huxley preached that the term environmental protection or ecology should now be replaced
stepping on the discredited concept of eugenics. In 1961 Sir Julian Huxley worked
now President of the Eugenics Society, with the British Prince Philip
together to create the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which should serve
to keep the human herd in check in the name of 'environmental protection'. First
President of the WWF was the former SS member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

9 H.G. Wells, The Open Conspiracy, Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Berlin, Vienna, Leipzig 1928
10 Carol White, The New Dark Age Conspiracy, New Benjamin Franklin House, New York 1980 11 As the brother of the writer Aldous Huxley (Tavistock Institute) and grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, who had played a major role in the implementation of the teachings of Darwin, shaped Huxley developed the idea of ​​evolutionary humanism (see also “Transhumanism”) and “Atheism in the name of reason”: “God is a hypothesis made up by man in an attempt to cope with the problem of existence.” Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, spouse of Queen Elizabeth II and
Honorary President of WWF reiterated his desire to be a catalyst for mass genocide in the foreword to his book "If I Were an Animal", published in 1986:

"I just wonder what it would be like to be reborn as an animal of that
Species has been reduced in number to the point that it is threatened with extinction
is. What would their feelings be about the human species
Population explosion made it impossible for him to exist anywhere ... I have to
confess that I am tempted to reincarnate as a particularly deadly one
Virus to ask. "
To the mechanisms of influence of the domination technique described here again
to make clear and also to the topic of population reduction
In my opinion, the organization should be examined in more detail
from England "Optimum Population Trust", which in German means something like
"Foundation for Optimal Population".
Now let's look at some of the “public” statements of the optimum population
Trust to:
· “The urgency of implementing planned reductions in birth rates has been made clear by the United Nations:“ A birth rate of half a child below the mean [projection] would result in a population of 8 billion people by the middle of the century. As a result, population growth through 2050 is inevitable, even if the decline in the birth rate accelerates. When the mothers of the world have the number of children they have
reduce, there could be 1.1 billion fewer climate changers in 205012
give as expected ... "
12 Note: In an open letter to the physicist and Chancellor Dr. Merkel are calling for over 280 scientists and
committed, competent citizens, the Chancellor should no longer close herself off to the obvious facts and
abandon the pseudo-religion of anthropogenic warming. Anzeige/klimawandel-offener-brief-an-kanzlerin-merkel- Temperaturlösungen-ab-1701-
refute-anthropogenic-temperature-fluctuations /

President Obama's Chief Science and Technology Advisor John P. Holdren
was co-author of the book 'Ecoscience' in 1977, in which he created
advocated a “planetary government” establishing a “global police force”
Enforce totalitarian population control measures, forced abortions, mass sterilization programs carried out by the food and grocery stores, and mandated body implants that prevent couples from having children. Page 787:

“Adding sterilants to drinking water or basic food is a suggestion that seems to frighten people more than the suggestions
for involuntary fertility control. Verily this would make some very difficult ones
raise political, legal and social questions without even realizing the technical problems. Such a sterilant does not currently exist, and it will
none developed. To be acceptable, such a substance would have to meet some tough requirements: it must be generally effective, despite large differences in dosage between individuals, and despite varying degrees of fertility and sensitivity among individuals; and it must not have any effects on the opposite sex, children, the elderly, pets or farm animals. "

Page 838: Those people who cause "social decline" can be condemned not to have children
“When some individuals lead to general social decline
Overproduction of children contribute and if the need arises, they can
be held responsible by law for their reproduction -
just as they are required to be responsible for their behavior
to show the consumption of resources - provided
Page 942-3: A "Planetary Government" should direct the global economy and the
Have power to dictate how many children can be born

“Perhaps these organizations, combined with the UNEP (united nations
environment program) and the UN organizations regarding the population are shaped into a planetary government - in the manner of an international super-organization for population, resources and the environment. Such an all-encompassing planetary government could control the development, management, conservation and distribution of all natural resources, renewable or not, at least insofar as international implications exist. Therefore, this government would have the power to control not only pollution of the atmosphere and the oceans, but also drinking water reserves such as rivers and lakes that cross international borders or flow into the oceans. This government could logically also become the central authority for the regulation of international trade, perhaps in addition to aid from developed states to underdeveloped states, as well as all food on the international market.

“The Planetary Government could be given responsibility for that
to determine optimal population for the earth and for each region, as well as the
Decision on different shares of individual countries within their regional
Limits. Control over the size of the population could remain under the care of any government, but the regime would have the power to ensure the specified limits. "Page 917:

“If this were done, security could be provided by an armed international organization, the global analogy of a police force. Many people have recognized this as a goal, but the way to achieve it remains unclear in a world where disagreement seems to be increasing, if at all. The first step necessarily involves handing over partial sovereignty to an international organization. ”Holdren and his co-author Paul Ehrlich are two of the most radical Malthusians since Thomas Robert Malthus in England in 1862, his now discredited theory
has imagined, according to which the population is said to always increase geometrically
Food production, on the other hand, is only arithmetic, an error like the important one
The growth of the world population to this day proves.13 Ehrlich was the founder of the radical organization Zero Population Growth (ZPG), which brought his eugenics ideas to the people. He compared human population growth with cancer growth:

“A cancer tumor is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. Treating just the symptoms of cancer may make the patient feel better at first, but eventually die - often in great agony. A similar fate awaits a world with a population explosion if only the symptoms are treated. We need to worry less about treating the symptoms than about removing the cancerous tumor. This operation requires many seemingly brutal, heartless decisions, and it can be extremely painful. But the disease is so advanced that the patient has a chance of survival only with radical surgery. ”14
13 “The FAO World Food Report 2008 states that 963 million people are permanently severely malnourished. There
it also says that world agriculture could feed 12 billion ”Jean Ziegler, former UN special rapporteur
for the right to food in the daily gazette on March 17th, 2009
14 F. William Engdahl:

“The struggle to feed humanity as a whole is over. In the seventies of the 20th century, the world will experience famine of unprecedented proportions: Despite all relief efforts and emergency measures, millions of people will starve to death [...] Population control is the only answer. "
Paul Ehrlich 196815
The Environmental Conservation Organization report dated
January / February 1996 emphasizes:

