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Jiří Kolář. Diary 1968

Kolář's diary, which is actually a weekly journal, works like a seismograph that hits violently in August: instead of just one collage a week, up to six sheets a week were created in the weeks of August. The total of 66 sheets are not just a chronicle of the Prague Spring. They unfold a great historical panorama, deal, among other things, with the Vietnam War, the successful mission of the US spaceship Apollo 7 or the Olympic Games in Mexico with the American 4x400 meter relay, which at the award ceremony with the black power salute provoked. The murder of Robert Kennedy and the death of the artists Antonín Tomalík, Jiří Balcar, Lucio Fontana, Marcel Duchamp and Vladimír Boudník moved Kolář so much that he dedicated souvenir sheets to them. Even very private things like the separation from his wife Běla Kolářová became the subject of the picture. And again and again - even in the stirring weeks of August - Kolář reflected on art history: from the Isenheimer Altar to Ingres to the customs officer Rousseau, René Magritte, Yves Klein and Robert Indiana. With participation in the documenta in Kassel and a solo exhibition at the Institute for Modern Art in Nuremberg, 1968 also meant a year of artistic success for Kolář. To have transformed the contradictory events of 1968 into collages that have lost none of their urgency in forty years marks a high point in Jiří Kolář's work.