What is a poetic apostrophe

Put an apostrophe - that's how it works!

Hello! Nice that you found your way here. When using an apostrophe you can do a lot wrong. Since you are reading this text, you have probably already noticed.

Perhaps you keep asking yourself when you should actually put an apostrophe and how not to use it under any circumstances. Do you want to know it? Then read on!

What is an apostrophe?

The term apostrophe refers to a small line that looks similar to a quotation mark, except that it is placed once and not as a double line before or after a word.

In many cases is he a Ellipsis. So it indicates that letters have been left out.

When should an apostrophe be used?

If you have a long word by several letters shorten you have to put an apostrophe in place of the omitted group of letters.

When you own a person, put their name on it s, ss, tz, z, ß or x ends, want to name, an apostrophe must be used.

In other words: if a Genitive is present (= Whose case), you have to put an apostrophe if the name ends in the mentioned letters.

But be careful: If in front of the name in the Wessen-case (genitive) a certain article with attribute usually no apostrophe is used.

Even with the Adjectivation with 'sch' you put an apostrophe.

You have to be careful when the names Not end on the letters mentioned. Although an apostrophe is placed in front of the genitive S in the English language, this is an error in German.

When can an apostrophe be used?

If in the first person singular verb, i.e. in the first person, the 'E' at the end is omitted. In this case you can put an apostrophe, but don't have to.

In the new spelling, it is mostly dispensed with. So here it is up to your taste whether you want to use the ellipsis.

In contrast to before, no apostrophe needs to be used if ,it' (Personal pronoun) too 'S' is abbreviated. Both spellings are correct.

If you like to write poems or other texts in poetic form, you can also use an apostrophe more often to denote the To adhere to meter.

When should an apostrophe not be used under any circumstances?

Apart from the above cases, in which an apostrophe is forbidden, it is also not allowed to Plural forms put that on 'S' end up.

Such wrongly placed apostrophes are therefore also called "Idiot apostrophe".

Last but not least, one is allowed to Fusion of prepositions there is no apostrophe.