“This new mechanism provides a direct link between the
Local groups of the NGOs 'at the grassroots', the national and international NGOs and
the top level of world government […] The NGO machinery of world government
has studies carried out to justify global taxation (through such
UN agencies like Global Plan) and buying television advertising time to get that
To improve the image of the UN. ”“ The strategy to promote the activities of world government includes special programs to discredit individuals and organizations
Generate 'domestic political pressure' or carry out 'populist actions' and fail to support the new global ethic. ”The last paragraph of the ECO report is then a real wake-up call:

"The Commission's Recommendations for World Government, when implemented, will bring all the people of the world into a global neighborhood administered by a global bureaucracy under the immediate authority of a tiny handful of appointed individuals and policed ​​by thousands of individuals, individuals." who are paid by accredited NGOs and certified to support a belief system that many people cannot believe and accept. ”Frank Notestein (1902-1983) was one of the most influential activists for population control and demography in the 20th century . He acted first
Director of the United Nations Population Department and was instrumental in founding the John D. Rockefeller Population Council in 1952. He was also a director of population research at Princeton University. 16
“To achieve zero population growth, the government will have to do more than push; they will have to force. ”“ Forcing more drastic changes on a large scale involves high risks, not least for the regime that undertakes them. The price for this kind of population control could well be the institution of a totalitarian regime. ”17
15 The Population Bomb. New York, 3 quoted from Barbara Duden: Population. In: Wolfgang Sachs (Hg) 1993: As in the West
so on earth. A polemical handbook on development policy. Reinbek near Hamburg, 84
16 Encyclopedia of Population. Ed. Dennis Hodgson. Vol 2. p. 696-697
17 ed. Hauser, Philip Morris. The Population Dilemma. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1969

Time issues in conversation with C. Gwendolyn Landolt
The peoples of the United Nations declared in June 1945 in San Francisco with the
Charter of the United Nations their «belief in fundamental human rights,
in dignity and worth of the human personality ». Found special emphasis
in addition, the peoples' right to self-determination. Is this still the basis today
the UN?
"No. Today the UN has become a powerful and uncontrollable power which serves to enforce western interests worldwide. In recent years, in addition to the well-known means of sanction - the exclusion of a country from the UN or military and peacekeeping operations, etc. - the UN has developed other effective but less well-known methods of enforcing its guidelines and conventions. These guidelines and conventions are a marked departure from the original purpose of the UN.

Under the pretext that the world is in serious danger - for example through environmental crises and overpopulation - UN conferences are used to open up new areas of activity and develop new "rights" which are then imposed on the member states. It is argued that because of the global threats, such international codes of conduct and a global control system would be needed to protect the world. For example, the UN has tried to break the traditional concept of family and tried to introduce legal abortion as a new “human right” or as a method of population and environmental control. This as part of a hidden strategy (hidden agenda), behind which there are goals that should not be underestimated. For religious and cultural reasons, these efforts meet with rejection, especially in Catholic and Muslim countries. "

You have on various occasions been critical of the growing influence of
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) expressed (see Zeit questions no. 29). To the
In recent years, UN conferences have been attended by thousands of such NGOs - in their own forums, at official and unofficial meetings. What role do they play in the context you mentioned?

“Such extensive participation should - in UN jargon - reflect the“ civil society ”and give the conferences the appearance of“ truly global forums ”. However, this is not true in any way. In fact, the non-governmental organizations at these conferences are often undemocratically operating “front” organizations that represent Western interests - both at government and individual level - and are supposed to push through what is known as a global agenda.
Such phantom NGOs are supposed to represent "the public" at the conference, even though some of them were actually members of their country's delegation and were paid by the government or a company to attend the conference. The NGOs are also used by Western governments to channel funds to politicians and political movements in other countries that support the concerns of these Western governments.Usually this happens through the aid organizations of the western governments, for example through the US AID or the semi-public Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Japan and the European Union also have aid organizations to fund activities abroad. In addition, multinational companies distribute subsidies directly to NGOs abroad to further their own business interests. "

“The UN is spending huge sums of money to advance its new goals. In addition, it is extremely wasteful in the bureaucracy. Professor Robert T. Tollison of George Mason University in Virginia, USA, examined WHO's major spending of $ 872 million in 1994-95 and found: 'For every two dollars WHO spends on real programs, there is they paid eight dollars for the administration (...) Furthermore, the money is not spent on the diseases that most affect the third world. Instead of concentrating the money on respiratory diseases, diarrhea and infectious diseases, a disproportionate amount is being spent on Western problems such as drugs.18 However, the question is how long it will be for the pro-life and pro-family NGOs still manage to hold back the ideologues who have already gained a foothold in the UNO conferences, and furthermore whether we can raise the large amounts of money, time and energy that are necessary for this. The answers to the following two questions will determine, in part, the success or failure of the attempt to gain global control over our nations. "

C. Gwendolyn Landolt - lawyer and mother of 5 children, founded several life rights organizations in Canada. She is Vice President of the Canadian women's organization REAL (Realistic Equal Active for Life). Her publications deal with the rights of life, women and families as well as with the UN. Ms. Landolt took an active part in the UN World Conferences in Cairo (1994), Beijing (1995) and Istanbul (1996).
18 Population Research Institute Review. Volume 4, Number 4, July / August 1994

Mental control

The February 1971 issue of Moscow's Russian journal International Affairs explained the importance of these operations in an article entitled "Ways and Means of US Ideological Expansion":

“Psychopolitical operations are further subdivided into strategic psycho-political operations on the one hand; their propaganda is aimed at small groups of people, such as academics or professionals, who are able to influence public opinion; and on the other hand in tactical psychopolitical operations; their propaganda is aimed at the masses through the media for mass communication (i.e. newspapers, radio, television, textbooks, educational material, art, entertainment, etc.). "19
Thomas R. Dye, one of the most prolific American writers on the internal
How Modern America Works, wrote in “Who is running America?
Institutional leadership in the United States ":
“This opinion is formulated on the one hand by the main members of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), who belong to an inner circle called the 'Special Group' - this group coordinates the psycho-political operations that serve to manipulate the American public - and on the other hand distributed through a huge secret infrastructure in the government apparatus called 'Secret Team'. These include people in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government, in the foreign ministerial office, the defense ministry, the treasury, in the management of the CIA; People who control the television, radio, and newspaper companies; the boards of the largest private foundations and the largest public companies. ”20

Dr. John Coleman, the former MI6 agent and author of the book 'Conspirators' Hierachy: The Story of the Committee of 300' (German title: Komitee 300. Die
conspiratorial hierarchy), writes:

