What are people doing wrong with beauty

Beauty makes you successful

For the Berlin star hairdresser Udo Walz, the matter is clear: "Beauty is definitely career-enhancing. When you look good, people want you with you communicate. Of course, that also helps with the Career", says Udo Walz. Scientific studies come to the same conclusion: They see a connection between good looks and Career opportunities.

The American economist Daniel Hamermersh even found that attractive workers earn more than theirs less appealing Colleagues. In his investigation, he left the beauty of people on the basis of photos evaluate. Individuals considered unattractive classified were, earned on average up to ten percent less than the other participants.

The increasing importance of the external Appearance are also proven by surveys at the workplace. In the 1986 polls, only 6 percent of those questioned informationthat look at the career plays a role, in 2003 it was already 32 percent of men and 26 percent of women.

Udo Walz also sees this trend in his salon. He realizes that it is no longer just women who are new for a job interview style to let. Men too always will vain. Helped Walz already has it with the really big players - for example with the hairstyle by Angela Merkel. Overestimate But you shouldn't consider the beauty factor, says Walz: "If you can't do anything, you can't have a career."


successful - so that you achieve something

attractive - so that someone likes it ↔ unattractive

something is evidenced by something - something is proven

Career that - the professional career; sucess at work

something is career-enhancing - something is good for your career

communicate - communicate with others

Career opportunities that - the opportunity to improve one's professional career

Economist who - a scientist who deals with economics

appealing - here: externally → attractive

evaluate something - judge something

grade someone - → rate someone

Appearance that - here: the appearance

specify something - Provide information about something

something matters - something is important

to get ready - improve his appearance

vain - so that you pay close attention to your appearance

help with something - help someone with something

Hairstyle that - the way in which the hair is worn

overestimate something - take something too seriously

Questions about the text

1. For Udo Walz, beauty is ...

a) bad for communication.

b) conducive to career.

c) good for the hairstyle.

2. The economist Daniel Hamermersh found that ...

a) People who are considered attractive earn 10 percent less.

b) Women make more money than men.

c) higher earning workers tend to be more attractive.

3. Surveys at the workplace showed that ...

a) only men consider appearance important.

b) Appearance is an important factor for 32 percent of men.

c) In 1986, attractiveness was more important than it is today.

4. Which answer is wrong? "The look will be in the workplace…."

a) increasingly important

b) more and more important

c) more important

5. In the workplace too, men will always ...

a) vain.

b) vain.

c) most vain.

Work order

How important is your appearance in the workplace to you? Do you pay attention to your hairstyle? Are you wearing different clothes than usual? Write a short text.

Author: Jan Bruck / Lukas Völkel

Editor: Raphaela Homes