“Today the Tavistock Institute operates a network of foundations21 in the USA with an annual budget of six billion dollars, which is in total from the US taxpayer
be applied. Ten larger institutes are under his direct control, plus 400 subsidiary institutes and 3,000 other study groups and think tanks. They spawn a wide variety of programs to get control of the
amplify American population. [...] Surveillance programs are carried out for companies and extensive intelligence operations for the CIA. "
19 A.Valyuzhenich "Ways and Means of U.S. Ideological Expansion “in: International Affairs (Moscow), February 1971, pp. 63-68
20 Thomas R. Dye Who is running America? Institutional leadership in the United States, Prentice Hall, 1976
21 Stanford Research Institute, RAND Corporation, Planning Research Corporation, Hoover Institute, Hudson Institute,
International Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Heritage Foundation and Brookings Institute,
"The most dangerous weapons of mass destruction are the mass media. Because they
destroy the mind, creativity and courage of people, and replace them
with fear, distrust, guilt and self-doubt. "

At the end of 1953, CIA Director Allen Dulles22 commissioned Harold Wolff (the inventor of human ecology) and his colleague Laurence Hinkle to study Chinese brainwashing techniques. In 1956 the study was finished23. Wolff and Hinkle came to the conclusion that neither the Chinese nor the Russians had mysterious miracle drugs or other esoteric means for changing consciousness. According to them, there were programs of political re-education that built on traditional police interrogation methods, massive psychological pressure and the exploitation of human weaknesses, isolation and withdrawal of stimuli. This study can also be called a
Instructions to Dr. Ewen Cameron read. The CIA had long since developed into an agency that was as cumbersome as other agencies. So it took a while before people began to part with the old favorite idea that the Communists could program people like Pavlov's dogs. Then Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate (1959) appeared. The novel is about an American who is captured in the Korean War and programmed as an assassin in a brainwashing center in Manchuria; back in the USA, he is supposed to intervene in the presidential election campaign in the interests of the Russians and Chinese. In 1962, John Frankenheimers came
Filming in American cinemas. That had an impact on the CIA's testing programs. John Gittinger (psychologist for the C.I.A.) in 1977 before the Senate Committee:

“I can tell you that in 1961 and 1962 it was convincingly proven to me that so-called brainwashing, an esoteric process in which drugs or mind-altering states and so on, did not exist. However, the film The Manchurian Candidate threw us far behind because it made something impossible seem plausible. Do you understand what I mean? But in 1962 and 1963, we were generally of the belief that brainwashing is, on the whole, a process that has to do with isolating a person, refusing to make contact, and subjecting them to great stress through long interrogations , and that one can achieve a change of consciousness in this way without having to resort to any esoteric means. "
22 On the orders of CIA Director Allen Dulles in April 1953, the MKULTRA program was started. It was the successor
of the Artichoke and BLUEBIRD projects as well as similar programs of the German Reich. So worked on that
Several SS doctors and researchers participated in the project. MKULTRA was mainly used in the USA and Canada, but also in
Europe operated. This was officially mainly a response to mind control techniques allegedly used by Soviets,
Chinese and North Koreans were used against US prisoners of war in the Korean War, what was called
"Brainwashing", in German: "Brainwashing", became known.
23 HINKLE LE, Jr, WOLFF HG. Communist interrogation and indoctrination of "enemies of the states"; analysis of methods
used by the Communist state police (a special report). AMA Arch Neurol Psychiatry. 1956
All the techniques of Tavistock and the "American Foundation" pursue a single goal - to tear down the mental strength of the individual and make him helpless in his resistance to the dictators of the world order. Any technique of destroying family unity and the principles of religion, honor, des
Patriotism and sexual behavior are used as weapons of crowd control by the Tavistock Institute. The Tavistock strategy can be identified by a single common denominator:

The use of medication / drugs. The CIA's infamous MK-Ultra program, which administered LSD to unsuspecting CIA officials and investigated their actions, resulted in multiple deaths. The US government had to pay millions in damages to the families of the victims, but the guilty were never charged. The program originated when Sandoz AG, a Swiss pharmaceutical company owned by London-based S.G. Warburg Co., developed LSD (lysergic acid). James Paul Warburg built the "Institute for Political Studies" to promote the sale of this drug.

The result was the LSD "counterculture" of the 60s (68s), the "student revolution", which was financed by the CIA with the 25 million US dollars. Part of the MK-Ultra program consisted of the "Human Ecology Fund"; the CIA paid Dr. Herbert Kalman of Harvard for conducting further mind control experiments. In the 1950s, the CIA funded extensive LSD trials in Canada. Dr. Ewen Cameron, president of the Canadian Psychological Association and director of the Royal Victorian Clinic in Montreal, has received large sums of money from the CIA for giving large doses of LSD to 53 patients and recording their reactions; The drug kept patients in a sleep state for weeks and subjected them to electrical shock treatments.

Dr. John Coleman, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. At the California Medical School in San Francisco, Aldous Huxley, the author of the utopian novel 'Brave New World', proclaimed:

“Around the next generation there will be a pharmacological method to make people love their slavery and to create a dictatorship without tears, so to speak. A kind of suffering-free concentration camp for whole societies would emerge, so that people, in fact, forfeit all their freedoms, but enjoy them because they are distracted from any desire for rebellion through propaganda, brainwashing or brainwashing improved by pharmacological methods . That would be the final revolution. "

Lord Bertrand Russell, one of the main operators of this mental manipulation of the
broad population, did not mince words. In his book The Impact of Science on Society, published in 1951, he wrote:

“Physiology and psychology lay the groundwork for scientific methods that
still waiting for their development. Two great men, Pavlov and Freud, have them
Foundations created. The perception that there is some material conflict
between the two, I do not accept - but what structure one on theirs
Will build the foundations is still doubtful. In my opinion the
Mass psychology may be of paramount political importance ... its importance
has grown considerably due to the progress of modern propaganda methods.
Of these, what is called 'education' is the most influential. The religion
plays a role, albeit a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio
play an increasing role ... It is to be hoped that in some time everyone will each of
can convince everything if he can grab the patient at a young age and
receives money and equipment from the state.

War as a means to an end

Norman Dodd, Head of Research on the Reece Committee for Review of the
Carniege Foundation for International Peace reported that at a meeting of the
Trustee of the Foundation was asked the following question:

“Is there any known means that can change people's lives more profoundly than war? It was concluded that there really is no better remedy. So the next question was, 'How can we get the United States involved in war?' "Dodd continued:

“And then you asked the question, 'How can we use the diplomatic machinery of the
Bring the United States under our control? 'And the answer was,' We need to get the State Department under our control. ' must be approved. We were finally at war. At a conference in 1917, these trustees had the nerve to congratulate themselves on their original decision because the war had already changed lives. That was the day the United States went to war. They even had the impudence to send President Woodrow Wilson a telegram admonishing him not to let the war end early. "

After all, the goal was to change people's lives and thoughts
been of the war. Dodd said:

“They came to the conclusion that they had to control the education in order to prevent a return to the previous conditions. And then they turned to the Rocke Feller Foundation and asked: 'Will you take control of education, especially for the subjects that are important for our state?' And they agreed. Then together they decided that the key to that was teaching American history and that they had to change it. So they turned to the most prominent historians of the day to change the way they taught history. ”24“ The only thing we need to be afraid of is fear itself! ”President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 at his Inauguration address.

24 Norman Dodd reported these results when he spoke to the author, William H McIllhany II
ran his book The Tax Exempt Foundations, published in 1980.

Albert Einstein on the possibility of a world government

"Is this realistic? We think anything else is unrealistic. We know: the scientific and technical developments have meant that the peoples of the world can no longer live under rival national sovereignties - with war as the highest arbiter of all conflicts. "

After the First World War, Einstein hoped to overcome the hostility in his home continent and tried to do his bit. But it should be more than that
happen. In 1921 he wrote to a French colleague: “When will Europe see that it must perish if its political organization falls too far behind the conditions given by the development of technology?” And in 1924 he replied to the question whether the “United States of Europe ”:“ Whether the United States Europe is feasible, one need not worry about it: they must be realized if Europe wants to maintain its importance and its human wealth. ”In the summer of 1932 it was commissioned by the institute for intellectual collaboration in Paris for a letter exchange of ideas between Einstein and Sigmund Freud. In it, the two leading intellectuals discuss the causes of war and war prevention. In his letter, Einstein posed the central question of whether and how mankind should be “liberated from the fate of war”.

He saw the organizational solution to the problem in a "supranational organization" that was supposed to peacefully settle all conflicts between states. For the failure of such efforts, he blamed the “need for power of the respective ruling class of a state”, which gains advantages through wars. He thus recognized a clear political and social reason for war and war cries. It was less clear to him, and therefore in need of explanation, how it was possible for this class to “make the mass of the people subservient to their desires, which only has to suffer and lose through a war?” His considerations led from the political-social to the psychological conclusion: “There is a need to hate and destroy in humans.” As a final question, he left with his letter partner whether there was a possibility 'to guide the psychological development of humans in such a way that they are more resistant to the psychoses of hatred and destruction become?'"

The world government

"Three hundred men, everyone knows each other, direct the economic fortunes of the continent and look for successors from their surroundings. The strange causes of this strange phenomenon, which throws a shimmer into the darkness of future social development, are not to be considered here." Walter Rathenau (1867-1922) in the 1909 Christmas edition of the "Neue Freie Presse" Wien R.J. Rummel, professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, wrote in a book on genocide and government-ordered mass murder "Death by Government" (Transaction, 1994):

"The more power a government has, the more it can act according to its whim
prevail by the ruling elite, and the easier it is for them to find unpleasant ones of their own
and to get rid of foreign subjects. "In a section of his book, Prof.
Hype about the 15 worst mass murder regimes of this century that murdered millions of their citizens. At its head are the USSR and Red China, which, significantly, were not only recruited as members of the United Nations, but also received special status in the UN Security Council. You have to know that the legal content of the UNO differs fundamentally from traditional western values ​​based on Judeo-Christian principles.

The American John Birch Society wrote of the UN:

"Despite its platitudes about 'peace', 'justice', 'law' and 'human rights', the UN remains a lawless organization, the majority of whose members consist of criminal regimes with vile, tyrannical intentions." A global, regulated police state under UN world domination would mean a cruel existence.
Dr. Rummel summarizes in his book:

"In total, 170 million men, women and children were shot, slain, tortured to death, stabbed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed, worked to death, buried alive, drowned, hung, bombed or killed in the first 88 years of this century of the many other ways that governments have used against unarmed, helpless citizens. It is as if we are being hit by a new black plague, but it is a plague of power, not virus. "

On page 324 of "Tragedy and Hope", Carroll Quigley25 describes the goals of the global network as follows:

"... nothing less than the establishment of a worldwide control system in private ownership (namely of international financial combines and money dynasties see below) to rule the political structures in each individual state and to control the world economy as a whole. The control is carried out "in a feudalist fashion" through concerted actions of central banks around the world on the basis of secret agreements that are made in regular private meetings and conferences. . . At the top of this system should be the Swiss-domiciled Bank for International Settlements (BIS, in Basel) as a private bank, namely owned and controlled by all - also private - central banks in the world. Through the latter, the governments of each country would be controlled by means of government bonds and monitoring of foreign exchange trading, as well as by influencing the domestic economy. "Particularly willing to cooperate politicians are guaranteed appropriate rewards."

There is the World Economic Forum in Davos in January / February, the Bilderberg and
G8 meeting in April / May and the annual conference of the IMF and World Bank in September. This creates a kind of international agreement that is expanded from one meeting to the next. This agreement forms the background of the G8 economic communiqués; it shapes the IMF when, for example, it imposes its adjustment program on Argentina; and it is based on what the US President proposes to Congress.26 The consensus that is reached forms the basis on which global politics are made.27
25 Carroll Quigley American historian and civilization theorist, mentor of Bill Clinton
26 Malcolm Macalister Hall's interview with Will Hutton (British author and publicist. He is UK director of The Work
Foundation and Governor of the London School of Economics and Political Science) in Mail dated June 14, 1998
27 Will Hutton in The Observer, February 1, 1998

Nahum Goldmann published his book "Der Geist des Militarismus" in 1915 (Stuttgart / Berlin, Deutsche Verlagsanstalt). On page 37 you can read:
"One can sum up the meaning and the historical mission of our time in one:

Their task is to reorganize the human race, to replace the previously ruling social system with a new one. All rearrangement and reorganization now consists of two things: in destroying the old order and in rebuilding the new one. First of all, all border posts, regulatory barriers and labeling of the previous system must be removed and all elements of the system that are to be reorganized, as such, must be separated from one another on an equal basis. Only then can the second, the rearrangement of these elements, begin. Then the first task of our time is destruction:

All social stratifications and social formations that the old system
created must be destroyed, individual people must be torn out of their ancestral milieus; no tradition can be considered sacred anymore; age is only a sign of illness; the watchword is; what was must go. The forces that carry out this negative task of our time are capitalism in the economic and social sphere, and democracy in the political and intellectual sphere. We all know how much they have already achieved; but we also know that their work is not quite finished. Capitalism is still fighting against the forms of the old, traditional economy, and democracy is still waging a fierce battle against all forces of reaction. The work will be completed by the military spirit. His principle of uniformity will completely carry out the negative task of time:

Once all members of our culture have become uniform as soldiers of our culture system, this task is solved. But then the other, the larger and more difficult task arises: building the new order. The links that have now been torn out of their old roots and layers and are lying around in disarray, anarchically, must be closed to form new formations and categories. A new, pyramidal, hierarchical system must be set up. "

In 1969, Merry and Serge Bromberger laid out in their book “Jean Monnet And The
United States of Europe "represents the plan:

“Gradually, the supranational authorities monitored by the European Council of Ministers in Brussels and the European Parliament in Strasbourg should determine the entire policy of the continent. The day would come when governments would be forced to admit that an integrated Europe is an fait accompli, with nothing to say in laying down its foundations. All that was left for them would be to merge all of their autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then proclaim the United States of Europe. "

Richard Nikolaus Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergie became a member of the Freemason Lodge Humanitas in Vienna in 1922. In 1923 he founded the Paneuropean Union, the oldest European public unification movement with the aim of creating a Paneuropa, a European federal state. He wrote in a newspaper article:

"Continental Europe from Portugal to Poland will either unite to form a superstate or will perish politically, economically and culturally in the course of this century."

But he imagined the superstate to be designed from above. In his book 'Practical Idealism', published in 1925, he described democracy as 'a pitiful interlude' between two aristocratic epochs. Kalergie also wrote the manuscript of the keynote speech Churchill gave in Zurich in 1946, calling for the creation of the United States of Europe. On May 14, 1947, Churchill said in a speech at the Albert Hall in London:

“Of course we do not deceive ourselves that the United States of Europe is the ultimate and complete solution to all problems in international relations. The creation of an authoritative, all-powerful world order is the ultimate goal to which we must strive. Unless an effective world super-government can be established and act quickly, the prospects for peace and human progress remain bleak and dubious. But let us not be under any illusion with regard to the main goal: Without a United Europe, there is no secure prospect of a world government. The unification of Europe is the indispensable first step towards making it happen
this goal. "

We see that the whole thing has been prepared for a long time as an almost unstoppable process and steered from the background. The irrepressible will to realize this is also shown in the following words by EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen on June 26, 2008 in the "Landeszeitung Lüneburg":

“We have known for decades that one has to repeatedly suffer setbacks in the further development of European integration. But we also know that these obstacles have been overcome time and again. We will also overcome the Irish problem. ”(JF. 4.7.08) According to Spiegel 52/1999, Jean-Claude Juncker explained the correct democratic approach to his EU colleagues as follows:

“We decide something, then put it in the room and wait a while to see if something happens. If there is no great shouting and no uprisings, because most of them do not even understand what was decided, then we continue - step by step, until there is no turning back. "

Henry Kissinger was most clearly expressed in a speech to the Bilderberg Group in Evian, France, on May 21, 1992, which was copied from a tape recording given by the Swiss delegate Michael Ringier, the publisher and CEO of Ringier Inc. Kissinger said:

“Today the Americans would still be upset if US troops penetrated Los Angeles to restore order and peace there; but tomorrow you will be grateful. This would be especially the case if they were told that - whether in reality or in pronouncements - it was an outside threat that would endanger our very existence. In such a case, all people would beg the world leaders to protect them from these villains. The one thing everyone fears is the unknown. When faced with such a situation, all of their individual rights are readily relinquished as long as world government guarantees them their welfare. "" We get world government whether we like it or not. The only question is whether world government is achieved through conquest or assent . "

Declaration made before the US Senate on February 7, 1950 by James Paul

"There is a shadow government with its own air force, its own naval fleet, its own funding mechanisms, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from any control and compensation, and free from the law itself."

Daniel K. Inouye U.S. senator
In February 1991, at the start of the Gulf War, President George Bush held his
"State-of-the-Union" address:

"It is a great idea, a new world order in which different nations are drawn together in common cause to realize the universal aspirations of humanity, peace and security, freedom and law. Only the United States has both moral stamina and the Means to support them. " "He must indeed be blind who cannot see that a great project, a great plan is being carried out here on earth, in the realization of which we as loyal servants can participate."
Winston Churchil

In an issue of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” in April 2009, the reader learns on page 15 why a world government is necessary. The most important quotes:

“Only a global institution can guarantee human rights. And she has to
enforce by force if necessary "" The freedom of the individual needs a strong state "" Day after day they (the scholars) have to be instructed in the news about how harmful the lack of state power is "" The sense of the blessing of central decisions, that can be enforced in as large spaces as possible is growing again. ”“ 'World Police' is no longer a dirty word ”“ Human rights (...) require a human-made, world-central institution that can enforce them with violence if necessary ”“ In the internationalization of human rights protection shows the tendency towards a world state "

David Rockefeller was heard before the United Nations Economic Committee (UN Business Council) in 1994 as follows:

“We are at the beginning of a global upheaval. All we need is one really big crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. "

Rear Admiral Chester Ward, Attorney General of the Navy from 1959-1960, admits in his book, Kissinger on the Couch, Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY 1975, that he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) 28 for 15 years . In the book he explains the global goals of the Bilderbergers and the CFR:

“The most powerful cliques in these elite groups have one goal in common. They want the United States to give up sovereignty and national independence. Most of the CFR members are ideologues of world government. Its long-term goals were formally summarized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Document 72-77 in September 1961: 'Elimination of all armed forces and armaments except those necessary to maintain internal order within the states and to supply the United Nations with peacekeeping forces. In time the UN would be so strong that none
Nation could challenge them more. '"

Editorial by Gideon Rachman, Financial Times, December 8, 2008
"I never believed there was a secret UN conspiracy involving the US
wants to take over. I've never seen black helicopters in the Montana sky
see floating. But, for the first time in my life, I believe the formation of some sort
World government is plausible. A 'world government' would mean much more than cooperation between nations. It would be a company with state-like characteristics, which is supported by a number of laws. The European Union already has a continental government for 27 countries and could be a model. The EU has a supreme court, currency, thousands of pages of law, a great civil service and the ability to provide military force. So could the European model spread around the world? There are three reasons to believe it could. First, it is becoming increasingly clear that the toughest issues national governments face are international in nature: there is global warming, a global financial crisis and a 'global war on terror'.

Second, it's doable. The transport and communications infrastructure revolutions
made the world so small that, like Geoffrey Blainey, an outstanding one
Australian historian who has written: "For the first time in the history of the
Humanity, world government of some kind is now possible. "Mr. Blainey sees
28 The Council on Foreign Relations (abbreviated CFR) (German: "Council for foreign relations") is a 1922 in New York
Established lobby organization that primarily controls US foreign policy and has a well-knit network
interspersed on the geopolitical chessboard of the world.
an attempt at world government sometime in the next two hundred years
to form what is an unusually long time horizon for the average newspaper column. But - the third point - a change in the political atmosphere suggests that "global governance" could come much sooner. The
The financial crisis and climate change are pushing national governments for global solutions, including in countries like China and the USA, which are traditionally fierce guardians of national sovereignty… ”29

In a letter dated November 21, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote to a staff member:

"The real truth of the matter, as you and I know, is that in the big centers, government has had a financial hand in hand since the days of Andrew Jackson" Robert Reich former member of Clinton's cabinet and one of the Clintons
Closest advisers said on January 7th, 1999 in the USA today that the politicians of the USA are basically irrelevant and the politics of Greenspan and the Federal Reserve are determined.
Helmut Schmidt in "People and Powers" on page 267:

"Anyone who as a European in the 1950s or 1960s needed information about current foreign policy thinking in the USA was enough for a few days and a few conversations with members of this group. You didn't have to travel to America every year for this, if you had a few in between attended private international conferences; I remember with gratitude the annual so-called Bilderberg conferences organized and chaired by Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands, or the annual conferences of the London Institute for Strategic Studies under Alistair Buchan. " “A clique of the richest, economically and politically powerful and
most influential men in the western world who secretly meets to plan events that later appear to happen by chance ”
The Times of London, 1977

The Bilderbergers are striving for a post-national age in which there are no more countries, but only regions of the world that are held together by universal values. That means: a global economy, a one-world government (a chosen rather than an elected one) and a universal religion. To ensure that they achieve these goals, the Bilderbergers focus on a more technical approach and less on public awareness.30 “It is difficult to re-educate people who grew up under nationalism to readiness to become part of a supranational corporation to transfer their sovereignty. "
Prince Bernhard, founder of the Bilderberg Club
30 William Shannon, August 11, 2002 article: "Plans to destroy America are exposed"

Conclusion: is there a world conspiracy?
By Armin Risi31

“So is there a world conspiracy? Is there a secret world power that has world domination? No! Nobody has world domination, but there are many who strive for world domination. World conspiracy theories that claim that a secret world power rules the whole world are disinformation! Because nobody has total control over the world, especially not the negative powers - although they dream of world domination and do everything to achieve it. But they will never succeed
for the positive and divine powers will not allow them. Whenever the
The dark forces prevail and threaten to finally oust the devotees,
divine interventions take effect. Today the prerequisites for this are given again. Theories that claim that a secret world power rules the whole world,
arise on the one hand from a blind paranoia without trust in God, or on the other hand they are a bluff of the powerful who want to present themselves as more powerful than they really are. In this regard, world conspiracy theories serve to intimidate or recruit intellectuals who sympathize with such views. In addition, such theories also serve to distract and misdirect; they create enemy images (e.g. the "Jews"), to which these people then blame, without realizing that the powerful can only gain power if the prevailing attitude to life and the indifference of the majority allow it. Projecting guilt is the most cowardly and lazy reaction imaginable.

World conspiracy theories are therefore primarily disinformation: absurd conspiracy theories are advanced, which are then refuted and condemned, which makes the entire subject taboo, and that is the trick, because: There are indeed powers that strive for power over humanity! But they must not be identified with any religion or nation. For several fronts are striving for this power, and among them too there is struggle, hypocrisy and competition. This makes the effects of the dark even more opaque, so that there is a great risk of not being able to see the forest for the trees and of getting lost in this forest. It is important to recognize that the negative exists in this world just like the positive and that one should not underestimate the negative forces because they
are cleverly organized and also conspired.
31 Armin Risi (born 1962), philosopher, speaker and non-fiction author
The fact is that there is not just one group, there are many groups that seek the greatest possible power. But they all have one thing in common: their selfish mentality, which is asuran32 because it either denies God's reality or uses it as a pretext. They want to manipulate people in the name of a "new world order" or "in the name of God" into acting according to their plan. They think: Because the unenlightened mass people have no overview, they would only cause chaos without guidance; so it is legitimate to lead them on the path of suffering into a new world order. This is why the Asuras think that it is their task, even their mission, to impose their own idea of ​​order on people and the world, even if the "stupid little citizen" does not want it; the free will of the unenlightened does not count, just as the free will of an animal does not count.

These high-level secret philosophies fail to recognize the true realities of Kar-ma, free will and responsibility. They are those forms of the original secret societies and mystery schools that have been infiltrated by negative forces over the centuries. But the diabolical plans will ultimately fail because of the karma of their forge and because of the dawning new age. Until then, however, everyone will be confronted with the negative
and must pass the trials of great delusion. "
32 The asuras (Sanskrit, asura, demon, evil spirit) are the demons in Hinduism, the opponents of the luminous devas
or suras


2. Article: NWO = the New World Order

What do Germany and the EUdSSR (EU = European Union, can be read as Europe's misfortune!) Have to do with the NWO? In a nutshell: the EU is playing the pioneering role, the model, for the next stage on the way to the NWO, see adjacent pictures.
The official establishment of the North American Union (NAU), consisting of Canada, VSA and Mexico, is imminent. The new currency "AMRO / AMERO" is already being printed.
On May 23, 2008 in Brasilia the founding treaty of the Union of South American States (UNASUR) was signed by the heads of state of the independent (?) South American countries.
The preparations (according to salami tactics) for the official founding of the African Union and the Asian Union are already well advanced.
The last step consists of a consolidation into a one world government, the NWO.
The representatives and planners of the NWO are willing and practice their will, with all possible means, even the "dirtiest tricks" like "Lusitania", Pearl Harbor, September 11th, to force people to accept the NWO "voluntarily".

The North American Union (NAU) and the VSA
Alternative Amero - will the Amero really come after the collapse of the financial system and the fall of the dollar?
The Amero - North American Currency
According to the will of the big banks and as a preliminary stage to a world-wide uniform world currency (Globo?), There will soon be a single currency for North America, i.e. VSA, Canada and Mexico (NAU = North American Union), the Amero. A structure similar to that of the EU is to be built up, a supranational organization without democratic legitimation (ie "politically correct"!), Which is led by technocrats. This undermines the democratic participation of the people and the sovereignty of the countries. It is similar today in the EU, where a large part of the laws have to be made based on EU specifications. Almost 90% of the "laws" produced by our so-called representatives of the people are based on EU guidelines. What else do we need this overpriced chatterbox and rip-off machine in Berlin?
Further information can be found at:
YouTube and 911komplott.

Due to the media boycott on this topic, it is hardly known in Germany that the NAU is making rapid progress, as can be seen in the radical restructuring and reorganization of the transport system.
In Texas, the TTC (= Trans Texas Corridor) is being built, which includes highways and railways, amid strong protests from the people. On the left is a picture of the course of the TTC. This TTC is part of the NAFTA Super Highway. TTC and NAFTA Super Highway are being built by private companies, NASCO (= North American Super Corridor Coalition), so they will be subject to tolls. Again on the left a picture of the course of this NAFTA Super Highway, which shows the corridor from Mexico via the VSA to Canada. Upon closer inspection, you will find out about the consequences for the area of ​​the - yet! - VSA become clear: The areas in the east, west and on the Mexican Gulf will be massively affected, especially the seaports.

It has long been clear to everyone that the VSA is an obsolete model, because it is obvious, despite the worldwide saber-rattling practiced in its end times, which represents nothing more than the turning of a doomed man. The VSA constitution is then only good for a funny solstice fire. Read the real story of US Ltd. (6.3 MB, PDF), and you will realize that the VSA are / were nothing more than an interchangeable piece on the geopolitical chessboard of the British, who like to use the word "fair" in their mouths, in their primitive ones Language there is also the versatile rubber word "cant". And the illegal VSA President Obama will accelerate the "winding up" of the VSA "politically correct".
It is high time to show these inhuman and power-obsessed dark men and women (we don’t want to forget the "equal" women) the red card.
The VSA are an English colony
like Germany today, keyword "Chancellor Act"!
The VSA - our role model!
NZZ article from June 12, 2004:
"Last exit Slab City
Slab City is a freak show. But above all it stands for an America that nobody wants to admit. That America where nearly 35 million people live below the poverty line, including 12 million children; America, where 44 million have no health insurance, 80 percent of whom are workers, and where private bankruptcies hit a record 1.7 million last year because too many are just a broken leg away from bankruptcy. It is America in which 2.5 million factory workers have lost their jobs since George W. Bush took office and, after the unprecedented economic boom of the 1990s, 40 percent fewer people belong to the middle class than before. In this America, places like Slab City are becoming the last refuge for the failed. Poverty has become an American epidemic. "
The VSA - our role model?
No thanks!
The 1912 prophecy of the Kenesian Owalo states:
"So far will they (the VSA) have sunk in wickedness and perversity in those times that Heavenly Father has decided to destroy them. Their great cities will burn, their crops and their cattle will be destroyed by epidemics. Their children." will die of diseases previously unknown in the world, and I will reveal the greatest (secret) to you, as I have been allowed to see their destruction (those of the VSA) at the vengeance of one of ours Sons will come. "
We should all dress warmly! The flying debris of the collapsing clay, rotten giant VSA also causes damage.

NWO = New World Order = One World.
"One world" can also be read as "One World - One Slum".
You should get more information about the NWO from the Internet, for example at "Prisonplanet" (in English), because obviously we are being lied to by our so-called representatives of the people and the media to such an extent, in the interests of the NWO, that not only the Bending proverbial beams, but even T-beams made of the best Krupp steel.
This so-called New World Order is of course not created out of the blue, but has a long history. Here is the short version:
After the First World War and the Versailles dictate, the League of Nations was created, supposedly to bring about "eternal peace", but actually as the first preliminary stage to the NWO ... and as a distributor for the reparation payments squeezed out of Germany.
The League of Nations failed, the successor to it was the UN, which was founded in 1942 as a war alliance against Germany (if you do not want to believe it, the United Nations is also mentioned in the document of surrender under number 4, as well as in foreign film documentaries about the Second World War. ), it still is today (see the still valid enemy state clause of the UN; with the repeal of the enemy state clause, the UN would have to dissolve itself) and as a guarantee for "eternal war for eternal peace" (see Orwell's "1984"), as it is has been and is being preached, but the goal is different. Obviously, this UN should form the government of the NWO.
When the so-called FRG and the GDR joined the UN on September 18, 1973, their foreign ministers had to sign the so-called enemy state clause (Article 53 and Article 107 of the UN Charter) as a condition. What is behind Articles 53 and 107? Read the UN Charter for yourself (406 kB, PDF) - download it here. In practice this means: Not just the Allies, but any UN member state - including the so-called FRG? - can squeeze money as well as other goods, services and patents out of Germany as reparations payments - and invade Germany. Who was going to stop them? About the 100,000-man bunch (like after the Versailles dictation!) Bundeswehr defending us in the Hindu Kush?
The further the formation of the NWO progresses, the more the resistance stirs worldwide. The German people are evidently the greatest obstacle, even if it does not look like it at the moment, and must therefore - according to the will of the powers behind the NWO - be exterminated with the active help of German traitors and traitors to the country Collaborators and the student assistants. The time when it was still possible to exterminate the German people, however, was long missed!
Definition according to Ilja Ehrenburg, the notorious Bolshevik propagandist and fanatical anti-German whip, Stalin's bloodhound, from "The Dream Factory", 1931:
“Of course every citizen casts his vote, and he thinks that he is voting for the one HE wants. However, we know that he is right for whom WE want.
THAT is the sacred law of democracy. "
WE? Now you can guess who is meant by WE - and think about which methods these ominous WEs use to achieve their goal! Democracy? Even the chickens cackle!

Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009
The hysteria surrounding this climate conference is - almost - over, the climate fraud as such has been exposed. What was this climate conference about?
Our so-called representatives of the people, who are paid by us and kindly have to represent our interests, wanted to persuade us, the "responsible" citizens, a CO2 tax - after all, they know best what is good for us, that is custom in the "most liberal" way Rule of law that has ever existed on German soil ". Every single person and every small and large cattle, including every single blade of grass, would have been recorded using this CO2 tax. This would have taken the world dictatorship of the NWO an important step forward.
But what is this CO2 all about? Remember the biology class you took during your school days. If your long-term memory does not spit out anything on the subject, here is a brief guide. Animals / humans breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2, whereas plants inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen. For plants, oxygen is pure poison, for animals / humans CO2 is pure poison. The whole thing is called the CO2-oxygen cycle, well established for millions of years! Plants and animals / people are therefore dependent on each other! With this revived school knowledge one arrives at another cycle, the cycle of death. If the supply of CO2 into the atmosphere is cut off, the plants will literally starve to death - and we humans with them, because we need not only oxygen, but also grain and other useful vegetable things to live. This is a downward spiral of death that leaves a deserted and vegetated world - a wasteland. THAT is the inhuman goal behind this and all other climate conferences! You should ask yourself: Who is it good for? You will quickly find what you are looking for.
Forget all the "facts" served up, they only confuse and distract from the core, the CO2-oxygen cycle. Knowledge of this CO2-oxygen cycle is sufficient to enable representatives, supporters and beneficiaries (e.g.Al Gore) to expose this CO2 lie and climate catastrophe lie (strange, now it's already called climate change! Has it been switched to reverse gear?) For what they really are: Satanists!
However, this is not just about CO2, but about the four basic elements of human life: oxygen, CO2, water and sunlight. Should the Satanists push through their plans, the basic elements will be completely recorded in terms of data, taxes will be collected ... and we humans will become slaves of these Satanists with all the terrible consequences for the individual.
Climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, December 2010
Regardless of the carefully orchestrated propaganda so that nothing more is decided at the UN climate conference here in Cancún, the decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West. The ruling class of what was once proudly known as the Free World quietly and casually lets freedom and prosperity go, and even democracy itself. Not a single one of the "politically correct" media outlets will tell you about it - not so much because they don't see it, but because they don't care.
The 33-page notice (FCCC / AWGLCA / 2010 / CRP.2) from the chairman of the "Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Cooperation under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" entitled "Possible Elements of the Outcome" reveals it all . Or rather, it doesn't reveal anything unless someone understands what the complex, obscure jargon means. All UNFCCC documents of the Cancún conference, especially also "Possible elements of the result", are written in a style called "transparent impenetrability". The intention is that no one should understand the documents, but later we will be told what are you complaining about, they have always been available to the public.
Alternate Energy Dizziness and Cheating
Many are old enough to still be able to remember that wood was once used for heating - and the amount of effort involved. At some point they switched to coal / oil / gas. Why? Because the effort required for production, transport and for the end user is considerably lower.
In order to be able to recognize this "lower expenditure", the energy value of the same volume must be aimed at. If you put the energy value of wood at 1, then the following energy values ​​result:
infinite = free energy
1,000 = fusion energy
100 = nuclear energy (Fision)
10 = coal / oil / gas
1 = wood
0.1 = wind energy
0,000,000.1 = solar energy
From these numbers it can be deduced without a doubt that "alternative" energies are complete nonsense and cannot be profitable. There can be no question of efficiency at all. With cheap sleight of hand, the appropriate technologies are made palatable to people and sold - something is called fraud.
The environment is not spared either, because the systems are manufactured somewhere and somehow, even with a significantly higher environmental impact than wood / coal / oil / gas - this also applies to use by the end user.
All those who advocate "alternative" energies (fools, chatterboxes, followers etc.) should / can / must be recommended to catch up on the auxiliary school so that they have at least a verifiable degree in arithmetic. There is no question of mathematics here, the basic arithmetic operations are completely sufficient.
Then of course you have to ask yourself, who is the use of this fraud? At first glance, of course, the sellers, dealers and producers. On a second and a little closer look, you realize that this swindle around the alternative energies of the New World Order serves as a lever for total control of all people - and all animals, plants, energy, raw materials, food, etc., i.e. the Satanists. See climate conference above.

Referendum 2011
So it is now time for the 2011 referendum, called the 2011 census by those responsible. Find out more about this referendum, e.g. on the website "". You can also find helpful information on YouTube and similar providers if you enter "census", "referendum" or "census" as the search term. There you will find videos with interesting titles such as "State bankruptcy - Census 2011 Angela Merkel lets national wealth be recorded". In addition to the "transparent man" on the way to the NWO, the fourth expropriation of the German people is likely to play an important role. The first three expropriations took place after the First World War, the Second World War and the introduction of the EURO - all on a flat-rate basis. In this fourth expropriation, the goal should be the expropriation of EVERY single German. The national debts of around EUR 8.6 trillion (not 1.6 trillion, as is always claimed), accumulated for the benefit of foreign interests, are offset by around EUR 8.6 trillion in private assets. Is that something for you?

You should remember this quote from the chief satanist and super conductor of the NWO.
Think of Kathrina, the December 2004 tsunami, September 11, 2001, Oklahoma City, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc., etc.

In the meantime it has surely got around everywhere that the implementation of September 11, 2001 was the chief matter of the VS President - even if he always acted sooo innocently indifferent and walked around with a halo. And the SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) teams appear everywhere, the heavily armed killer commandos of the US state terrorism, but the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which would actually be responsible for damage limitation and help for those affected in disasters, holds up Strangely enough, it always covers itself, and if it is ever to be seen it turns out to be incapable. Could FEMA have any other job than its name suggests? Perhaps a hint: The almost four thousand (!) Concentration camps (!) That actually exist in the VSA, even if they are (still!) Empty, are under the supervision of FEMA. Incredible? Then watch the movie "Camp FEMA"! This film also addresses the concentration camps for about 120,000 VS citizens of Japanese descent in the VSA during World War II. However, NO word about the former concentration camps for people of German origin - also not a word about people of German origin in Central and South America who were rounded up like cattle AFTER the end of the Second World War and locked up in US concentration camps. Not to forget the usual anti-German lies, hate speech and hate propaganda! Also watch the film "Police State 4 - The Rise of FEMA" (see left) by Alex Jones if you want to know something about the background - which the media kept secret (!).
And more recently the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf (see below), which officially began with the explosion of an oil platform on April 20, 2010.
20th of April? Wasn't there something? Oh yes, a birthday! A rogue who thinks evil!